Obvious Secrets

Thanks Amity, for bringing me out of the doldrums….


You got me

Let me be

You got me

Can’t you see?

I am feeling ill

You are the eel

Never staying still

Like the waves of the sea

You sting like a bee

I so want to flee

But, baby you got me

It is a bitter pill

I can’t swallow, it’s a meal

That won’t go down; I feel

Nothing but pain sunup till

Sundown- an unending wheel


You got me

I am putty

You got me

I am your dummy

I have flutters in my tummy

My minds roams free

Thoughts of you and me

Makes me weak in the knee

I hear you call me ‘baby’

And I feel all mushy

It is only a dream, you see

And in it I call you ‘dearie’

In that world, you are my ‘sweetie’

And your lips define the word ‘juicy’


You got me

I do not feel guilty

You got me

I want you so badly

For you, I have become needy

This is real

Everything I feel

I just might keel

Over from the glee

Of loving you with all of me

Even though you do not feel

That way towards me.


14 thoughts on “Obvious Secrets

  1. Sad but sizzling are these lines! Illusions can seem so real till they’re shattered! You did awesome with this monsterpiece Doc, this totally gets me! Its real playful and full of glee but aint nothing fun and games ’bout whoever finds ’emselves in this kinda situation! Can tend to be real devastating and traumatic….heartwrenching! Way to go Sir, ‘Obvious Secrets’ is an absolute charm! 😊😄


    1. This is not an illusion sister…this here is a soul that knows what it feels and feels good about feeling that way even though it is not reciprocated….this here is one joyful soul basking in the joy of loving


      1. And I say that’s simply angelic Bro, according to the words of Mother Theresa! She asserts that its human to love with the expectation of being loved in return, but simply angelic to just love; with no expectations whatsoever! 😊😄

        So then, I say this divine soul should love up still, and love on, by all means necessary! 😉

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  2. Way to go Doc!

    Some souls are made to love,
    Made for love,
    Love by love.
    These souls will love even when the loved knows it not
    Their heart constantly beat in love.

    Keep it coming Doc😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Most people don’t feel comfortable about being vulnerable but this here is a soul who is, and doesn’t mind admitting it. And you know Doc, that is what love makes us become: v-u-l-n-e-r-a-b-l-e. But it is of the sweetest kind, so I say love on, poet.


  4. Sizzling hot!
    Eerily saddening.
    Beautiful imprint of Words.
    I never for once doubt your prowess Doc.
    Thanks Lady Amity, for drawing him out…


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