The Second Year Anniversary

Today, I decided to look in on my blog after so many days away, and I noticed the orange glow of an unread notification on the top corner of the webpage. I clicked on it and saw a message from WordPress “Happy Anniversary with, you have been blogging for 2 years”

So, even though I didn’t have anything to say, I thought it would be nice to write, do a post to commemorate the day.

First, I reflect over the last one year and well, it hasn’t been encouraging in terms of readership and engagement on the site. The stats are abysmal…but hey, I have still got my loyal fans…

Plus, writing hasn’t been too good either. I have read so many rejection letters…and boy those things do sting! Ouch! Plus do they have to be so condescending?! Mean people! (Please don’t mind me o, I am just sulking…they are not mean or maybe not all of them…)

Second, I search through the blog posts and read again the post I did last year and the comments and smile. I see the enthusiasm and excitement bubbling over that page and I can only see a fraction of that here and now. So much has changed since then…

Third, I see the plans I had for my writing and reflect on how far I have gone in actualizing them and well, let’s just say not much has been done. I am happy to inform you that as soon as Master Su gets in touch with me, I might have some good news to share…Master Su! Please answer me…

Fourth, I am grateful that my dream came true. Yemie aka super fan finally heeded our collective advice and started writing! And boy the things she writes…sizzling, piping hot and spicy stuffs! It is so sweet that the Master Su himself, the award winning writer and poet is yearning for more screaming for “part 2” while he meant “part 3” or maybe he really meant “part 2” meaning that he wanted a second helping….

If you have not been to her blog, one word for you: where have you been hiding?! Under a rock perhaps? Go there now!

Fifth, I am grateful for the loyal readers who have remained solidly behind me, supporting me, encouraging me and always getting in touch when I go into hibernation for too long. Shout out to Senor Joe, who braved all the odds of time constraints, conflicting schedules and competing interests to come into the cave I had been hiding just to look out for me. To Amity, and her ever timely and surprising sweet messages, that warm me first thing in the mornings…such a sweet heart! To Jules, and her ever comments. To Zee, my elder sis…lol! To Dr Swag.

To Yemie…words fail me: only you get me to become speechless…you take my breath away dear.

Sixth, I have been working on a little project for a while now…and had forgotten all about it till now. It is a poem collection (celebrity edition) featuring poems about my favorite people…a collection of personalized poems for my favorite people here on blogosphere….watch out! And erm, thank you Yemie for your input…you rock!

Seventh, I am going to post a poem too. It is apt for this occasion…I wrote it some days ago but wasn’t sure about putting it up….but I like the message and it is fitting. So go to the next page to read it…and please comment and share.

Eight, this is turning out to be longer than planned.

Ninth, thank you all dear readers for making the journey worthwhile….keep reading, keep commenting…keep sharing.

Tenth, just because it is cool to have a list of ten things!



19 thoughts on “The Second Year Anniversary

  1. Thank Goodness WP’s keeping tabs of bloggers and all y’all get up to, otherwise; smoking you outta that huge rock you’ve laid waste for soooo long woulda been near impossible! 😈😆

    And its on that note that I say a very big congrats to you Dr Temitope Ogundare, my greatest find for ’14 and by far my Most Favorite Person and Homie; on this occasion of your second blogging anniversary! Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Boy am I popping something for you right here and now! Have several guzzles on me mate, you’re soooo beyond well deserving! Many Happy, Hearty and Cheery Cheers! 🍻 🍸🍺🍷🍹😉

    About those rejections, pay ’em no heed Doc! As the days wear on, so are you also getting pretty closer to that big break! So then, brace up, for it cometh and it’d creep in on you; when you least expect! Just keep ’em fantastic fingers of yours crossed, if you know what I mean! 😁😄

    Lastly, I just wanna thank you for all times! You did steal my line though, seeing as its you who knock the winds outta me and take my breaths away! I simply just die a gazillion deaths over and over again! How I’ve survived this ‘onslaught’ over and again; beats the crap outta me! *tsking* 👿😆Really Doc, no kidding???? 😕😩Cut out the wisecracks buddy, hmf! 😂😂😂

    Write and rock on Bees’ Knees, and soar high up beyond the skies! God bless and keep you and your household! I still DO love you Doc ❤…..senseless, nutz and far wayyyy beyond and outta my mind! Hehehe! 😘😍🙉! Mwah! 👄💋😂

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  2. You know, when the vendor of delicious recipes goes AWOL, it is only necessary—and a matter of national security, or stomach infrastructuring—to go look for him (even the hermits eat). I did nothing… and it’s quite chilling to have you pop in. 🙂

    Congratulations on your second anniversary Doc! May the source of the inspiration and literary juices never run dry, or get infested by pests à la wicked critics. I hope they won’t stop critiquing you as well; shebi it is necessary for evolution? 🙂

    Many thanks sir. In the words of a mutual friend, you rock pieces!!!

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  3. Aw. Topazo. Congratulations dear on your second blogging anniversary and let me just say you rock anytime. I still don’t know what made me click that link on WordPress that took me to your blog but I sure haven’t regretted it ever since. There I met Yemie (the absolute, bestest😅and most positive person I know yet) and Senor Joe and Jules and all those good people…. You guys rock so much, Swag could just smell you from far away and couldn’t resist😀getting into the mix. Ha! Dr. Tope Ogundare. You are big deal.

    And pay no heed to all ’em rejections. If you get a ‘no’ it means just move on to the Next Opportunity. Don’t worry sweets. Your big break is just around the corner…just look out for it👀


    1. Aww..big Sis, I see what you did there: NO = next opportunity …that’s so cool! Thanks for the encouragement …
      And you don’t know how much I’m grateful that you clicked that link….cos that day, my life changed and got better

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  4. Congratulations to the one and only Topaz!
    The Dr of Words
    The Hammerer of Words
    The Oluaye of Muse
    The Babalaje of spoken Words
    The Man who writes sumptuously.
    I congratulate you sire.
    I’m grateful to be part of ZChannel.
    It gladdens my heart.
    Here, I became relevant.
    Here, I met great minds
    Here, I feel at home.
    Here, I’m among family.
    I’m so grateful to you, Topaz, Sis Yemie, Zee Amity and DrSwag.
    Especially you Topazo.
    You called out my writing skills.
    Thanks a lot.
    I’ll forever remain indebted to you.
    Happy Anniversary…


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