Weeping skies


Weep, skies!
Cry and wail,
Cover yourself in darkness,
Let the clouds hang low.
Scream, thunder!
Let the Sun hide his face,
Let him not rise from his
Bed in the West;
Let the stars be silent,
Let there be no twinkling;
A star is plucked out today
And a void is left
In the galaxy.

Weep, heavens!
Flood the earth with tears,
Your grief is inconsolable.
Let the Wind groan in agony,
Let him not keep silent,
Let his voice reverberate over a thousand miles;
Let the Moon bury his head in his chamber,
Let not his face be seen;
A star has fallen,
The world will no longer
Be the same again.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. amity4 says:

    One can feel the anguish of the poet!

    Jupiter lends the skies a shoulder to weep on

  2. everybees says:

    sounds like the psychiatrist needs a ray of sunlight. sadness can be a good thing if you give joy a chance to come after.

    1. topazo says:

      True words!

  3. Yemie says:

    So, I beheld that title and I thought…’this was most definitely inspired by the falling rains that’s xterizing and holding sway in these parts, this season in time! With the skies ‘whipping’ up a great amount of torrential downpour’! But as I read along, I found instead, an annoucement being made of a Shooting Star that’d become a Fallen Star! You threw me off, you did Doc; and I absolutely love the use of constellations in this dirge! The dramatization greeted by the exclamation marks in some of the lines is really cute and innovative! Gives the piece a lotta power, making it a real compelling one!

    Write & rock on Your Royal Rockship, this totally grabs! šŸ‘šŸ˜‰

    1. topazo says:

      You keep inventing new words! “Royal Rockship”?!
      thanks a mil ma’am!
      Ayam speechless

  4. Adeleke Julianah says:

    Weep Sky.
    To me, this poem holds different meaning.
    I love it.
    I was within it to fully grasp its meaning.
    A well delivered poem.
    And some messages too…

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks Jules…I am glad you enjoyed it

  5. HARD VOICES says:

    It is a shame I will take this poem literally. My people say what a man doesn’t know is older than him. I don’t know the fallen star and I am sympathetic but I do wish the rains could come out and flood the earth. We have planted yam, we have planted cocoyam, no rain to water them. A lot of stars will fall if this continues.

    Thanks Topazo for sharing this, He knows

    1. topazo says:

      Lol…always refreshing, your comment!
      Thanks for dropping by…it’s always a delight to see you here

  6. seunodukoya says:

    I think you already know what I think, I think.

    1. topazo says:

      My oga!
      It’s nice seeing you here!

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