Only you

When I am alone,
You come to me in memories,
Curled next to me on the sofa,
Your scent filling me with longing,
Your hair tickles my chin,
Your warmth reaching into the
Innermost part of my heart,
Squeezing tears from my eyes.
You speak to me in the silence,
Whispering to me; your absence
Showing me just how much
I miss you and want you;
When I’m alone,
The truth comes to me:
I’ve never stopped loving you,
I’ve only learnt how to lie to myself
That I am happy without you;
I allow the noise of the company distract me from the ache;
When I am alone,
You come to me in the pain
And show me that you are the one
That I really want;
No one else makes me happy,
Only you.


14 thoughts on “Only you

  1. Oh Wow! A deeply saddening poetic composition, mighty heart-feeling and soul-dipping!

    Am complete suckers for happy endings and it gets even worse when you make that grim discovery that all you are in the grand scheme of things, to another; who you hold dearly is an option, so far off from being the priority! ‘Only You’, does well to bring to bring to life such a situation!

    I also know that true happiness comes from deep within us! I’ve found that its always best to just let ourselves go and be happy for no reason at all, cause the day the main reason for our happiness is snatched and taken from us; we’re as good as dead….doomed!

    Life is ever changing, transient! Friends and foes will come and go! Twenty kids will not remain friends for twenty years, so says an adage! That leaves us, the only constant ‘K’! I enjoin the Narrator to dig deep within, and harness that happiness that’s inside of him/her, cause believe you me, its there! The reason we find it so hard to be happy oft times is that we always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is and the future, less resolved than it will be! That’s a lotta work if you ask me! Cherish memories, be grateful for having had ’em, seize the days and just live in and for the moment! The time cometh when we’d cease to live, so we oughta make the absolute best of our now! Its all that matters! 😊😄

    Nice job Doc, thanks for bringing Gloomie back! 😇😂


  2. Hmmmmm, just hmmmm.
    The maddening crowd gives temporary respite but when he is in his closet, times of solitude when each man swims in his thoughts: of the good and the not so good; he drifts and slides into musings of what he lacks, found in whom he cannot have.
    Shame 😦


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