Last Meal

It is his last meal.

He doesn’t know. He stares wide eyed at the large bowl filled with semovita, his favorite dish and the plate of banga soup with an assortment of meat. Saliva pools in his mouth and threatens to overflow. His throat bobs as he swallows.

Minutes later, beads of sweat grace his brows as he leans back on the dinning chair, his abdomen several centimeters bigger in circumference. He licks his lips, closes his eyes and relish the memory of the sumptuous meal.

The clock chimes eight. It is time for Crime Scene Investigation, his favorite soap on TV.

He is unable to stand from the chair.

‘I must be too full’ he thinks, chuckling softly. ‘It seems my stomach capacity is reducing for this amount of food to knock me down’

He tries again.

‘Something is not right’ an alarm goes off in his head. ‘My feet looks like they are stuck!’

Panic rises to the surface and his eyes grow wide. 

‘I can’t move my legs’ his mind screams ‘I can’t move my hands too!’

He screams. What comes out is an inaudible gurgle.

‘What is happening to me? Wait a minute, why is my heart not beating fast? I am afraid, scared shitless but my heart is not racing!’

He moves to feel his heart beat, his hands remain fixed by his side. The room begins to fade too, and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep his eyes open.

Clarity comes and he welcomes it without fuss. ‘I am dying’

Breathing is difficult too, he notices.
Just before he passes out, a face looms over him, smiling down at him.

“Hope you enjoyed the meal dear?”

Her chuckle is the last sound he hears before the darkness envelopes him.


21 thoughts on “Last Meal

  1. Gosh, what a way to go. Terribly helpless, terribly cheated, and a terrible insult as a parting gift: Hope you enjoyed the meal dear?

    Part 2 willl be where he will haunt her life till she joins him.


  2. Haba Topazo. Thanks for making my heart beat and race when that of the subject refused to.
    Fantastic description and imagery. Keep on doing yiur thing dear. You are it!


  3. Oh Shoot! This does tell a really grim tale! You know like when you happen upon ‘That ‘kill me moment’, when you think life hasn’t been so much better; having just ravishes and relished your most favored treat of a delicacy, especially made by the supposed loving hands of your most treasured treat and delish, your relevant, significant other….your wife; but to your horror, you find that you’ve not only been dining with a She-devil, but also sleeping with the enemy! And moreover, it suddenly dawns on you, that you’re playing the lead role in a tragi-comedy blockbuster entitled ‘Cruel Intentions’! He eats, He enjoys, He expires! Damn!!! Plenty Whammy! 😆😆😆

    It also checks out I see, that he who lays dying, aint the only fan of the CSI series! Wifey’s also gotten a thing for the show and has infact picked up several tricks to bump off an ‘unwanted’ person! Niceee!!!! 😂

    I absolutely adore this short Doc! Soo deliciously, sadistically and wickedly concocted! I should say its a lot unsettling and disturbing, the mind that came up with this, but I’ll rather settle for ingenious! A totally brilliant mix of creepy and sheer ingenuity! You go buddy, this more than sizzles! Booyah!!! 😉😄


  4. Wow,that Meal must Be very sumptuous Cos it knocked the Wind out Of him! *The Power of Semo* chai!!!

    Nice Stlog…T M Sent me over tho.


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