Devil’s dance

Teach me to dance
Take my arms in yours;
I am afraid,
I have joined in this dance
Once upon a time,
It ended badly, with me
Lying on the floor, wounded
Broken and wishing for death;
I was giddy, naïve and innocent
I lunged before I stopped to think
It felt good, it must be right,
He was an angel,
Angels do no evil
But angels turn out to be devils
In disguise, alas! I didn’t know this
I died.

Teach me to dance,
My feet are stiff
It’s been too long they moved
On the dance floor
Life has passed by,
I stayed on the sidelines,
Hiding, mourning
But now my heart is stirring
My feet are itching, tapping involuntarily
It is time to dance again
Summer is here
The ice has melted and the air is bright
The flowers are blooming
And hope oozes from the petals
Its scent heady and strong
I am alive


13 thoughts on “Devil’s dance

  1. Wow!
    Excellently captivating.
    Truly one must dance to the tune of the heart.
    After all, we only have the chance to live just once.
    The #DoctorOfWords been spinning wonderful, exceptional poems with succinct words!
    Bravo Doc, bravo!


  2. Many interpretations to this beautiful piece.
    Let me just say this
    We do need to die to live. Life becomes more beautiful and meaningful after then.


  3. I tried to search out the nuances contained in this beautiful piece but ended up agreeing with amity’s comment. We appreciate life because there’s death. And we must make sacrifices too. Thats what makes it more worthwhile. Beautiful one Topazo.


  4. The concept of music, dance and love’s really clever Doc! That part where the Narrator fesses up ’bout itching feet tapping involuntarily made me stop to laugh and think! I coulda sworn this beautiful masterpiece was inspired by that great song, sung by the trio of Kanye West, Keri Hilson and Ne-yo; titled ‘Knocks You Down’! They each spoke of how love came around, seized & grabbed ’em by the balls, knocked ’em down; flat on their faces and most importantly, they did feel the pinch and picked themselves right up after every encounter! Bottomline, the Narrator fell hard for the devil, she couldn’t help it and she caved in! We often times don’t get to choose who we fall for but one who falls for another, and the other reciprocates the gesture….now, that’s divine, a precious gift! That’s how love oughta play out, not one-sided and if one’s unlucky in love, then; it really isn’t the end of the world! Actually, it IS just the beginning cause there’s life after love and its been proven time and time again; that a person who once loved, can as a matter of fact, love again! The possibility of such a one falling in love again is at an all time high; because believe it or nay, as the legendary Stevie Wonder puts it in his golden old classic of same title….’ Tommorrow Robins Will Sing’, and when that time comes, one will be forced to ‘face the music’; literally and gyrate to the beats, taking a crazy, really wild chance by trusting again! Taking a stab at love and seeing where it all leads! I mean really, what are we here for?! 😈😆

    With love and life in general, its always swim or sink, OR better still; flight or fight, somewhere between try harder or why bother! Its a matter of choice but in the end, love WILL find us and ultimately win the day! Always!😂😄

    Great piece, slamming and jamming imageries and you Sir, are a cut above and wayyy beyond the rest! Noone else comes close as far as the capturing of real life human emotions as are FELT in your masterpieces! Uncanny stuff, but its what makes you ingenious and unique by far! You bring feelings sooo alive it resonates! Keep writing & rocking on Doc, You. Are.The. Cat’s. Whiskers. No contest!!! 😉😂👉


    1. Thanks Ma’am, you flatter me too much…

      “Its a matter of choice but in the end, love WILL find us and ultimately win the day! Always!” this is absolutely true!

      Thanks for always reading…your readership is the wind in my sails…


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