The Plea

I kneel before you my Lord,

Please turn aside,


Do not pass me by.

Hold me close in your embrace,


Draw me closer to your body,

Wrap your hands around me tightly,


Do not let go.

Let me inhale of your fragrance,


Your very essence.

Let me feel your cheeks on my head,


Let me hear the whispers of your love,

And mercy and forgiveness.


Let me feel the silken garment that adorn your body,

Let me gaze on your beautiful face.


Feed me from your garden,

Pluck from the vine, grapes, ripe and luscious.


Let me eat of the fruit of your well-tended orchard,

Let me feel the juice running between my fingers.


Let me walk with you in the garden,

Listening and fellowshipping with you,


Enraptured by your presence,

Content to stay in that moment forever.


You are the missing piece of me that I have been yearning for,

The dull ache that refuse to abate.


You are the one that makes me whole

I do not want to live anymore moment without you.



10 thoughts on “The Plea

  1. A plea mighty endearing, all-encompassing; covering up all the bases, leaving absolutely nothing out! Pretty able to melt even the hardest of hearts, turning a heart of stone, to that of flesh! An exhortation, so great; that He, who searches the heart; and in whose valiant Hands rests the hearts of kings, will inhabit in a heart beat! Afterall, His mercies does endure forever, and His remembrance spans all generations! Whoever is hot and heavy on connection with the Creator, hungering and thirsting for His presence in much the same way and with such an intensity, yearning and raw passion as showcased by the Narrator; then in such a one will He delight, granting the desires of his heart and will by no means cast away! Awesomely laid out Doc; more grace! 👍😉


  2. Good work Doc.
    I haven’t visited your blog for a while, been busy.
    This one is a lyrical, heart warming poem.
    Lays bear what the narrator feels for his maker.
    Fab job as usual.


    1. It’s never too late to read a post Jules…they are words that have been immortalized and you can always access them anytime…and as many times as possible…cool huh?
      Thanks for always reading and commenting on every single post…your dedication is humbling. I appreciate you.


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