Heart and head in an age long duel

Duty and love are locked in a death match;

Duty to perceived right, the dictates of

An unsparing society, judgmental and hypocritical,

Love for the man of my dreams,

Forbidden desires and dangerous passions,

A blazing inferno of need;

One must prevail, it is the hour of decision:

The throne of Addindryl awaits, honor and prestige

With days spent pining

Longing and in pain over love lost,

Or the seeker of my heart, of truth

Whose looks strip me bare, and with a glance

Knows the deepest crevice, but with it

Condemnation and a generation at risk of extinction;

What shall it be?

Each choice unbearable

Each thought an agony unendurable;

I choose duty,

But my heart wouldn’t let go

It is bound to him, to truth, my truth;

When I open my eyes,

I am no longer one

But two incomplete halves

Never to be whole, for the head cannot live

Without the heart,

And the heart is lost without the head;

So, with one half I serve the law of right

And with the other, the order of truth;

I am dead and lost,

Oh, I long for the magic of Orolon

To bring me back together!

I have decided, I know where I want to be

I will follow my heart,

It is okay to be lost,

I will be safe

The seeker will find me

Only he knows the path to rescue me.



10 thoughts on “Torn

  1. Hmm…that age long raging battle of will for supremacy between the head and heart’s just crazy! There’s always such a disconnect especially as where matters of the ‘heart’, not head; are concerned! πŸ˜”

    The Narrator’s torn, and at crossroads finally does settle for the heart, to follow and go with it, duty and honor be damned! Typical! πŸ˜†

    I wonder if any stands a chance really, winning a battle against the heart, which most time wants what it does want; but totally fails to give us what we need! Its got four chambers afterall, pumping lifeline every millisec, however does one top and best that?! 😞

    Even at that, the head reigns supreme still, cause when the heart fails literally, there’s the chance for a transplant and a replacement! When the head fails and one is pronounced ‘brain dead’, where lies the hope?! 😏

    Again, only a powerful mortal can tame the heart and allign with the dictates of the head, cause where love’s concerned; however far off we run; there’s simply no escaping it! It tracks us down, catches up, overtakes and outruns! We oughta just giddy up for the onslaught, fight tooth and nail and be battle ready! Afterall, it IS whispered in some quarters; that love’s a battle! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

    A masterfully conceived, brilliantly laid out masterpiece of a poetic writing, with a magical touch…..’the magic of Orolon’! ‘The seeker will find me she says; and I say ‘ damn straight he will’,…….Oops! πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚

    Great post Brilliant Doc; just fire on, turbo dey go! You’ve got this locked down like BAM! πŸ‘‰πŸ˜„


  2. Well said Yemie.
    The head keeps us alive
    The heart makes us feel alive
    And that’s why it’s hard to say no to what the heart wants.
    What’s the point of being alive if you don’t feel alive?!


    1. Checkmate Doc, beautifully surmised if that which the heart craves and yearns for will stay on and continue to be so, in the long haul! Dont forget also how fickle this heart is…..’she’can tend to be insatiable more often than not; and begin a yearning so intense for something new!

      So in view of this, I say, if taking the plunge and following one’s heart’s gonna land one in hot, scalding oil and leave one so much worst off than before, then where lies the gain?! For the most part, passion’s short-lived, a wonder that lasts but nine days and afterwards, life goes on and its back to the drawing board! One’s sated for a bit and the wools fall off, when all but fizzles out! I

      If a person’s lucky to only get their fingers burnt as opposed to totally going up all in flames, literally…..dandy! In the end, the head should take centre stage, reign and rule oh sooo supreme, cause therein lies lasting happiness and true fulfilment down the line! Its the absolute bestest thing to do to avert terrible consequences and lifelong misery; riddled with regrets! The heart, such a silly, silly organ; mischief-filled! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰


      1. hehehehe…yeah, but not all passion is short lived. there are some passions that define you, and you will spent the rest of your life pursuing… there are some people your heart chooses and you know no matter what, they will always be indelibly burned on your heart. the heart is not totally unreliable, plus many a good thing and relationship has been destroyed by the head- it infuses fear and doubt and impossibilities. with the heart, all things are possible!


        1. Well then, to every man his own! As we lay our beds, so shall we lie on ’em! Be it head or heart, everyone should endeavor to choose right! And all will be well! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰


  3. This is the crux of every person’s individuality. Knowing which one to give in to, duty or passion, especially when the two aren’t aligned. And society doesn’t make the choice easy. Daily we’re encouraged to be ourselves, to pursue what makes us happy. But what those saying this omit to say is: Do all this, just as long as it doesn’t go against the grain of society.

    At the end of the day, whichever promises peace of mind and lasting happiness is the one I’ll choose any day.

    Great piece here, doc.


  4. Duty.
    To follow or not to follow.

    To give in or not to give in.
    I will rather follow my heart than follow duty calls that I know won’t bring me any form of happiness or fulfilment at the long run.
    For my passion is my treasure. And where one’s treasure lies is where the heart will be.
    Wonderful piece Doc.
    Exceptional and touching.


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