Heart Failure

I feel empty,

There is an unease within,

Roiling emotions, an ache

An area of tenderness, vague

Undefined, a dark cloud hovering;

Tears gather beneath red rimmed eyes

Struggling against the last vestige of restraint;

I miss you,

Honey tastes like sand, nothing is sweet;

It is lonely in the midst of lively conversation,

My laughter is halfhearted,

The other half pines for you, wants to share

A laugh with only you, and is sad;

Every moment of every day, I think of you,

In the dreams of the night,

You visit me, lingering till my eyes open,

Trying desperately to hold on to bittersweet memories,

Illusions and fantasies possible only in my head;

Time stopped

When you walked away

You turned and my heart gave in

I am stuck in yesterday,

Life has moved on, and I am here






13 thoughts on “Heart Failure

  1. I miss reading your works and permeate me, I will be flooding your site with comment…

    I love this poem, it is tooooo sad and too beautiful…it’s the way we feel when that one special thing we thought was forever walks on us…. Painfully beautiful…


  2. Wow! Wherever do I start from?! This Narrator’s sooo steeped, engulfed and literally swallowed in misery, and that’s pretty heartbreaking and mind-bungling!😔

    A smooth sea’s never been known to make a skilled mariner, needless to say; that after every storm comes a certain calm and our lives’ adversities makes skille, pretty experienced men and women outta us, IF we WILL ’em too! Its a matter of individual choice really, as architects of our own destinies that we are, plus; a flower DOES bloom more than once and the Narrator needn’t feel empty at all, he/she can definitely find love again! Thank goodness for that! Phew! 😉

    We lose sight oft times of the endless power we wield as individuals when we really dig into our being and essence, to tap into the limitless strength our Maker has deposited within us, beat life at its own game! We do nothing most times, we just roll over and take the wrap!

    Everyday of our lives is as a leaf in a book, in our history, whatever we write therein ultimately becomes our story, the choice is ours, our call!

    Time quickly goes by, we die and push up daisies…..end of story! Just live while you still can, looking back did Lot’s wife no good! Resolve to be happy against ALL odds and try to be your own source of happiness and the Lord; the source of your joy! Its that simple, life’s what WE make out of it; cut and dry! 😉

    You aced this Doc, but then; its your forte! 😂Write on, you gat da hit that rockz ma beat…..play on you must! Cheers! 😊😄👉


  3. Brilliant analysis ma’am.
    Knowledge and feelings oftentimes do not agree,
    Feelings oftentimes trumps knowledge
    And love oft defies logic
    So when the heart is hurting, the head can’t console it
    Time seems to be the only potent potion that soothes the ache of the heart


  4. Beautifully saddening. 😑
    I wish there’s a kind of medication for this kind of yearning…😩


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