Moment of truth

Happy Sunday folks.

Today “Jules writes” returns with another interesting tale.

Sit back and enjoy. And yes, please do remember to drop your comments in the comment box.



She heard him knock and stood up from the sofa where she was reclining and had been anxiously waiting. She walked briskly to the door and opened it for him to come in. Seeing him stand before her, his face creased in a smile, her resolve failed, but just for a minute. The way her body reacted to him was too much to ignore.
“Hey Mira!” He greeted and gave her a hug, then his brow creased in a frown as he took in her outfit. She was wearing a black lace nightgown which did little to hide her full bosom and the dark pointy peaks peeking through the holes in the dress.
“Hi” she replied, holding on to the embrace longer than was necessary. ‘Oh My God’ she thought, her insides turning to mush at the feeling of his body against her.  ‘I just must have him, why must Miracle have it all while I have nothing, nothing!’ Her inside raged.

“You said there’s an emergency, what’s wrong?” His voice brought her back from her reverie. Concern was etched on his fine face, and her heart did a number in her chest.

Divine was not the typical tall, dark and handsome male prototype of every woman’s dream, with well sculpted body and rippling muscles. What he lacked in physical appearance, he compensated for with a large heart. He had what it took to capture a lady’s heart.

He was a little above 5ft8, with black skin, like burnished wood and bushy brows that tend to shoot upward, fighting against his hairline whenever his curiosity was aroused, or when something surprised him.  Unfortunately for Mirabel, he was out only to capture one woman’s heart, Miracle, her twin sister.

Miracle and Mirabel are un-identical twins and very different in their physical appearance. Miracle is on the plus side, about 5ft2 with the kind of tommy that makes you think she’s pregnant. But she has a very beautiful face, her tommy tend to put a dent in her beauty, unless of course, you look beyond that. Mirabel on the other hand has a body to make a man renounce his marital vows, and make a priest reconsider his vow of celibacy. Not too tall herself, she’s got the shape of that perfect hour glass. With slightly bowed legs that makes her sways whenever she walks, and give her bosom jingles.

Mirabel has always been the one that has men flocking after her and it had come as a shock to her when her twin sister had introduced Divine to her as her fiancé. A wave of jealousy had washed over her even as she had plastered a smile on her face.

Mirabel had sworn to have her twin’s man at all cost. Divine on the other hand, had eyes only for Miracle. After thinking of every trick in the book to get Divine which didn’t work, she decided to use his weak spot for her twin to get him to come over. She had placed a call to him, saying that Miracle was ill and needed him immediately. It had done the trick. Here he was, standing in front of her, all hers.

“Where is Mi?” he asked, moving past her towards the bedroom.

“Oh, Mi” she mimicked. “Must be in her bedroom, go check on her”.

Divine went straight to go look for his love calling out as he went. “Mi, Mine, where are you? Hope this isn’t seri–” his voice caught when he felt a soft bosom pressing to his back. He swung around, thinking it was Miracle, with a ready glowing smile.

He was shocked to find it was Mirabel, dressed in her birthday suit. “Mira, what’s going on?” He asked with an incredulous look on his face.

“I’ve wanted you baby, from the very first time I set my eyes on you. You don’t know what you do to my insides whenever I set my eyes on you. And I know you want me too. You can’t probably settle for ‘Mi’ like you call her. What with all that pot belly that makes one think of a pregnant woman every time you see her”. She rambled on.

Divine stood rooted to a spot, his face devoid of expression. Mirabel snaked up to him and started pulling at his clothes, all the while trying to kiss him. With the suddenness that knocked the breath out of her, Divine swung her around and kissed her. At first she was shocked, then she moaned and grabbed his neck. And then he pushed her off with the same suddenness and swiftness that made her stagger backward.

For several seconds, she was stunned. Then her hand struck out to deliver a slap but Divine caught her wrist in mid-air. Divine’s eyes were narrowed to slits and seemed to be drilling a hole in her head. She was scared and braced herself for a blow.

“Don’t you ever, I repeat ever, talk about my Miracle like that, ever again!” His voice was low and every word was like ice, making her skin crawl “She may not have the kind of body that draws men like flies to a dung hill, but she’s more than a million women put together!” His face softened, “In fact, she’s my one and only, one in a million and one of a kind type of woman”. He released her then but Mirabel was too dumbfounded to notice.

“Let me tell you what you don’t know Mirabel, Love isn’t about the physical appearance alone. Love is about every core of your being- body, soul and spirit.

“Love isn’t about attraction to a pretty face or to a ‘to die for’ body. Love have many faces and many reasons that make that one person special” His face was a kaleidoscope of emotions as he spoke.

“Stop seeing things the way you see them. And you will get to see a whole new lot.” He was shaking his head from side to side. “You are very beautiful, yes, no denying that. But there’s more to life than being beautiful. You think beauty alone can earn you things you don’t deserve? No dear, it doesn’t work that way. At least not for all of us”.   Divine’s words touched her and she started to sob, hiding her face behind the cream coloured window blinds. She had always thought she could have everything she wanted until now. Divine’s words had cut her like shards of jagged edged broken glasses.

She had always thought she was the better of the twins, with all the attention and doting on by the males while they had been on campus. She was always the centre of attraction and had men from all walks desiring her and wooing her with money and gifts. She had thought she had it all. But now, it was clearly that she had nothing. She had no one to call hers. ‘Where are all those men now?’ she thought bitterly ‘Nowhere to be found’.

She remembered a conversation she had witnessed in one of her visits to her last boyfriend, Jake’s house.  Jake had asked Femi, his best friend, about his girlfriend and when he will be ready to take her home to meet his parents.
Femi had laughed hard and said “Jake, the likes of Bella isn’t the kind you take home. They are only good for ‘take-aways’, not ‘Take–Homes’, if you get my meaning”. They had both shared a look while she looked on not understanding what Femi meant. And they had burst out laughing again, shaking their heads.

Now, she understood. And with the realization came pain and shame. “I’m sorry Div. To say it’s the devil now means I’m also lying against the father of lies. I’m so sorry please forgive me”, she smiled a self-deprecating smile “Thanks Divine, you are a real man. You just gave me the worst but truest of discipline without raising a hands”

Divine moved close and embraced her. “I love you too Mira, but as my Sister-in law and a friend. And as family too, but not in the way you think.”   She nodded.

“Hello! Anyone here?” Miracle’s voice floated in as she opened the door “what’s happening here?” her voice had lost the playful note in it as she took in the scene before her.

Mirabel ran to her sister and hugged her, crying and asking her forgiveness. “I’m so sorry sis, so sorry. Please forgive all I ever did to you”.

Miracle was confused and she stared at her fiancé, a questioning look in her eyes. Divine motioned to her to shush and promised to explain to her later. She hugged her sister back and rocked her like a baby while she cried and wet her clothes on the shoulder.




53 thoughts on “Moment of truth

  1. Aw! This is really cool Jules, you did bring this! The plot’s fool-proof: airtight and water-tight with a moral to teach: true beauty’s skin deep and ONLY in the eyes of the beholder! The way the mind of the male specie works, is plenty alien and totally different from ours, after all; they’re said to be from Mars! 😂😂

    Way to go gurl, Am totally with Swag on this one; your writing has improved pretty significantly and this right here….is proof! Double thumbs up! 👍👍😄


  2. Ha! My Dearest Big Sis #Yemie.
    That means a lot. I would have love to say it’s all my doing, but that would be the biggest lie of the Millenium.
    All thanks to #Topazo, #Amity, #Zee, #DrSwag and of course you, my Sis. Who believed in me. Not forgetting @newnaija and #theInkHeart.
    You guys are wonderful family.
    So honored to have you all…


  3. My Doc.
    To say I’m grateful is too small a word.
    For your support and kindness, for always backing me up, God Bless You real Good!
    Thanks a lot #Doc, #Topazo, #ZChannel, zaphnathpaanea, and all ma ZC Fam…


  4. Jules this is very good art plus you dabbed a touch of didactic here…I cannot express better how good it feels to read this or how great a message you’ve passed on here.


  5. Oh Sis Jules! This is so awesome…you write so well, my God! I should come take a tutorial from you, you know!!!

    I learnt a whole lot in this story… It is WOW.

    Thanks for writing, thanks for sharing.

    Keep rocking it Jules.


  6. Kai! See dis ma Sis Khemzy ehn, she sabi blow pesin head o!
    You, a wonderful writer, to come learn from amateur like me?? Haba naa!!!!
    Thanks a lot Sis, I appreciate you much.


  7. Hmmmm!.

    Sis, all I have to say is ‘Thank you.’.

    If you read more meaning into my thank you, then, you will find out that there’s more to my thank you. More that words has failed me to type here. You da best!


    1. are not a Padawan anymore ooooo…You are now a Jedi Knight of stories….Carry go, my sister….Ma duro! Topaz, Obi Wan Kenobi, you are a maker of stars….


  8. Wow! Jules, come and take a wide hug.


    You write with such great beauty and enviable simplicity. I love this story for many reasons: it’s lessons, flow, charm ad infinitum and above all, it comes from you.

    *draws her to the floor, dancing shoki*


  9. Jules.. Jules.. You lied to me! Well that’s for us to settle on Bbm!

    Only a brilliant writer can paint that scene the way you did…

    .. His voice was like ice…

    Really really good. Thanks for tagging. Priceless message.


  10. This is quite incredible!
    To say the least, some people don’t really know who they are and what they are and so they hide from themselves.

    You are (if I must use the word again) obviously an incredible writer! Imagine keeping me in such ‘retrospective captivation.’
    If this is really you Julie, then I must advice you come out from your turtle shell!
    KEEP THIS UP……I’m incorporating you in a future project in my hand.


    1. Ha! My dearest Rich! You just stunned me to silence with all these accolades.
      Thanks a mill for stopping by, I’m so glad you read.


  11. Topaz kudos for discovering this diamond lying fallow in the mud. Much credit brother.

    Jules, to say you’ve improved from your last writeup is an understatement. Your progression is definitely not arithmetic…

    You improve by writing madame, I am expecting more from you.

    I just started a new site ( and I will be honoured to feature some of your works. You know I will stick to you like a leech until I get what I want. Brace up madame because I am knocking…


    1. Kai!!! My wonderful Boss Isaac. I’m short on words.
      Thanks a lot sir, for your constant support, and your believing in me. I’m so humbled…


        1. Ha! Sir Isaac!!!! Pls nau! Lols! I hope I’ll be able to deliver to ur expectation sir. Thanks for believing in me…smiles…


  12. Why do I love calling Julianah and not still Jules…Maybe because my sister bears the name and my loves it *shrugs*… Very soon, we will be lining up for tutorial…. Between, you owe me a story ooo… I plan to collect like very very soon, topazo can’t be having all these goodness on his blog na… Inkheart wants plenty of your works on her blog too *blows chewing gum bubble*


  13. Kai. My dearest Anoti, thanks a lot Sis. Your love radiates around me, and I’m so glad you drop by.
    As for a story for you…hmmm, ok naa, we will see about it won’t we? Thanks sis.


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