Oliver Twist

I am Oliver,

The scrawny little kid

Dressed in baggy clothes

Oversized because I am but skin and bones;

Looking eagerly at the master

For a second helping

I can’t help it, my hunger is insatiable;

Hoping for a twist in the story

To give me my happy ending;

I am a worm,

Minute but with a giant ambition,

Latching on to life with all I have,

Demanding the best it has to offer,

Sucking from it all the greatness

Lodged within its bowels;

I am a chasm,

Wide and bottomless,

Receiving but never full;

I am the parched sand of the Sahara,

Soaking up the torrential rainfall, yet

Showing no sign of a single drop of rain

And desiring more;

I am a man on an expedition,

I won’t stop until I lay hold

On the prize- Excellence.




11 thoughts on “Oliver Twist

  1. This is nice, Oliver Twist☺. May the poet find his abundance and the twist turn out in his favor.☺.
    I guess in one way or another we all are like him. Nice one Topazo.


  2. I can easily liken that part….’I am the parched sand of the Sahara, soaking up torrential rainfall…….’, to the Grave; that never fills up, Hell; that’s mighty spacious and can just ’bout take an innumerable and immeasurable number of condemned souls and then, Death; that never tires to take mortals in its cold, chilling grip! Now, these are real scary, gripping! *quaking in ma bootz* 👻💀😂

    On the bright, very glorious side; I find the imageries used here sooo spot on! What’s more, the Narrator’s tenacious pursuit of excellence, his dogged determination lacking of zero complacency, which he likens to these imageries is extremely brilliant, innovative and very creative by golly! With a mindset such as this one, excellence is only but a few steps away! Oliver Twist’s a masterpiece, a masrecraft! A glutton? Nah, not on your life! He DARES to go for what he wants and by jove…..he’ll get it, in just a matter of time! Nice one Doc, smarts! 👊😉


    1. By golly Yemie, wherever did that analogy come from?! Seems you are now the new gloomy. See how you took a happy poem and turned it to something morbid! Na wa for you o…where did ‘death’ and ‘hell’ enter the picture? How?


      1. Yeah, says the one who made mention of the Desert, an arid infertile land that supposedly enjoys torrential rainfall but remains dry still and wanting for more! Wouldn’t that just be your absolute dream come true, ei?! Hmf! 😞 😂😂

        I aint gloomy Doc McGloomie, I just thought to include those other elements that are never satisfied however they get ‘fed’! Plus, likening the property exhibited by these elements to the Narrator’s search for excellence and perfection aint gloomy at all! Its actually quite remarkable for as long as he thinks himself empty and strive to be filled, then he shall by golly! 😄

        And I suppose am in the clear now, yes?! Cheerful rules for life, so you may as well loosen up on your scrubs Brilliant Doc, they’re wayyyyy tooo tight! Breathe already! 😛😒😆


        1. Desert, wanting more rain, which is a good thing. But then comes Yemie, seeing gloom in that analogy.

          I know you wouldn’t admit it but sister, you are turning over to the dark side…


          1. Of course bro, that’s what you see! I don’t hold you to it, not at all! I actually quite expected it, no surprises! Dark side?! Hian! 🙉😩😂


  3. I’m Oliver too… Maybe my physical state blind people from seeing this, they wonder what else a chubby cheeked girl could want more but I crave more… I crave the feeling of excellence, to be cheered by large crowd that are ever so loyal to me that worship the very ground I walk on. I crave the feeling of being needed, to be looked upon as a saviour with solution to mankind’s problem that they make constantly seek my help… I crave the feeling of being exceptional, that people may look at me in awe that never go old…. I want more than
    has in store for me, I want more than I have now… I want more Cos I am Oliver and this is the twist, you are one too, you’re just afraid of being called greedy…..

    *drops pen*


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