I. Twenty one

A line
Delineates Teenage
From Adult

II. Metamorphosis

  The caterpillar
A wonder of nature
A butterfly, gay and breathtaking
Flitting just out of reach of many
A longing heart.

III. Kiddo

Young puppy
Doe eyed
Wagging tails
Tugs at the heart
Lodges in a special place

IV. The Journey

Adulthood appeals to the child
Childhood is the destination of the adult’s.    fantasy
The secret to staying young
On the journey of life
Is to pack the gear full
Of childhood memories
And to travel in the body of a child’s heart.

Written for ‘Kiddo’ Oluwabori, my special somebody…i am always proud of you..
Happy Birthday! Many Happy Returns!


8 thoughts on “Bori…

  1. Wow! This is a very unusual and pretty spectacular piece! Creativity at its peak and I wish the celebrant many more milestones and accomplishments in tow! Enjoy! 🍸🍷😉


  2. ‘The secret to staying young/on the journey of life/is to pack the gear full/of childhood memories/and to travel in the body of a child’s heart’.

    This is arguably the best verse I have read this year, and I have read hundreds of poems from three continents! I will quote this verse somewhere, someday. Thumbs Up!


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