The Embrace

He held her close to his chest and stroked her hair gently, running his hands down the length of her braids and back, in slow regular rhythm. He heard her sigh contentedly as she burrowed further into him. It was the picture of intimacy.

He closed his eyes against the sting of tears. A wave of sadness washed over him, starting from deep within him and threatening to drown him.

He wanted to love the woman in his arms but he found himself longing to hold another this way. No matter how intimate the gesture was, it was the picture of the other woman that filled his mind’s eye.

He was sad, because he missed her, his one and only heart throb. Ever since the first time he held her in his arms, he had known he wanted only her. It was sad, he didn’t end up with her.

He was sad because he was not being fair to the woman purring softly in his arms as he stroked her gently. His strokes communicated affection but his heart was far away. He felt horrible, she deserved better. She was a good woman and deserved a man who would give her his all.

It was too late now. The reflection of light from the gold band on the fourth finger of his left hand told him so. His forever was with her, and forever had never looked so bleak.

He sighed.

The woman looked up at him, her honey colored eyes bore into his. Her oval face radiated innocence and pure adoration and his heart shattered into a million pieces. She was beautiful, with soft features and a well sculpted body.

The heart was a world of mystery, he mused. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t love her. The matters of the heart cannot be judged by reason. The heart wants what it wants. Love is a hot pot of mess.

He realized that she was gazing at him still and he smiled at her, more like a grimace, or was it a wince. Anything is possible, his heart felt like it was being lanced by a sharp knife and his face may have betrayed his calm exterior and show of affection. She looked at him for the longest of time and smiled back. Her eyes lit up and her skin glowed. Then she placed her head on his chest again.

Love really does suck.



8 thoughts on “The Embrace

  1. First, I absolutely adore the smoothness of the flow and just wished the story would go on still but well, if wishes were horses ei?! Eish! *rme* That title totally gets me as well, its real pretty! Nice one Doc, short, spicy, definitely sizzling and romantically so! A-W-E-S-S-O-M-E! LOL

    This situation though…..Sad, for both parties; though one of ’em is absolutely clueless ’bout the on-goings in the heart and mind of her beloved! The heart of man’s desperately wicked……..who can know it?! That’s a pretty scary and highly grim situation right there! The ghost’s hovering, looming and seeks to close in all of the time, and one person’s none the wiser! Not good, sooo not good at all! *quaking in ma bootz* LOL

    The Narrator’s crossed over the rubicon and there really isn’t any going back now, no turning back; its much too late! So I say; cut the cackle, suck it up and get down to some real serious ‘bizniz’; wackier things have been known to go down in this beautiful, crazy world that we live in! If you can’t be with the one you love, you’d do well to love the one you’re with! When the desirable becomes unavailable, the available should naturally become desirable! Its a total waste of time grieving one’s spirit ’bout things one’s got absolutely zero control over….my take, changes absolutely nothing; just move the heck on! The next best thing oughta be to be as snug as a bug in a rug and go with the flow, better days lie ahead; best believe it! To lose a great love sha, that’s just catastrophic, only best imagined! Tufia! LMAO!


      1. Yeah I guess Doc, that word I dread so very much! Which is why one oughta get it right from the onset and even at that, there aren’t any guarantees! The secret of a successful marriage its often said, remains a…..secret! God with us all! 😇😂


  2. Talk about telling a tale of #ForeverInDespair in short lines.
    I really relate with this story because to love one and be in the arm of another is the worst thing that could happen to anyone.
    And many are trapped in this kind of marriage. I’d rather remain sing than send my heart on a suicide journey of marriage that I know I’m never gonna be happy in.
    This is one wonderful piece Doc.
    You never seize to amaze me…


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