Love is painful to hold on to,

When love is out of your reach;


Love leaves a void, when your heart

Is filled with love, with no means to express it;


Love is bittersweet,

When love is given but not received in return;


Love is the hardest thing,

When with ease, one falls in love;


Love burns hot and leaves you cold,

When your love is unrequited;


Love lost is always found in the wisp of a memory,

Where all unborn feelings of love are shored;


Love proclaimed is bliss,

Only if the love is felt by the other;


Love hurts, a lot;

Yet, love is the most pleasurable feeling.


Thanks to Amity for the challenge.



6 thoughts on “Love?

  1. This is the ‘Bees Knees’ Doc, and by that I mean the composition’s top notch and so well concocted with such rich and slamming ironies, in every line and verse, i.e; ‘Love burns hot and leaves you cold………’ ! That’s just ingenious! Well done, you did rock, bring and in fact, BEAT this challenge hands down! Coolness! LOL

    True love is sacrificial, but the ‘progenies’ and or end products that sometimes arise and are birthed in its wake, makes the whole phenomenon of love quite conflicting and pretty twisted, and am referring to infatuation, passion, desire, lust, obsession, crushing on a person amongst others; that will more often than not result in feelings not flowing both ways……. unreciprocated! And then the ‘troubles’ begin! *tsking*

    In all, God alone is Love, His kinda love never fails and is absolutely devoid of these ‘end products’ aforementioned! I sometimes ponder if mere mortals are truly capable showing and showering love. in the realest sense; after all, its so written in the Book of John 15:13 that ‘There’s no greater love than when a man lays down his life for his friends’! Now that, is Love So Mighty Amazing! Cheers! LOL


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