A cracked calabash is not fit to hold water

It is a wrong choice of ware to take to the river

Fill it with sand

Pour water and

Plant your seed;

Watch the blossom

As life grows

Into a splash of colors;

A cracked calabash is unfit to hold water

It can cradle life in its broken form.



11 thoughts on “Cracked

  1. ‘Wisdom is profitable to direct’, as the Bible says; pretty much sums this all up for me! The cracked pot’s found a new purpose to be used as a nursery to nurture and bring forth new life! This I find so much worthwhile, fruitful and rewarding than the original purpose of fetching and holding water! That smarts Doc, really does! Thumbs up!

    And am also reminded that no matter how cracked I am, how much of a hot pot of mess I think I be, and or terrible a circumstance I may linger and find myself in, God still leaves a small, very tiny room for thanksgiving! There’s truly no hopeless situation in life, as long as one’s alive and is truly believing there exists none, plus also WILLING to live, no matter what, then one will be good! Nice one Doc, wisdom multiplied!


    1. Very well said Yemie.
      That we are cracked, imperfect and have failed severally doesn’t mean we are useless or without value.
      Whilst it is true that it’s only a whole calabash that can hold water or wine, there is use for the broken one too. I may be broken, I may be cracked, I may be unfit to hold water or wine- unfit to be used at the dining table, but I am not useless; I can liven a room up by bearing flowers within me, I can add beauty to a yard, a garden by the plant I give sustenance to…
      I may be cracked but I surely still have value!


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