Feather light strokes, tingling the hair

Raising them on end

Sending pleasurable sensations downward

On an errand of promise of more;

Surer strokes, teasing

Brimming with barely restrained passion

Stoking fire beneath feverish skin

Shivers rippling in waves;

Subtle, gentle squeezes,

Communicating desire,

Increasing need

An ache deep within;

Friction creating electricity

Combustion that is soul deep;

Anticipation seeking release

Longing for your touch.




39 thoughts on “Touch

      1. Haba Tope. How can you say thanks for stopping by as if this is not homepage ☺. Just because I’m trying to juggle several things at once doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten sites that really matter 😕


        1. I profusely apologize for that thoughtless comment Zee! What was I thinking?!
          But these things you are juggling that is taking you away from home …I’m beginning to resent them o…hope you are not buckling under pressure sha?

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh la! I see Physics, Friction and Electricity! I see Chemistry, Combustion; all coming together to communicate the beautiful art of touching, stroking, squeezing et al, that we do with our hands! Mehn! This totally grabs! Damn!!!! ROTFLOL

    This is highly sensual by golly Doc and so well, lovingly and passionately concocted! I adore it and the creativity that’s on display here’s sheer ingenious! Wowzer! *applauding*


      1. Hmmmm….all dis love/touch you’re sharing Doc, diaris God o!!!! Anyways I bet is for the likes of you and Sis. Yemie…me ayam feri mush stee singu! Hehehehe!!!!


        1. Hmm….iwo wi! Pardon me for butting in Jules; amo sha o, ma gbe iyen wa rara o! Rara ati rara! Ariiii!!!! Awa naa ti se single ri ke, a si mo orisirisi idan ti a da l’ori papa! Igba single yen GANGAN ni idan n lo lorita meta! So therefore, mo gbo ni o; mi o gba! Eyin bawo?! Shior! *Yinmu* ROTFLMAO!


          1. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Yeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
            Sisi Yemie pami oooo!!!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!! Singu tiwa ko mo bi won se nfi eran senu ko poora ni o lols!!!! Sigu temi o kan tie mo orita kan kan, debi to ma ridan tonlo o!!! Hihihihihihihihihi!!!!!!


            1. Beeni! Agboye! Emi gbo ni sha, mi o gba! Bebe n lo, l’orita meta, beeni si ni gogo n so! Iwo bawo?! Lalai se sister, abegiii, yi mi nu o jare, ki o tun imiran so! Gbogbo idan yen la gbo npa, bajebaje paapaa! LMAO!


              1. Kai….nibo lemi wa f’oruko si o!!! Ti mi o fi gbo npa e rara bayii…o ma se o! Sis, mi o ja si rara o. Koda, oju mi o ri ookan rara! Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!


                1. Hahahahahahaha! O da naa, mo ti fi e sile o, omo daadaa, omoluabi, omo ire b’iyan! Carry go jare, nothing dey happen! Just teasing ya, I do that a lot! My vice! *winks* LMAO!


                  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Of cousre I know that Sis! And I’m so enjoying it! Been a long time since you tease me like that! Really missed that! Lols!!!! And I know Doc knows you’re just teasing here! Heehehehehehehe!!!!!


                    1. Thanks jare sweets mi, at least someone gets it! *rme* LMAO!

                      K’osiberu fun omo Jesu! Parolo jare, I had a lotta fun! God bless, keep and bring that very special someone your way sooner than you expect IJN, Amen! E don be, gba bee! Mwah! LOL


                1. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Sis!!!! Sheybi I was just saying that that kain touch ehn, I don’t know abt it as per single things. And since you and Docky here are hooked, you guys are the one that’s gonna enjoy it naa! Abi mopa iro #Topazo? Hehehehehehehe!!!!!


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