The Drunk

Loving you is hard,

It is all shades of bad,

It makes me sad

Because you have been had

By another,

But I saw you first,

And went on to smother

You with affection;

I strove to quench your thirst

And stoke the fire of passion

From the embers of the longing

Lodged deep beneath your chest.

You were mine,

Sweet- a freshly tapped palm wine;

I drank of you,

I never could get enough;

For you, I became a drunkard,

Intoxicated and no longer in control;

You filled me,

And left a deep hunger;

You became my prize,

I was willing to pay any price

To have you closer,

To be on the inside;

To know you, like I do myself.

You left,

I lost you,

And I got lost;

I cannot be me without you, you see,

You make me complete, make me;

I should let go,

I know;

It’s hard, not impossible,

Only that

I don’t want to stop

Loving you.




15 thoughts on “The Drunk

  1. “I can’t stop loving you”
    I love that track from Phil Collins.
    Once really and truly in love, I doubt if one can stop…*sighs*


  2. First up, that title totally gets me and it brings to mind that saying ‘You knock me right off of my feet’! You know, that beautiful feeling you get, when you’re into someone, completely stuck on and sucked right into ’em, cause you’re so taken by ’em and you find yourself just being drunk on ’em, intoxicated by ’em and well, you just tend to lose control whenever you’re around them! Wow! That feeling’s so darned priceless! LMAO!

    This intricately woven masterpiece of a composition brings to mind the lyrics of a classic I know and it goes thus,

    ‘Sweet dreams are made of these
    Who am I to disagree
    I’ve traveled the world in Seven Seas
    Everybody’s looking for something

    Some of ’em, wants to use you
    Some of ’em wants to be used by you
    Some of ’em wants to be abused
    Some of ’em wants to be abused………..

    My point……should the Narrator continue on, loving his/her beloved, who seems to have moved on to some other love interest, he/she is only just setting him/herself up for a
    MAJOR disaster! You know, a disaster of such an epic proportion as being used and abused by this other person, whose love seems to have fizzled out! *sigh*

    I mean, its understandable that a person might wanna use another person, but who really sets themselves up to be used and by another, as surmised by this musician I pondered! The answer wasn’t so far-fetched when I read these brilliantly concocted lines and I yelled out aloud ‘Checkmate’! LMAO!

    Great thinking Doc, keep soaring and rising higher up beyond the sky cause that’s where you belong as the High-Flyer that you are! Love the concept of love and alcohol intoxication, not a drinker, but I’ve experimented and I know! Shh! Noone has to know, that’d be our little secret! *winks* ROTFLMAO!


    1. I know Doc! Very well said, not a good place to be at all! Aint no ways will the person not end up being maltreated and taken for granted! All of that simply sums up to getting used, abused and burned, as the composer of that song presupposes! The horror! *smh* LOL

      Wanna make a correction though, the last two lines of that song oughta be:

      ‘Some of ’em want to abuse you
      Some of ’em want to be abused….

      My bad! Was typing wayyy too fast! LOL

      Keep on keeping on Doc, kudos!


        1. I know! We’re mortals and sometimes, we get wayyy ahead of ourselves! Its easy to just get carried away! I know there will certainly be exceptions to that rule, but really; what are the chances?! I won’t completely rule it out, its highly probable! Highly! LOL


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