I love women.

All ages, shapes and sizes.

For one, I think they are the most amazing of God’s creation. Erroneously branded as the ‘weaker’ sex, they carry so much power and strength within. Women actually drive the world’s affairs.

Men recognized her powers early and got scared. They manipulated and use under-handed means to subdue her and deprive her of her place. They caged her and prevented her from achieving her potential.

Real men however are not scared of the woman. They realize how much they need her and how much she has to offer in making the world a better place. Real men support the woman, and help her achieve her potential.

Real men encourage the woman, compliment and complement her. They never cease to tell her how special and priceless she is. They push her to achieve greatness and cheer her on when she gets weary. They are behind her when her step falters and never ridicule or bring her down, either by words or deeds.

Real men see her as equal and not inferior. She is so much more than an object for gratification of his libidinal or egotistic needs. A real man does not need to use a woman to define his manhood. The true test of masculinity is in the way a man treats a woman. See a woman that treats the woman right; that nurtures her, worships her, support her and helps her grow to be the best she can be? That right there is a real man, the real definition of manhood.

It is a great error to limit the roles of a woman. Whoever does that does himself great disservice. She is a catalyst, she increases the efficiency of whatever she is involved in. Make her feel loved and worthy and she will spend her last breath ensuring your happiness. She will stand by you and push you to greatness.

Sadly, the world is full of insecure men. Men who are afraid to disclose their wealth and true value to the woman; men who think women cannot understand certain issues and thus exclude them from certain aspects of their lives. Misguided men abound a plenty, who see women as inferior and fit only for the bed and kitchen. Pathetic men exists, who use the woman as a punching bag and an avenue to sate their basal desires.

Herein we see the strength of the woman. Despite all the injustices and years of subjugation, she still stands tall. She is battered but not broken; her spirit waxes stronger. Her voice is rising and she is starting to claim her place in the world. The world, and men cannot stop her; she cannot be stopped.

So today, and all other days, let us celebrate the woman. Let us cheer her on as she climbs the staircase on her way to the pedestal.




43 thoughts on “Women!

  1. Oh Doc, is it a little wonder then that you’re so mighty loved, enamored with and admired by the female gender then?! I mean, with masterpieces like this one right here, celebrating and paying homage to us, ‘Gurl Power’, it so easy to see why we’d flock around you, isn’t it! *winks* LMAO!

    You’re so blessed to recognize us for the influence we wield the world over, taking into consideration the fact that the men are the authoritative figure- forms, but somehow, we still get to call the shots! YES, we do! *nodding affirmatively* Don’t hate us!

    The only axe I have to grind with you is the line you reeled out that you ‘think’, we’re the most amazing of God’s Creation! That should be ‘know’, don’t you think……ahem, I meant don’t you ‘know’?! So, go fix it mbok! Other than that…..Its a butterfly-giving masterpiece of a write! Totally love it and thanks so much for honoring us! You rock buddy…..PIECES! LOL


  2. It’s really very thoughtful of you to write us a piece. Often times, we battle with ourselves on matters of our own worth, and place in the society. We know how much injustice has been done to the women folk in the past, and strive time and time again to put things right, redefine roles and reenact our own essence. Although feeble, and fragile in frame, our strength surpasses the thoughts of the narrow and myopic mind.

    Thank you for seeing beyond the frame to the strength within us. Thank you for recognising us. We appreciate you! 🙂


  3. great write up bro. truly we need to appreciate the womenfolk a lot more. society and religion have tried to break her, but she still prevails


  4. You’re a true feminist, doc. I like this post die… I’m with you on this train of thought o… let’s encourage them and we will realise that they can do so much more than we men can do. They are strong!!!


            1. Oh Doc! Help save a sister here by helping her out in telling her what her offenses are. Coz she sure doesn’t know! *waiting in anticipation!*


                1. Hahahahaha!!!!!! Just like that? Without telling her what her offenses were? Wow! Now what to say to this wonderful kindness, but a profuse thanks! Hehehehe!!!!


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