She loves him,
He loves her;
Not her,
She doesn’t love him
Not her,
So, she is heart broken,
He is heart broken,
She is –
Well, she is
Mighty fine;
Not her,


19 thoughts on “Twisted

  1. Oh Wow! A more befitting title has not been conceived by Jove and the more I look, the very less I see! More like a game of ‘Now you see me, and now you don’t’! I totally love the certain playfulness and total mischievousness that ‘Twisted’ reeks and boasts of! Plus, I see beneath the veneer of the glee that this beautiful masterpiece reeks of………of Hearts a- fire! Not a dappy situation too I must say, at least, most definitely NOT one I wanna be in, playing Lead character! Yuck! ROTFLMAO!

    This is right up your alley Doc, and its a very interesting one it is! The Narrator speaks in parables and I see a scenario where all the players are just ’bout chasing winds and grasping at straws; a dream that’d remain exactly that……a bad dream! The Nightmare! LMAO!

    Reality beckons and its the absolute, realest place to be! My word! Nice one Doc, I love it and it sizzles oh too well! Oh Mehn! *laughing*


    1. Thanks Yemie…
      The heart and the tricks it plays!
      Someone is right in your face ready and willing to do all it takes to make you happy
      But your heart rebels and pine for another!
      Sadly the one you pine for doesn’t feel the same!
      Twisted huh?

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      1. Twisted it is, but there’s really nothing new under the sun! Eventually, things take their natural courses and everyone’s happy or at least try to be! Eventually! LOL


          1. Experience or not, I believe we’re the architects of our own destinies by way of the choices we make when faced with certain circumstances! My motto: I don’t worry or allow situations I have absolutely zero control over, to keep me down or dictate my mood! I rather choose to rise above ’em as best I can, telling myself its not a do or die affair if I so CHOOSE that it isn’t! I realize that my state of being and happiness is wholly and entirely up to me and me alone! So, that’s it really, I always just refuse to stay miserable and will my pain away! That’s pretty much it! LOL


  2. Wow…
    He loves her
    She loves him
    Not her, HER(the other)
    Not him, Him(the other also).
    And while they were both pining in opposite directions, they missed each other.
    Real Complicated twist of


      1. Oh well I did!
        Beceause I believe that almost every human has gone through something similar in life. You’re in love with someone who’s in love with another and another is in love with you while you are also fawning for someone else! Real complicated it is…*sighs*


          1. You can say that again Doc!
            Take for example; I love a guy to bits! I doubt if he feels the same way.
            And there’s another that’s waiting for me to just say yes, that his world will be complete. I’m not even looking at his side at all, while the one I’m also pining for nor just send me! Kai…you see how #Complicated this is? *Sighs again, deeply*


              1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Docky o! I really wish I can. Don’t even know how to untwist the whole thing o! Hehehehehehehe!!!


                  1. Oh well! That’s a good starting point. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna date the other guy tho’. Just don’t have anything for him at all…poor him…*sighs*


                    1. Well…I know I don’t have an iota of feelings for him. And I doubt if that’s gonna change overnight Doc. He’s a good guy, reliable, serious and all. But sometimes, these things aren’t enough. One need a higher kind of something to help you in this kinda situation. I don’t like leading people on. So I’d rather let it go. I’m passionate, and I don’t think I can marry where love is absent(on ma part) even tho other qualities are involved.


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