He stands with his right leg on a low stool

His right hand raised to the sky

Where the axe- the symbol of his godhood

Conjures lightning from a cloudless sky;

His mouth breathe fire

Tempestuous is his rage

No one dares stand before his wrath;

His eyes are blood shot

Like orbs of fire set in their sockets

His face is set as a flint;

The singers stand at a distance and sing his praise

The drummer strikes the talking drum with dexterity;

“No one dares Oba Olukoso” the drum belts out

“No one except he who wants to eat the sand for dinner”;

The soprano breaks out in a eulogy:

“The great one that wrestled and conquered Oya

The fairest damsel that clothes herself with the body of a water buffalo”

“The hardened heart that is only touched by the plea of his lover”;

He sways like one drunken with the new wine

He takes an unsteady step forwards and then staggers backward

He is drunk

On the praises;

He is Sango,

The god of thunder.



33 thoughts on “Eulogy

  1. Wow!!!! Exceptionally Captivating.
    #Eulogically and profoundly penned!
    Sango, Oko Oya, Olukoso!!!
    Ina l’ohu, ina l’enu.
    Eni Sango toju e wole, ko je bawon
    bu Obak’oso!!
    I love this! Hehehehe!!!


  2. This is such a worthy tribute to the fire-breathing deity and I could just visualize every of the lines so aptly and succinctly described here! You did nail this Doc, its simply alluring and a very great artistic masterpiece for a stage performance! Double thumbs up, this is piping hot like FIRE! Carry on shining and burning ever soooo brightly! Cheers Sir!


      1. *chuckling* Well, considering the fact that public speaking terrifies me greatly, a phobia; so to speak, or stage fright if you like, I’ll only be accepting of that invite if George Clooney will be playing Sango and I, Oya! With him by my side, I’d brave it all and scale that hurdle effortlessly by golly! LMAO!

        Thanks anyhow Doc, am totally, deeply flattered! LOL


          1. Wowzer! That’s really all and it’d be dandy! Hit me up when that’s done! I’m just RARING to go…., was born ready actually, been soooo ready since forever! That’d be my absolute dream come true, so get to it already Doc, I aint getting any younger! *rme* LMAO!


              1. Amal will have absolutely no problems with it! Georgie’s an actor and a professional one for that matter and a stage performance is all, but an act! So, no biggie really, everything just falls into place! We’d be acting, that’s pretty much all there is to it, nothing more! LMAO!


                  1. Huh?! A predator??? What do you going on about now Doc?! I didn’t say I wanted him for keeps since he’s taken as well as I am like duh! Its just a ‘harmless’ stage performance for Petesakes’, one that will last for what?…..a coupla hours give or take! Which is more than enough time for me to spend some much-needed quality time with him, creating deliciously fun times, memories and moments that I’ll have locked up in my head, cherish and keep frozen in my heart and mind, through time and for the whole of all of eternity! And voila, he’s back to being hers forever! He’ll be all of mine when I have him, and hers for a pretty long time! Its called ‘time-sharing’, and there’s a lotta love in sharing as you’re well aware! So quit with the drama, will you?! Predator like really, REALLY?! That’s what you see, hmf! *Yinmu* ROTFLMAO!


                    1. That’s how it starts…being willing to share, then during those few times hope to charm him out of his wits and then all he can ever think is the smiling love struck hanger on to his every word lady…then you would want him all to yourself. So, yeah “predator” it is!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Because it is a pretty common scenario!
                      One moment of acting together and Mr and Mrs Smith really became Mr and Mrs!
                      Another movie and Cruise cruised away from his wife… I’m sure you know these juicy details more than I do, seeing as you are an enthusiast of Hollywood

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Yeah I do as a matter of fact Doc, and that scenario doesn’t present itself all of the time! Julia Robert and Richard Gere have a crazy, and I mean an undeniably banging on-screen chemistry and they starred together in the Hollywood Blockbuster Flicks, ‘Pretty Woman’, and ‘Runaway Bride’, but they NEVER got together or hit the sheets in real life, so for all you know; George and I may just as well fall into that category as those two! You just never know! Can you?!LMAO!


                    4. Yeah, sure! I know wishing for him to be mine is like chasing winds and grasping at straws, and realists like me simply do not roll like that, I know better! So, if I just get to do a stage play with him and be at such a close proximity with him, gazing lovingly into his eyes, that will do just fine, after all; half a loaf’s better than noneand I get to create a long lasting memory with him! That’s more than enough than I can ever ask for, I’ll ALWAYS hold a torch and put my lighters up for him! Meanwhile, give it a rest Doc, C’mon! Jeez! *straight face* ROTFLMAO!


                    5. Yeah…till you get that chance and all of a sudden, you want more! You don’t want those magical moments to end….all of a sudden spending the rest of your life with him no longer looks unattainable ….

                      Liked by 1 person

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