The Sanctuary

Where I go, you can’t come
It is a sacred ground
A hallowed chamber;
It is a place of memories,
A shrine dedicated to love;
There I sit, legs tucked underneath
Dressed in white, the garb of pure love
Palms pressed together,
Eyes closed
And await the visitation.
She comes to me dressed in purple,
Eyes aglow, shades of blue and brown,
She glides on air;
Her scent fills the temple,
Cinnamon and jasmine,
Fruity and sultry;
She touches me, strokes me
From the head down, stoking dying
Embers of lusts, fanning the flames of passion;
I watch her through tear filled eyes
As she sits astride and makes love to me;
I weep as she rides to ecstasy, her skin glowing;
She leaves and my heart breaks all over,
I empty my eyes of tears and
I’m left empty
I stand up and leave
I do not look back
I lock the doors and keep it in the purse close to my heart
Till the next time
When I return to worship
In the sanctuary
Of pain.


34 thoughts on “The Sanctuary

  1. ‘Worship in the sanctuary of pain ei?! Creepy! *shivering* There’s a certain something ’bout this piece that reminds me of one of Aerosmith’s golden classic, ‘Crying’, where the composer couldn’t make a clear distinction between pleasure and pain, and thus concluded they must certainly be one and the same! Especially as his beloved who was causing him such pain, in a love affair he aptly described as ‘Sweet Misery’, cried whenever they got together to share of each other! Now, if the Narrator feels this much hurt and pain, why would he continually return to that place, that leaves him in such a terrible state afterwards, even to the extent of keeping the keys, in the purse close to his heart; and were those teary eyes a sign of pleasure or pain?! Clueless! LMAO!

    This is sheer ‘crazitivity’ Doc! I read through this mesmerizing piece, and wondered how you even conceived the idea in the first place! Its magnificent, electrifying and pretty dramatic! The fetishes, the regal nature of the goddess so described, the sweet, innocent, pure, naïve, love-sick or love-struck nature of the Narrator who looks to me like he’s ensnared, utterly powerless and totally spellbound in the circumstances, the whole masterpiece in its full enchanting entirety! Dr. Temitope Ogundare, I do worship at thy fountain of creativity and brilliance! You tasked your imagination and pulled this right off! Sanctuary’s hypnotic, and absolutely magnetic; its a win, as you art Sir! AWESOMENESS! *applauding* LOL


  2. Pain is pleasure,
    Pleasure is pain,
    Love is toxic
    Love hurts
    Humans are hopeless
    In love,
    What is a little pain
    In the face of such sheer
    Moth are drawn irresistibly
    to the flame-
    A certain death.
    The heart is blind,
    The mind is foolish
    When in love.


    1. And that ’bout wraps it up then! The answers I ‘desperately’ seek, I behold in ’em beautifully thought out and penned poetic lines! Maybe you oughta make this poetic response into a post on its own! It sizzles! Nice!!! *laughing*

      Love shouldn’t hurt, but sometimes, some things are just plain inexplicable! A total and absolute mystery, as it is with this school called life! Thanks for writing and sharing Doc, do keep soaring up higher up! Yes you more than CAN! Cheers! LOL


    2. While still wrapping my head around the actual poem, I read Sis. Yemie comments and marveled. Then Doc brought this one again, and then I was like; ‘Jules, isn’t that exactly what you feel, what you’ve been going through?’ And I couldn’t help but come and reply, even tho I’m dog tired…well Doc…kontunu o!


      1. Ah! Jules! I’m sorry o, but, whatever have I done?!
        This Jules sef, she be roping an innocent man in for crimes he don’t know nothing about!

        Pele dear, try and get some rest ehn…(I will not ask the thing that you do that’s tiring you…*coughs*)


        1. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! #MasterMischievous!!!!! Hehehehe!!!! Was busy cooking and getting a lot done ni joor! Lols!!! Besides, still single like ONE! Hehehehe!!!!


                1. Lols!!!! Ayaf hia you o! Hehehehe!!!! No need defending maself! Coz you know as well as I do that I’m still searching sef! Hahaha!!!


                    1. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! Doc!!!!! Why are you like this na! Heheheh!!!! After you made me feel melancholy for this your poem, still hugging myself and my pillow! Now you said I’m searching for fruits! Issorait! God is watching you on 3D o! Hehehehehehe!!!!!


                    2. Lols!!! You sha want to put words in ma mouth! Issokay! Maybe I’m looking for….erm….yeah, I think I know now! Plantain??? Apple??? Hehehehe!!!!


                    3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Banana indeed!!! Hehehehehe!!!! *flips imaginary hair and strolls away!* lols!!!


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