Is like a door
Shutting me out
Leaving me all alone
Longing and yearning
Craning to look inside;
I want to be inside
A part of you;
I don’t want you to leave
I want to walk with you
Hold your hands
Draw you close
And wrap myself around you;
With you, I feel alive
I feel complete;
I ache, being apart from you
I miss you a great deal;
You are my one true love
The one I want to be with
The one that my heart chooses
And pines for;
Every moment spent
Away from you is hell
And when you say ‘goodnight’
I hear the thud of a closed door
And a deafening silence;
Time stands still and I float
Feeling nothing
Drifting downward in a surreal world
Sinking deeper into despair
And wincing as the pain hits;
Oh darling,
Loving you hurts!


7 thoughts on “Surreal

  1. Oh Doc, this highly romantic composition’s truly surreal! It totally gets me like you’ve absolutely no idea! A personal favorite too, I must add! So heartfelt I find it and overall; its and most especially you, are simply off of the meter, beyond words! Flawless really! This impresses on me and its a complete charmer! Double Wowzer! LOL

    I read through those magical lines severally and I couldn’t help but wonder at the Narrator’s reason for grieving! ‘Goodnight’, says his beloved, which means its tentative, he/she will be right back in a matter of what…..a few hours at best?! ‘Goodbye’ on the other hand’s what should elicit these feelings init?! Did you hear ’bout the love-struck or shall I say scorned Corps Member who ended his life as a result of being rejected by one he wanted and truly loved?! That’s a goodbye right there and its oh so tragic and sad! The horror!


    1. The poem paints a picture of the narrator as being apart from the object of his love. Probably, they were communicating over the phone or social media, and when it was time to disengage, the pain of longing and wanting to be with the other hits. Or maybe, the narrator is in love with someone out of reach, someone the narrator is friends with, and the pain of loving them gets intense after each ‘goodnight’.

      Whichever way, the love is so intense and even the ‘tentative’ parting is hard to bear. Like Aerosmith’s song “I don’t want to miss a thing” , the line that says “even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do cos I’ll still miss you….and I don’t want to miss a thing”


      1. Wow! I totally get you Doc, those eye-openers makes a whole lotta sense! Love can create such feelings, so intense and one just gets mighty overwhelmed by it! A tale is told me by my brother, sojourning in the UK, of two love-struck teens, madly in love with each other and then they do the craziest, most unimaginable of things…..stand a-front a moving train! Of course, they got outrun and crushed by the train! Afterwards, exchanges between these two deceased love puppies, were later discovered on their FB page, ’bout how they never wanted to say goodbye, ever; to each other; and would rather die together, to be reunited in….. HELL! Cause that sure as Hell looks like their final destination! Can you beat that?! The poor dears, Gosh! LMAO!

        In all, Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings elicited here, in a poem so enchanting! And that tune…’Don’t wanna miss a thing’, is a personal favorite! Madly cherished! Soar on up boy, na u biko! LOL


          1. Hehehe! Love in the real sense of the word’s a very beautiful thing Doc, don’t even get it twisted! The problem’s with us mortals, when we lose control and take things to a whole new level of ‘craziness’, in our bid to prove some point I can’t exactly make out, to our own peril!

            You know like when they say ‘The love of money’s the root of all evils’?! Many will say money’s bad, but the Bible says it answereth ALL things! Its when we become really greedy, covetous and desperate that it becomes the case! So in the end, it all still boils down to mortals! Men, Women, Boys and Girls! Human beings and our state of mind and reasoning! *sigh*


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