In a heart full of clutter

Relics lay strewn all over

Reminders of a golden era;

A time of merriment and laughter,

When the wind belted out music

And the feet skipped gaily,

The trees and the birds sang in harmony

And rain drops on the roof was a soulful melody;

The world was painted in the bright hues of love

Woven in a rich tapestry of passion;

A memory here, an image there

Covered in dust, from the passage of time

Hoping to heal from the pain;

The heart does not let go

And every once in a while takes the trip

Riding on the waves of ecstasy to a happier time

Returning with tears and red rimmed eyes

Bemoaning the tragedy

Of love lost.



26 thoughts on “Relics

  1. Aw! How bittersweet! These beautifully concocted lines, enriched with fine literary imageries, reminds me all too well of one Adele’s songs titled ‘Someone Like You’! She just couldn’t let go of a past love however hard she tried and she decided if she well, couldn’t have him; she’d go find someone like him! Tough one there ei?! *smh* LMAO!

    Now, a heart full of clutter sounds like a very heavy one to me! After reliving, reveling, relishing and soaking up on the good times, then one gets a reality check! Ouch! How that must really hurt and sting! The horror!

    Best thing, cling on to the good memories, be mighty tickled by it! Make a monument NOT of a past love! Try as much as you can and not only live in the present, but enjoy it to your fill and create new memories, cause the present is a divine gift you see, and that’s why its so-called….. The Present! *winks* LOL

    That title smarts, and the poem in itself is a masterpiece in all of its entirety! Dig the use of imageries and its so true to life this! Kudos Doc, I laud you on this one! Its very clever! Carry ob soaring you must! Cheers! LOL


    1. When you love someone so much, it is like P Square “No one like you” and “someone like you” would not do! In fact it will make it worse. No matter how refined a stone is, it can’t be diamond!

      Yes o, that reality check is horror. Sadly, the heart will not let go, no matter how hard you try. It always inisists on taking those trips down memory lane- how can it ever forget the times when it felt complete? When it was one with its soul mate?

      Still life goes on, and the relics are visited once in a while. If one is lucky, those visits will put things in perspective and help appreciate life better…


      1. Hehehe! I’m sure Adele knows in her heart of hearts, that finding someone like her ex will simply not do, but its just what it is: a coping mechanism! *sigh*

        In life, when we’re no longer able to change a situation, we’re challenged to change ourselves! And if living in denial’s the way to go, then so be it, cause the heart has chosen, and there’s really nothing anyone can do ’bout it, unless the heart itself complies afterward and the affection felt, runs its own natural course! Which may be never, ever or NEVER?! The horror! *tsking*

        I do agree with you though, some people are just memorable, unforgettable! However hard we try to forget ’em, or that they even happened in the first place; we just end up keeping ’em in perpetual remembrance! That’s tortuous! LOL

        In School, I had this great friend, Toyin; she was the absolute sweetest! The ying to my yang! We did everything together and got an appellation, given us by another duo of guys who were themselves like two peas in a pod, just like us! They called us ‘Tom n Jerry’, cos we did fight a lot! And well, I in turn called ’em ‘Cream n Cheese, cos they had the most beautiful skin tone I ever did see on any guy! My class was a peculiar one really! We also had ‘Cow n Chicken’ and Pinky n Brain! *laughing*

        Since losing Toyin, there really hasn’t been any, to fill that void! She was one of a kind! Sincere, warm, Christian, in the real of the word! She was an angel! I’m still on the look out for her though, so on that basis, I truly concur! But still, life goes on and I have fond memories of our lives and times together! Evergreen and so sweet! Yum yum! LMAO!


        1. ‘Cream and Cheese’ oh, now that’s funny!
          This line right here: “In life, when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” is a very deep truth. Sadly so many people do not know this or do not do it. They rather insist on changing the situation….and then they get stuck, and can’t move forward!
          In this era of internet and all, finding your “yang” shouldn’t be too difficult. It is highly unlikely for her not to have an online presence. I had a friend like that too…and I did track her down! Sadly, the passage of time had eroded the bond that we had and we just couldn’t flow…we still talk though.
          So, when you eventually find Toyin, the yang might have been lost….but I hope it hasn’t


          1. I’ve checked all over the internet for her and it seems she’s just literally dropped off of the phase of the Earth! There’s also the possibility that she’s perhaps done away with her maiden name and adopted a new name altogether and thus, the difficulty in tracking her down! Still, should our paths ever cross again, and we seem not to be hot and heavy on the ethereal connection and undeniable chemistry we both had and shared; then I’d lean back on the fond memories I have of us both, and cherish those for as long as I shall live! Till then, I’ll keep taking my chances, cause she’s simply unforgettable! A diamond amongst stones! LOL


      1. You are actually talking about me, yes, me in this poem…I’m still trying to wrap my head around the sting…that’s why I just had to comment my reserve! Lols!!!


  2. Okwaya true talk!

    Hmmm… I like the way the lines danced… You know it was here…and there, dancing to the many sounds that you played with, creating pictures in several colours. This is one for a sad heart. It is a good thing that the poet is usually different from the poet persona or we would have asked several questions…

    This is a poem that could have been written by anyone devoid of race, colour or whatever. Thus, the writing is universal and can also be seen thus from the thematic stance: love lost. Makes me wonder: which is better, to be in what situation: love lost or love lorn… To love and lose; or to love and not have it returned. Chai!

    We can even think of it from a different view; where the beloved is a memory of a place in a time better… But there’s too much talk there. Let us jeje with this one first.

    Well done Topaz…


  3. Master Su! I dig the way you analysed this poem..and then you liked it! I am besides myself with joy!

    If you ask me, I will prefer to have loved and lost than to not have had my love returned! At least with love lost, you have the good memories to hold on to even if bittersweet. With love lorn, there is no sweet


  4. Speechless. words moving in my mouth
    but my mouth refuse to lend credence to my speech. Lines dancin right in front of my eyes.
    But i must say it. U made me fall in love 2nite. With d vivid imageries and melodious word, u ignite that passion nd imagination almost fadin away. Daalu. Thank u.


  5. Lost love is aching and sad, and for some reason, that is why they make such beautiful poems, and such great love songs. There’s just something hauntingly beautiful about the loss the heart suffers, which is ironic, because in life, that shii ain’t funny. lol


  6. This poem is exactly a song I sing in my subconscious heart, with an inner tongue laden with sour sentiment. #Sighs

    Of much heavier tragedy is the sad conclusion that the ‘love lost’ and it’s fast-dusting memos is a history that will never be relived, an event that was, just to be a marking scheme of a stuttering future…



  7. Beautiful moments to return to, regardless of the ache that’s sure to follow. Memories that strive to be relived, only to be reminded by reality that it’s all gone, though twice as vivid. Gone with time, floating with the wind; leaving figments as evidence of what it was just moments ago.

    The memories soothes, but the void hurts, until another comes to displace the latter: new love; love gained.



  8. Very relatable and sad; this piece reminds me of a quote I saw from some guy named Uzo Eze, which read something like ‘be careful who you make memories with, because they last a lifetime.’

    Usually, we would find ourselves walking the path of long lost relationships; relishing its once brilliant feel, and wondering how and why on earth things had to stop being the way they used to be. Particularly, I feel that way a lot… and it has made me come to respect Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on Soulmates where she insists that Soulmates are not meant to stay forever; that their sole purpose is to break into us, and break us up into new pieces, so we may become the best of ourselves that we deserve to be. It’s a little too big a pill to swallow, but I think it isn’t too far from the truth.

    Nothing lasts forever, really; so I think, we either vow to shut love out, or strive to make the best memories of our lives every chance we get. Eventually, no pain, no gain…

    Lovely piece Mr Topaz! Welldone.


    1. “Nothing lasts forever, really; so I think, we either vow to shut love out, or strive to make the best memories of our lives every chance we get. Eventually, no pain, no gain…” I love this!

      please o, let soulmates stay together forever o…haba! how can someone be your better half, the person that completes you and then they just walk away?! leaving behind a gaping hole, an incomplete soul, yearning for its half….not good! unfair!


      1. Hahha Dr Topaz! That comment on soulmates staying together cracked me up.

        On my part, without intending to sound like a saddist or one whose heart has been over-broken through time, I think forever is too ideal a concept. What happens when death sets in? Will we not move on? Will we not hurt as we strive to nurse the smarting pain that results from the loss of such loved one?

        I don’t know how to explain it, but regardless of how good it feels to be and stay with that person that seems to complete you like no one else ever has, sometimes it just can’t be for reasons beyond one’s control- and this is not even about death. Sometimes, it’s just life happening to man, in it’s differing shades.

        But we’ll be fine. 😀


        1. Sadly, such is the reality of life. How come that the very person that completes you can’t stay?! With whom will they fit if they are made to complement you? Such mysteries!


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