Love in the air

Love is in the air.

Its scent is intoxicating

Suffocating even

Enveloping me all around

Drowning me in its depths.

It is good, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t!

Love is a poison

It kills all joy

And leaves behind only a skeleton

Shadows of the real.

Love is bittersweet

Sweet when you dream it

And it exists only in your fantasy

But in reality, it stings

Much like the bite of a scorpion

It is deadly, like the viper’s venom.

Love changes you

Weakens you, makes you do crazy things

Things you wouldn’t dream you could ever do

Love makes a mincemeat of you.


Bola sighed as she took a forkful of the salad and chewed. She closed her eyes and forced herself to concentrate and enjoy the dinner date. Bayo had been wonderful. She had woken up to a tray of French toast with poached eggs and a cup of tea set beside her on the king sized bed. Next to it had been a card with the words “if nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing”. Her eyes had misted as she looked up into brown eyes lit up with a smile.

Bayo had insisted on doing the dishes and the other house chores and she had lazed in bed all morning. It was a Saturday and they were both at home. All day, Bayo had pampered her and here they were on a romantic date at one of the finest restaurants in town. Everything was perfect.

Not quite.

She couldn’t get him off her mind. When she had opened her eyes and stared into the brown eyes of her husband, she had seen him instead. He was topless with ripped muscle and a tapering waist with narrow hips, just like he had been in her dreams. It had taken her a few seconds before the full image of her husband came into view. All morning while curled up in bed to a Nora Roberts novel, she had been thinking of him. Memories had flooded her mind making her body shiver from the sensations the memories evoked. She had imagined spending the whole day with him and the things they would have done together.

Tried as she had, she hadn’t been able to shake him off her mind. She saw his face, and the boyish grin, the twinkle in his eyes and the way his brows creased when he was deep in thought. She remembered the way he looks at her, like a child looking at his favorite candy, the gentleness of his touch and his thoughtfulness. She remembered the way he makes her laugh and the silent moments of companionable silence. With the memory came a rush of emotions; nostalgia, longing, pain and guilt. It was over a year and she still missed him and still had feelings for him.

She had thought that with time, the feelings would fade away but time seemed to have had no effect on the way she felt about him. She felt guilty for loving another man other than her husband. When it had become unbearable, she had started praying about it but nothing seemed to be working. She had considered telling her husband about it but she was afraid he would not understand and she might hurt him instead. It had been a huge burden.

She knew that she loved her husband and would not do anything to hurt him but whenever she thought of Sayo, she felt a rush of emotion, tingling sensations running all over her body and a certain fondness and a desire to nurture him. It felt good and it was also scary. If she had any choice, she would rather have wished to spend this day with him.

She jerked as a hand touched her. She had been so lost in thought that she hadn’t heard a word of what her husband her said.

“Are you alright?” Bayo’s fingers were gently caressing her palm. His brows were creased in a frown.

She forced a smile. “I am fine” she replied, “I guess I am just overwhelmed by the special way you have treated me today.”

“You know I love you right?” Bayo said looking her in the eye. It was almost like he knew what she had been thinking “I am glad you are my wife and that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to always love you”

“I love you Bayo Adeniran. You are a good man, the best man that any woman would wish for” her voice had been husky as different feelings washed over her. She felt a deep admiration for him and fondness. Still there was a yearning and a void inside of her. She wished she could love him with all of her and she had been trying to love him fully in the last one year. He deserved a woman that would love him and cherish him and give him her all. She felt like she was cheating on him and that made her feel horrible.

He smiled then and she felt warm inside. He had a really cute smile and small pink lips that were made for kissing.

A movement caught her eye and she froze as her eyes settled on a pair of black eyes that were set in a face that was well chiseled with square jaw. Her heart stopped and then picked up at a faster rate as her eyes moved downwards to well-shaped mouth, the sight of which triggered memories of the pleasures hidden in them. He was dressed in a patterned tie and dyed top over black jeans and a pair of black suede shoes. Her eyes moved upwards but this time all she saw was taut abdominal muscles and ripped muscles and a low riding jeans with tufts of hair above the waistline. She swallowed convulsively and blinked rapidly to clear the image.

He was walking towards her now and she couldn’t take her eyes off him as he strolled leisurely towards their table.

“Hello Bola” he said in a low baritone voice that made her tingle down beneath. He had the sexiest voice ever and the things those voice had said to her! “Happy valentines”. A look passed in his eyes, one she couldn’t place, and it was too transient for her to figure out. He extended a hand to her and she took it in hers. It was soft and supple.

“Hi Sayo” she replied “happy valentines. Good to see you”

Sayo’s eyes lingered on hers for a moment and she saw him swallow, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. He turned and greeted Bayo, shaking him and making small talk. Although he was not looking at her, Bola knew he was following her every movement from the side of his eyes.

She watched him walk away and her heart followed him. She hoped for one last glimpse of him as he reached the door but he didn’t look back. She sighed and returned her attention to her husband.

Outside, Sayo leaned against the door and took a deep breath. He hadn’t been prepared for the emotions that were aroused in him at seeing her tonight. She looked every inch as beautiful as before and still had that glow. He sighed as he clenched his fist stilling his hands from shaking.

He wanted her. He wanted her badly and it was an ache that reached deep into his soul. He had loved her with all his heart and he would gladly have gone to the ends of the earth and back for her. He had never loved any one as he had loved her and it had been scary and mind-blowing at the same time. He never could believe that he could live without her.

The months apart had helped him deal with the pain of losing her and he had begun to think he was over her. But when he had tried dating again, he realized that he had not gotten over Bola.

His six month old relationship had just ended that night. Feyi had told him she was no longer interested because she knew he loved another. He had been shocked but he hadn’t been able to deny it. Feyi deserved better and he knew he would never be able to give her what she wanted.

He wondered at the twist of fate. His relationship had ended on the same night that he saw the woman who was the reason why his relationship had to end.

“Sir are you all right?” the guard at the door interrupted his thoughts.

“I am fine, thank you” he replied opening his eyes.

He walked towards his car in the parking lot and drove home.





22 thoughts on “Love in the air

  1. Kai!!!!!! Doc, it pains me when I see people suffer for love! Imagine this kinda dilemma!
    Now what is gonna happen?
    Divorce? On a religious level or otherwise, I’m never a fan of divorce, I believe in Happily Ever Afters so much that divorce have no place in my Dico.
    And now these are two people that are Soul mates, but whom fate have decide to send errand on different directions!
    Now what to do?
    Bola loved Sayo, and the feeling is mutual.
    Bayo loved Bola, which means he’s the only party that would get hurt if these two decide to take a plung for the emotions.
    And if Bola decide to remain married to Bayo, it means both she and Sayo will be miserable for the rest of their lives! Kai….short on words…Love does hurt at times….*sighs*
    #Topazo the #ManWithTheMagicPEN.
    This is exceptionally captivating and deep in
    depth. Kudos Doc, great kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Life sucks sometimes and isn’t always fair…
    This is why patience is neccesary before taking the plunge, plus courage to be able to follow the path of happiness not minding the mockers and accusers. So many people are in relationships but have feelings for another but because of the length of the relationship and what people will say, they stay put.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Doc, you have a great point.
      Better not be in a haste.
      And better still, do not stay in a relationship you know won’t last, all because of what people will say. Marriage isn’t the kind of institution you take lightly.
      The more reason I for one is still single, because it’s always better to be late than be sorry!


  3. Hmmm, yeah! Was getting into the swing of things, revelling, basking, delighting and most definitely glorying in the wake of the euphoria that greeted me while reading through the magical lines that’s the absolute, sheer beaut of a poetry, heavenly worded and heralding in this pretty sad and grisly tale of great loves who ‘mayhaps’ missed their calling and destiny; when it hit me….., I mean, those “venomous nay highly toxic, and extremely caustic lines hit me HARD! ‘Love’s a poison’ and I came crashing down from the heights, a free fall; uninhibited with a heavy, mighty thud on to the ground like PLONK! Mortifying, this! *smh*

    How could you Doc McGloomy, how could you?! Why Gloomie can’t just stay the heck away on this day beats me silly, it does! The horror in those magnificently composed masterpiece of a poem’s only best imagined, NOT experienced; by golly! *rme* LMAO!

    *sighs* Its so sad a tale this, but Bola and Sayo oughta just move on and love the ones they’re with! They may not necessarily forget each other, but life must go on! If they were meant to be, stars would align and ignite such great magical sparks that woulda made it utterly impossible for ém both to drift apart in various, different directions, with the tides just sweeping ém away to other shores and into the wide, waiting and loving arms of other people, who have found in ‘ém, great loves themselves! Twisted ei?! Perhaps its for the very best that they’re apart in the bigger picture and grand scheme of things? Perhaps! We would never know the answer to that one, but what I do know and pretty sure ’bout is that ‘Life’s not the way its supposed to be, its just the way it is. The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference’!

    A wonderfully concocted masterpiece Doc! I love that Poetic intro very much! That’s a first and its pretty, very! Kudos Sire, keep soaring! Double thumbs up, and do not relent! LOL


    1. Two Question for you Sis!
      1: what’s *rme*? Sorry I would like to know.
      2: What’s your profession, I mean what are you really????
      Coz I’m seriously beginning to doubt if you’re from planet earth, Venus maybe?! Wow! I’m so wowed by your comments whenever, wherever or however I stumbble on them! You’re too much sis, outstanding personality you got! Permit my humble self to learn at your feet the #QueenOfWords! Hehehehe!!!! Wouldn’t have it any other way! Lols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Jules! How dare you mistake Yemie for a Venusian?! She is from Mercury! She receives the glow and brightness of the sun first and out of the quanta of energy, she radiates and lights up the blogosphere!


        1. Oly Molly Me!!!!
          Forgive my ignorance Doc!
          I shoulda seen that.
          Don’t mind me atall!
          #Blogoshpere…I love that word!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!


            1. Lols!!!! You won’t believe it that after I asked the meaning was when my brain decided to tell me the meaning! Hehehehe! I guess it means *rolling my eyes!* hahahahaha!!!!!!


      2. Hahahahahaha! Oh Jules! You do flatter the breaths outta me! Its all God really! Nothing special at all, can’t take any credit for nada! I see a post, the thoughts play about and around in my mind, and I just allow my heart the free reins to reel out the thoughts! Lobatan o! *laughing*

        Rme mean rolling my eyes! I’m just your regular gurl next door! Unpretentious! Too real, honest and loyal for my own good! I work with kids, packaging party favors! Don’t believe the hype o, am just Yemi! That’s it! LOL

        I’ll be more than willing to play ‘teacher’! Now even that sounds weird, cause am still learning too you see! Thanks for the kind words Jules, God bless and honour you darling, my head’s just ’bout ready to bursting loose right now! Damn! LMAO!


        1. Lols!!!!!!!!!
          You see what I’m talking about? You’re more than the regular next door girl Sis!
          You’re special Sis…so special!
          Hahahaha Sis, you won’t believe that immediately I asked for the meaning, my brain decided to tell me what *rme* means! Hehehehehehe


          1. Hehehe! I know Jules and can pretty much relate! That stuff happens a lot and then one gets a brainwave, like an ‘Eureka’ moment! Awkward! LMAO!

            Thanks sweets, its all Gos and you; ma cherie, are so much more special too, in your very own unique way! Exclusively, Proudly Jules! Gbao o! Mwah! *winks* LOL


  4. “Life is not the way it is supposed to be, it is just the way it is. The way we cope with it is what makes the difference” That is deep! Profound and nothing but the truth!

    I think they are trying to move on, but that will not mean they won’t mourn sometimes the loss of something greater and more magical than what they currently have. Life goes on, they are trying, they will fall sometimes but they will keep moving forward


    1. Well, you’ve said it Doc! Such is life! You win some, you lose some! Can’t have too much winning or losing streaks! Somewhere in between, there always happens to be a balance and they both meet halfway or somewhere along the line! Life’s for the living so we live it, yeah?! No matter our lot and what fate and destiny’s decided! Gbafolorun n’isimi! Oro nla! *tsking*


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