My heart is lead

It sits heavy in my chest

It is raw and

Full of sores

Love ooze from every pore

For you, my darling;

From my very soul, it flows

Pure and true

See how it forms a puddle

On the earth!

Yet you wilt

A flower left without

The water of love;

My love cannot reach you

And my heart bleeds out

Only you can replenish it;

Each passing day sees me grow weak

With longing to serenade you

To see you bloom and blossom

From my tending and nurturing;

I want to watch the glint in your eyes

The radiance of your smile

The upward curve of your lips

And the warmth that you exude;

I love you darling

And it hurts being apart from you.



36 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. Why, you impertinent lil rascal you! Are you really for real though?! And am talking ’bout Gloomie or Doc McGloomy if you will; for DARING to show his face on Val’s Day! A day rife with rainbows, colors and sunshine, especially set aside to celebrate all manners and shades of love free of blemishes, without taint or stains of gloom and or sadness! But you had to make an appearance, an ‘untriumphant’ entry anyways didn’t you now?! Plus, am pretty sure that keeping you away on a day such as this, would be like getting or squeezing blood outta stone….. an exercise in futility! *raised eyebrow*

    An overwhelmingly sad masterpiece of a poem, with beautifully concocted lines in sharp contrast and discordance with the day being widely and globally celebrated! Only you Doc, you only! And by that I mean……’re one of a kind! UNBELIEVABLE! *smh* LMAO!


    1. Hey Sis! Happy Sunday to You and Urs!
      Please Sis, I subscribed to your blog but haven’t been getting updates, or is ur blog Mii Meddle? If not please give me the link to your blog so I can re-subscribe, thanks! *Hugs*


      1. Holla ma baby booboo! A very Happy Sunday to you too ma dearest and I hope your Val’s Day Celebration was a ball, yeah?!! I’m soooo sorry ’bout that dearest! A lotta folks have been complaining ’bout that! I’m not Miss Meddle, she’s another brilliant writer I know from MMS! *laughing*

        You can just go to

        I must warn you though, been pretty lazy of late to write jack! So, don’t be disappointed when you find yourself on a ‘deserted island’! LOL

        Thanks hon, you rock for always, God bless you real good! *hugz n kisses* Lol


        1. Alright Sis! Smiles.
          Don’t worry, I do know some strategies on how to survive on a deserted island! But please, do come and juice us up already! Hehehehe! Thanks Sis…*Bear Hug*


    2. Hi Yemie, for you Vals day was all rainbow and sunshiny. For a bunch of other people, Vals was gloomy. Still for many more, it holds a very painful memories. Some single mums have Vals day to thank. So, no, Vals day wasn’t all about pure and unadulterated love. It is as much gloomy as it is sunshiny…be glad and rejoice that you had the good part…


      1. Aw! Aint it mighty sweet of you Gloomie, to put in a word for single mums though?! I find that really impressive and mighty commendable! Plus, pay heed to my thoughts, will you?! I said ALL forms of love, so even single mums can show unadulterated love to their kids and loved one around ’em! My kinda love’s all encompassing you see, not limited to that existing between a man and woman only! So do get that right will you?! Thanks!

        Plus, am mighty thankful for my life each day, and I believe we all should be, no matter our circumstances! Every problem has an expiry date and it can only but get better with God on our side and our hope at a fever pitch!

        Thanks for always! Cheers! LOL


        1. Why, you are so lucky to have all forms of love!
          Yeah, the single mum can show love to her kid, the very one that bears an uncanny resemblance to the man who broke her heart on the day earmarked to celebrate love. And since that Vals day, she has been left bereft of love…so yeah, I agree with you, she can show unadulterated love


          1. Regrets and mistakes arr memories made Doc, according to the beautiful songstress Adele! That the baby bears an uncanny resemblance to the lout who broke her heart does not mean he/she be denied unadulterated love, for the mere fact that the baby’s only but innocent! It cam be done Doc, difficult; but NOT utterly impossible! So quit being caustic! Life happens, shit happens and what’s left to do is make the best of a seemingly bad situation! Plus, that baby’s anything but a bad situation! He/she is a blessing from God and deserves to be loved unconditionally, no matter what he/ she looks like! My take! Suck on that one Doc, HMPH! *Yinmu*


              1. Hehehehe! My bad Doc! I totally forgot that you’re infact in THAT shoe and know firsthand what that feels like! Oops! I did it again and I should go try and figure out a way of getting my foot outta my mouth at this point shouldn’t I?! Plus, that baby should be gotten rid of for the mere fact that it DARED to resemble the beast that broke her heart with a sledgehammer ei?! Neat! She should just quit making nice with that beastly baby and throw it away! Now, that sounds like a capital plan! Hmph! LMAO!


                  1. Hehehe! King of sarcasm, I hail thee right back! You know, it DOES take one to know one and how we complement each other! A bloody, highly lethargic and pretty sarcastic match made in ‘Sarcastic Heaven’! That’s ‘Us’ alright! I recognize! *winks* ROTFLMAO!


                    1. What more’s left to say Doc?! Delusion’s never looked quite so…….delusional?! *raised eyebrow*

                      I needn’t rope you into anything Doc, you single-handedly do a pretty bang-up job of it, all by yourself! Just take a look at this glorious space and tell me what you see! Points made and taken ei?! Quite! *tongue out* LMAO!


                    2. Pity! He’s still totally in denial now! And am reminded of Jona, who was quoted recently as saying ‘Stealing’s not corruption’! Rich ei?! Dunno what differentiates you from him but well, I’m hopeful that you shall soon see the light Doc, and quit running afar off, from thy shadows and what you really are! Sorry ehn, feel better! *laughing*


                    3. That was actually a gimmick to help you see the ‘errors of your ways’! I knew the Jona card was bound to perform some kinda magic trick! LMAO!

                      I hate you not, I couldn’t! Oya, I take back my word! You’re you and Jona……well, he’s darned too desperate and that creeps the life outta me! LOL


                    4. Aww! Someone looks to me like he’s on a ‘sulking offensive’ and has never quite looked more charming than he does look right now! *giggling*

                      Don’t be like that Doc, a broken egg cannot be recovered, but errors can be corrected! Just look deeply within thee, and you’d find that sweet place wherein lies humanity and you’d know nothing’s ever too late, unless you decide you want ’em to be! So then, do the needful, move on and quit sulking already! *Yinmu* LMAO!


                    5. Hehehe! As you art Doc and again I reiterate that it does take one to know one and by that you know what I mean doncha?!! *raised eyebrow*

                      You caught me anyhow but hey… whatever! Busted!!!! ROTFLMBO!


                    6. Hehehe! Worry not ’bout what you’ve absolutely no control over Doc, and like a certain brilliant writer said to me once before, and I say to you also, ‘I’ve got all the bases covered’! That, you can be pretty sure ’bout! Hmph! LMBO, Again! *tongue out*


                    7. Oh no! You just couldn’t resist storming off to go adorn thy ‘modesty suit’, could you?! Well, it wasn’t made for you! It don’t look good on you! Do away with it will ya?! LMAO!

                      Plus, it aint no hype! Its just what it is and I can’t keep up with the number of times I’ve had to state that categorically! Moreso, there are soooo many others like me who not only echo and share this ‘myopic and bias’ stance of mine, but also recognize that you’ve got something……something that’s beyond you; something that’s still part and parcel…YOU! Something pretty extraordinary, transcending your physicality and tending towards your very essence and substance! Something Doc, YOU, Temitope Ogundare! So suck on that! LMAO!


                    8. Hahahaha! Na you I take am resemble na! I’m following right in your footsteps! You know how you have that propensity to be a mule sometimes, like……right now?! Yeah! Deal with it and I’d only stop raving and hyping you whenever you do find it in your heart to quit writing, if you help it and that looks like a verrrryyyyy long time or better, NEVER?! You do the math Doc!! Blowing trumpet ehkwa?! You never see abi hear anything! This is just a tip of the iceberg! Mo sese n mu eiye bo l’apo ni! Boyalomo! Kikikikiki! ROTFLMAO!


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