Numbers do not lie,

Do they?

You are famous!

Just look at the numbers

On Twitter;

You are loved by all

Can’t you see the ‘Likes’

On Facebook?

You are a prolific writer

So says the numbers on the “Follows”;

Yes, numbers do not lie,

Only a few bother to know you,

Only a few really care,

Only a few stick by you

And none is really your friend.

Numbers do not lie

You are alone;

Numbers do not lie,

They say it all;

Just look at the number of people

That will bother to read this

Or like or comment.

Yes, Numbers says it all.


19 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. I read this piece with a lotta mixed feelings and a chuckle just seemed to escape my throat, as hard as I tried to keep it down! I aint big on social media and things, I really couldn’t care less or be bothered ’bout those things! But, that’s just me cause I lack the passion for Twitter, FB and even blogging in itself! What I do love though is throwing and shoving my thoughts out there on to the faces of bloggers and getting all up in their faces! That’s my passion and I do a pretty bang-up job of it!

    Sometimes, its really NOT ’bout readers like me; who after taking the ‘pains’ to reel out a thought, and expect to get a feedback, which oughta be the right thing; a blogger takes a look at my comment and then does the utmost ‘unforgivable’….ignore it! Or chooses the other ‘lesser evil’ of just liking it! I mean, after responding to all and sundry; all I am good for is a ‘like’??? I find that pretty rude, lacking of courtesy and mighty insulting! Some bloggers even go as far as ‘choosing’ the responses ‘deserving’ of their attention! I find that very distasteful! Plus, if such bloggers expect that I’d be back on their pages to do a re-enactment, then they’ve gotta be the biggest jokers of all time! I’ll simply walk, without as much as a backward glance, no matter how awesome I find such a blogger! For me, its attitude first and foremost; before anything else! The Bible says ‘Your gift will open great doors of opportunities for you, but your attitude, your flawed character; will ultimately close it in a heart beat’! And so, with all of your giftings, you amount to nought and then what?! Bottomline….. Attitude is EVERYTHING!

    Since the year started, I’ve had to sign off several blogs I was once prominent, cause of the attitudes of some bloggers! I try as best I can, to respect all I come into close contact with, as I pride myself as highly courtesied and expect to get back in return what I give in great measure, without any glitches! Even the Bible says again that, ‘He who shows mercy shall be receiving of same’! So, I give courtesy and I expect same! Its a very simple logic!

    In all, write for a purpose, and publicity you shall find in great measure, shaken together, pressed down and running over! Don’t base your happiness on numbers; if you can, and as difficult as that is, ignore it and just do your thing! In time, publicity will find you and everyone knows how we mortals love to identify with success! Virtual world’s just what it is, virtual! Pay more attention to the real world, cause therein lies the truest allies and freinds you’ll ever come across! Not the virtual, with ‘tag alongs’, mere illusions! A dream! How do you REALLY expect to get ‘care’ from therein?! They know you not, its a jungle out there and simply put, every man’s looking out for themselves and themselves only! A place packed full of desperadoes and hustlers! Its just what it is!

    Thanks for sharing Doc, am done rambling and no apologies tendered! Sue me! LMAO!


    1. Yems n ems!
      I love it when you go on a roll…you look really cute! *wink*
      I agree with you, on the attitude thingy. we all need to build character and keep getting better. a word though, you should always give allowances for people’s fault, it is a sign of maturity. per chance you will rub off on them…
      Yemie, the virtual is gradually becoming real…plus studies show that ‘virtual’ bonds can be stronger than those formed with ‘real’ everyday people.
      personally, I have met amazing people online who I care more for than even some people I know offline e.g Yemie(she is such a darling)…


      1. Allowance ei?! I know right?! Thing is, am totally guilty of that one and I actually DO give wayyy too much allowances than is considered normal, in normal parlance! What I learnt though is that at the end, these people will think you a pathetic, blithering infantile idiot, choosing instead to see gross stupidity rather than humanity and sweetness! I don’t kid myself one bit, always have been a realist, always will be! When am done playing the ‘maturity card’, I know when to hit the highway! Moreover, I DO NOT profess to be perfect in any way myself! How could I?! I am but a broken vessel, glorious dust; a cesspool of indiscretions! But even at that, there comes a time when a person’s cup fills to overflowing and I can’t take it no more; being the mere mortal that I am! In such situations, I quit grieving my spirit and call it a day! It was great or I wanna believe; while it lasted, but my season and reign’s over and naturally, I gatz to move on to greater things and leave ’em all behind! Life’s too short to be taking the shits some folks dole out freely, and I won’t waste a second of my very precious time; sticking it out, before getting a move on! I deserve better and by golly, I’ll go in search of it, without giving a fast and flying ‘F’! LMAO!

        I agree there are great folks in the virtual world! I’ve met quite a few too and by that we both know what am talking ’bout now don’t we?! *rme* LOL But for the most part, a lotta people are not exactly who they say they are and one’s got to be really careful and not get carried away by the fronts and appearances these guys put up! Its easy to just get lost in….nothing! A mirage! *sighs*

        Thanks again Doc, its really nice knowing and associating with thee! To the world, you’re just one person; to me, you mean so much more than the whole world put together! I believe in you, do well to keep your head up and just do what you know how to do best…..dazzle! The sky’s only but the beginning for ya! Carry on soaring buddy, and leave ’em numbers be, they do not define you! You’re greater than mere digits, trust me! Cheers! *laughing*


          1. Overdosing on laughter’s great thing Doc! So then, laugh and be merry! It does the heart a whole world of good! Pretty glad to be of immense help I am, you can thank me later, absolutely no charge! *winks* LMAO!


            1. But Yemie, talk true, this your rant is a hidden message to someone. I have a feeling that I know who you are cryptically chastising…and I can assure you that person is seriously bleeding from these stripes….


              1. Putting me on the spot are you Doc?! *raised eyebrow*

                You know, if I didn’t own a blog; I’d simply just vanish and go the exact same way I came…quietly! Cause I’d already told myself I shall leave the stage at some point when the ovation’s loudest! And truth be told, I’ve had enough of blogosphere, and would LOVE a change of scene, which is why the sabbatical thingy became very necessary! Plus, its NOT just one blogger Doc; there are a whole lot out there! Trust me!


                  1. Hehehe! Wouldn’t you wanna know! Plus, am a very private person by my nature and if I was gonna up, hop and leave, it wouldn’t be dramatic! It’d be quietly! I’d just slip into oblivion, obscurity like I never happened in the first place! So no, am just responding to your post as it moved me to, not giving a farewell speech! That’s not my style, not at all! And Just quit with the drama already! Sobbing? You?! Duh! You’ve got a lot going for you, surrounded by so much love! You’re good Doc, you really are and you shan’t ever walk alone! I mean, just take a look around you! Wow! *rme* ROTFL!


  2. Numbers do lie.
    Don’t they?
    They don’t mean a thing.
    Do they?
    Numbers/ figures can be manipulated
    Ask the humans they know better!

    Numbers do lie We tell ya.
    They don’t mean a thing.
    and the likes and the follows they do not really tell of who you are or how good you really are.

    Many prolific writers don’t have them so good. Does that make them bad writers?
    The best political candidates don’t get them good most times
    And humans sure know why….

    We say to you today, love what you do, do what you love.
    Forget the numbers, forget the likes….when they do come, appreciate them but don’t glory in them ‘cos numbers really don’t tell of who you are or how good you are.
    We also do know that only few really do care.
    Do cherish those who do.


  3. “We also do know that only few really care. Do cherish those who do”
    That was a very profound statement Amity!
    And I want to tell you that I cherish you…
    You know you are good right? Waxing poetic in your reply…


  4. I think I can relate to this. Sometimes, I feel I am writing from a LONELY world, where I can’t even look around me and say Wow, you are my friend, You there stood by me last week, You over there gave me a shirt to wear when mine was torn. We write everyday with the blood oozing in us giving us a glimmer of hope that there shall be a ONE DAY.


  5. Writing is a lonely business. I’m pretty sure your blog is doing really well though Doc. Just look at the numbers of comments you get on every post. Okay, so most of your readers are us… ladies…lol
    Seriously though, don’t stop what you are doing.
    Your warmth shines through and we lonely writers/readers can feel it.


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