I saw death today. It came with a screech, the sound of asphalt grazing heated rubber tires, followed by a muted thud, as 2000kg of steel collides with a 50kg young adult.

I saw death as he threw its latest victim skywards, 20 feet above the tarmac, and watched with glee as the body landed with a thud and lay on his side unmoving.

Death was cloaked in the stench of molten rubber mixed with sweat and the metallic scent of bright red blood splattered on the silvery surface.

I stared unblinking as I beheld the precision of his work. In less than 10 seconds, he was through and was already cleaning his work instruments.

His works was greeted with an applause of silence and wide eyed wonder. Then the ovation became pandemonium and hysteria.

Lo! The travails of a laboring woman! Snatched without warning in his prime, nay, in the first tender shoots! Another destiny aborted, another soul sacrificed to the gods of the macadam.

The cock crowed this morning and this young man lying here in an awkward position woke up hopeful that today was going to be better. He dusted his aching muscles and rushed out, hoping to meet Aje, the god of fortune in a good mood. Alas, he rushed out and into the yawning mouth of Hades.

The culprit and bringer of death slowed down in a moment of rude shock. His flagrant deviation from traffic rules has finally caught up with him and lying a few feet behind him was the child of his folly.

Screw the rules! Who dares control me? I am in a hurry and it wouldn’t hurt anyone if I drive on the wrong side of the road. Wrong! The young man mocks you, lying lifeless on the bloodied road.

The shock gives way to panic and suddenly images of the mob crying murder and the smell of burning flesh assaults his mind, and the survival instinct kicks in. The decision is made in a heartbeat and the gas is floored.

Another hit and run.

Another woman plunged into darkness

Another family thrown into mourning

Death turned, adjusted his hat, and shifted his tool kit to his left hand and sauntered away.

Mission accomplished.


18 thoughts on “Screech

  1. This riveting piece right here’s both an outright and downright overkill Doc McGloomy! Visually enhancing, pretty graphic and fast-paced, a tale told with such precision and great mastery! Harrowing it is but your spectacular usage of literary imageries, from the dramatic intro, through to the ending cum climax, showcasing the events leading up to the fatal accident! Taking us through the routine of the victims and the daredevil who sent ’em to their early graves needlessly and senselessly, plus the angel of death himself, presented as an entity on a ‘deathly’ mission…….ingenious! Not forgetting the brilliant choice of title and the local enriching vibe and flavor, talking ’bout your inclusion of ‘Aje’, the deity of wealth and great fortune! This is a Wow Piece overall Sir, mighty commendable and much TOO clever! You keep besting yourself each and every time! Kudos mehn, carry on! LOL


    1. Thanks Yemie for the accolades.
      This is based on a true life event I witnessed this evening…I hope that death wasn’t successful but it seemed so as I left the scene…it is sad


  2. While we all know Death is certain for every mortal, it’s sad when it has to happen in such horrific manner. Many people die on a daily in various kinds of accidents here and there, and maybe it is not because they were not prayerful enough, or they drove recklessly, or just got unlucky, maybe it’s because it’s the way it had to happen. It’s very sad and scary, but we can only pray that when our time comes, we make a peaceful and pain- free exit. Death is certain, yes. Painful too, yes. But it’s more endurable, when it happens in the middle of the night when no one else is watching but God and the angels.

    You write beautifully. God bless the ink! 🙂


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