Memory after memory assaults me

And bring me to my knees


Memories of your touch

The feel of your body pressed against mine

Nipple to nipple

And mouth to mouth

The moaning and ecstatic sounds

Of delight;

The images flood my mind

And numb me,

I cannot feel any more pleasure

Save for yours;

You are my fantasy

My reality;

Your sultry eyes

Your wide lips

And the whole essence of you

Is what I want to live and breathe for.



22 thoughts on “Onslaught

  1. Erm….#Topazo, why o why did you have to put this exquisite piece up at night when it’s almost bedtime?! Do you want someone to be having soaked, sorry wet dreams ni?!!! Kai….I comment my reserve!


  2. Whoa! This beautiful, incredibly sensual masterpiece of a composition both assails and assaults my senses ‘Doc McSteamy’, you’ve ABSOLUTELY no idea! Am smittened and yeap, I love it to pretty bitz and teeny-tiny pieces! *winks* LMAO!

    And that was how your newest appellation was birthed Doc! This is very romantic and you just brought sexy back! Justin Timberlake’s got nada on you! Ride on Doc, you’re much too much!


      1. Hehehe! Think nothing of it Doc McSteamy! You compose the absolutely, total, plus completely romantic and sensual of masterpieces and that title’s just as well, I mean; just take a look at me, like really! I’ve been had and I can’t let go! Onslaught indeed! Apt! ROTFLMAO!


              1. *tsking* Who REALLY wants to know?! Jona or Buhari?! *shrugs*

                On second thoughts Doc McSteamy, I’d say to you to go google it! Now that sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?! Hmph! LMAO!


                    1. Oh no Silly! Its just a saying, you know like…’Byebye Alligator, in which I’d respond by saying…’See you in a while Crocodile’! Get it now?! I’ll bet! You aint no Croc Doc, far from it; by several long shots! You’re……..LOL


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