Butterfly on a wheel

Tears blur my eyes

Yet I am supposed to be happy

Desire and longing war within me

There is one that I am with

And there is another that I want to be with

One is gold

And the other is


Tears streak down my face

When my heart should bubble with laughter

Tears prick my eyes

The pain of a broken heart

Mourning the loss of a beloved

Need becomes a weight

Too heavy for my fragile soul

The burden of affection bottled

Crushes my spirit

My beloved is far away from me

And I pine all day

Sleep fail me

I hear my beloved calling to me

In the realm of Morpheus

Wake me from this nightmare

Called reality

Where the Fates withhold from you that

Which you most earnestly covet

Take me away, to my love

Free me from this dungeon

Loosen the shackles of commitment

Let me roam wild and free

A butterfly searching for my nectar

Released to unite with one with the heart

For which mine beats.



66 thoughts on “Butterfly on a wheel

  1. Erm…*scratches my shaved head*
    Doc, shey you know you just describe
    something about how I feel???
    You see now that I don’t lie, when
    I said you always know what to say,
    at the right time….? *sighs*


      1. Ha! Doc, I thought you knew!
        Sorry for the oversight on ma part! Hehehe!
        You see, I have very long, thick and naturally black hair. But along the line, it started breaking. I wondered why but kept it on. Sometimes in August, it has broken so bad that I was so sad, but still I kept it on.
        Being a natural person, I don’t fix wigs much, except packed gelled hair once in a while.
        So come December, I did African thread hairstyle with cord wool, but on loosing it in Jan, oh boy, was I so angry at the excessive hair breakage that I took walk to a barber’s shop and shved my skull squicky clean! Lols. So I got to have a Breath of fresh Hair…smiles


          1. Oh wow. Thanks Amity, that’s quite insightful and useful.
            Never thought about that.
            You know, it can really be annoying when you know the kind of hair you used to have compared with the one sitting on your head! *sighs*


          1. Yes Doc, I shaved every iota of hair from my head! Lols! You would think I’m a man if you see me, but for the…erm…and….never mind! Lols!!!! But the hair has started to grow back already. I would have love to share a picture here, but don’t know how to go about it…smiles…


              1. Wow! Amity, I’m planning on leaving my hair in its natural form. I’m tired of relaxing creams and their damages. If I have to become Dada to achieve that, I’m ready.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Natural hair needs nutrients to remain healthy and to maintain its sheen….so you have to take care of it with creams that contain the nutrients required to make the hair stay healthy.
                  It is when the hair is not well taken care of that it becomes brittle and break…


                  1. Thanks Doc. I sure will keep that in mind.
                    Can you help me do research on what to do to keep ma hair healthy? I’ll surely appreciate it!


  2. Oh Good Heavens Doc, and that was how, in just a matter of a few lil hours, you’ve quite succeeded in going from McSteamy, to McDreamy and now…..McGloomy! Go figure! *sighs* On the flip side though and very worthy of mention’s the fact that thou art more prolific and versatile in your game! Now that’s what’s REALLY up! Double thumbs up Sir, keep rocking and writing! *laughing*

    If this masterpiece of a Poetry were to be a painting, with the lines and verses acting as brush strokes on a canvas, I’d say to you Doc Gloom; that this is a Sheer Stroke of Genius! Pretty fascinating and so damned well concocted! You never, EVER cease to amaze! LMAO!

    A person who drifts off to slumberland, and finds himself having a nightmare’s hopeful he’d wake up from it! But the one living a nightmare as his cold, biting and stark reality’s bone-chilling for the lack of a better word! That’s sooo not a cute place to be in! Its absolute torture, emotionally draining and exhausting! Jeeps! *shivering* LOL

    Butterflies do not dwell in gloom, they’re colorful and happy-go-lucky beautiful creatures! They aren’t choosy or fussy ’bout their nectar either; so am pretty certain this lonesome butterfly, spinning around and around on a wheel, will thrive and find true healing as is deserving of it! Its all just a matter of time and all will be dandy, cause of its very nature! LOL

    A magical piece Doc, its glum and hauntingly so; but actually DOES make for a beautiful work of art; as I’m wont to always pointing out! My bad?! Maybe not! All I see is sheer creativity, so keep it coming; do not rest on your oars! Kudos! LOL


      1. My mind’s been made up since forever sweets! You’re all rolled into one spectacular masterpiece! Can’t you see it?! So then, deal with it; its all you! Magnifcent! *winks* LOL


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