I live in a haze

Your image float just beneath the surface

Stimulating an intense crave

For you;

You are in my blood stream

Thoughts of you pervade my mind

And I hunger for you like ice cream

It is an uncontrollable desire;

You set my whole body on fire

And my body quivers as it longs for you

I cannot concentrate, a part of me keeps

Going back to you;

It is all drab and gray

I sit here feeling all blue

I need you to feel happy and whole;

I am strung on you

And try as I may

I can’t get you off my system;

You are my drug, my addiction

The chain that keeps me in slavery

The rope that binds me to the past;

You are bad for me, but sometimes I want to damn all

I should be far from you but all I want to do is romance you

Caress you and feed my eyes on the sight of you;

I close my eyes to shut the images out

But you are plastered behind my eyelids

And your eyes, smile and lips assail me

I know I am done for;

Hi, I am an addict

And you are my addiction.



34 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. Quite a strong addiction this….drug like and intense…so well bottled again and sold to the imagination….It is becoming difficult not to get addicted to the Z Channel…


              1. Lol. would know wouldn’t you? Do you speak like mere mortals or do you sing talk? Words come out of your pores like sweat..just that they are so well stringed and smell so sweetly…


  2. Holy Hot Tamale Doc! You just don’ gon’ knocked me out cold with this one, just when I figured that perhaps you’d peaked with ‘Haunted’, you go and do ‘this’?! Who REALLY are you Temitope Ogundare, who?! This right here’s the raw deal and you, the real deal! Sizzling, smoking ‘hawt’! *applauding* LMAO!

    This is apt, succinctly so! Feels like a deja vu, it does! And that title’s pretty appealing, alluring and mighty enticing like a lotta creamy chocolatey chunks of fun and I can just taste it in my mouth! Mmmmmhhh, yum yum yummy! *grinning*

    Addiction of whatever kind’s bedeviling! That moment you realize you’ve been had! When you’re totally hung up, and strung up on something and there’s no getting away from it cause you’re a slave to its passion! And you, like a puppet being strung right along; against your will and better judgment, cause you’re so wrapped up in whatever is holding you ransome! With your desires burning up inside of you, infernal; and you’re just a pathetic lump left at its mercies! You go with the tide, powerless, helpless, and well, finished! That’s just WOW! Horrific! LMAO

    Bottomline, and I hate to admit this much but I gotta,

    ‘Hi I; Yemie, am an addict,

    And wait for it y’all….

    You, Dr Temitope Ogundare; ahem…scratch that; Z-Channel art mine addiction! Kidding or NOT! I’ll leave you to be the judge of that one! *giggling*

    And that folks, was how the cookie crumbled! Shoot me! Ha! *tongue out* ROTFLMAO!


  3. By the time I got to the third paragraph, I already knew you were describing the nature of addiction from a personal experience….and I was proven right by the time I finished reading your comment.

    But the intensity of those descriptions is more than just an addiction to a blog or literature…it sounds more like an addiction to a substance, habit or a person…..but I won’t probe further…lol
    And I agree with you, you’ve been had by whatever it is that has got you under it’s hold…


    1. Hehehe! And that’s your professional prognosis right there Shrink am guessing ei?! Rich! Have I been had by whatever it is in your professional opinion that’s holding me captive though….that really remains to be seen! Things are not always what they seem afterall, are they?! *raised eyebrow* LMAO!


        1. Depth of my addiction ei?! What’s that even supposed to mean and at what point does addiction end and obsession begin?! This is presupposing too that there’s a connection between those two somewhere yes?! LOL


            1. Evading the question I see Doc, nothing’s changed! Well, as with ALL things good or bad; they always, ALWAYS come to an end! So for now, am sooo stuck on The Z-Channel, and I’ll enjoy my time while still here! I live in, and for the moment! Tomorrow will take care of itself and when I do finally get to that bridge, I’d cross it! So obsession, addiction whatever ‘this’ is……..well, what-E-verrrr! LMAO!


            2. Sis! I dreamt I came visiting your abode. And you prepareth a banquet before me in the presence of #DrSwag and #Topazo! Being the kindhearted type that I am, I shared with them o! Lols!!!! So prepare to have a November Visitor, since my dream always almost come true! Hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!


              1. Really Jules??? Some dream that is! No kidding??? Owkay, I’m totally game, cause I do love to entertain a lot! Its one of my pass times and I make a mean delicacy of fried and jollof rice with Chicken and Croaker Fish stew and sauce! So, lay it on me gurl, hit me! I’d be honored to have you over! November, your birth month it is then! Its a date! *winks* LOL


                1. Yaaaaay! *mouth watering in anticipation! And Doc, DrSwag, hope you guys see this? Because we are all going together to make my dream to perfectly come true!!! Wow Sis!!! I can’t wait for November to be here! *Dancing!*


                  1. Hehehe! Then that makes the two of us Jules! I’m itching already to make thy dream come true and November can’t come soon enough! Should be REALLY interesting! The countdown starts NOW! LMAO!


  4. Haaa!!!! I sure I’m #Addicted!
    Addicted to #Topazo’s PEN&INK!
    Addicted to #ZChannel!!!! Kai….
    This one si strong! So so strong!!!


      1. Of course not Doc!
        Don’t need no cure from this addiction! This is one addiction I don’t ever want to be cured from!!!


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