Iyaniwura, mother is golden,

Forged in the hearth at the great vale,

Beaten to thinness and stretched

By Eledua, the great one

That sits on a thousand rivers

And whose feet spans the whole of creation;

He made her appear fragile,

Choosing to embed her best qualities within,

So that her value is only profitable for the one

That chooses to take a good look into her heart.

Iyaniwura, mother is golden,

She was made from the finest gold

Mined at the heart of the great mountain

Located in the north on the east side

Towards the sun rising;

Her value is inestimable

And she is priceless;

She is high in tensile strength and can

Withstand heat and pressure without breaking,

She is durable- her love is ever enduring.

Iyaniwura, mother is golden

Great warriors and legends have been birthed by her

And have suckled at her breast,

Yet she is treated as a vessel of dishonor

Branded weak and of lesser value.

Iyaniwura, mother is golden,

She is a jewel, a trophy

To be worn with pride and boasted of

Great men rise and call her blessed

And sing her praises at the gates

Iyaniwura, mother is golden

He who finds her is truly favored.



Eledua- Creator



images via Flickr


18 thoughts on “Iyaniwura

  1. The #WordSmith at it again!!!
    Accurately put together!
    This is quite extraordinary!
    Yes!!! #IyaniWura!
    This sure is my best for
    a while now
    Doc, words fail me.
    Wish I have the best words
    to describe you right now,
    but I’m short on words!
    Mother sure is Golden!
    When we see what mothers
    are made of, then we will
    understand how precious they are!
    I’m so glad I’m a woman.
    Wouldn’t want it any other way.
    Thanks #Topazo, for this wonderful
    and excellent piece….


  2. This has left me utterly speechless. I feel proud of my inner self, and the feeling is beautiful.

    Welldone doc! You rock, really.

    Your ma must be so proud to have you for a son. 🙂


  3. Hmmm….Orisa b’iya o si l’aye! She’s like none other! A deity especially made to be worshipped and treated with utmost love, tenderness and care, TLC! Delicate exterior, yet her interior’s so strong, unyielding and unbending! She’s durable, can withstand just ’bout anything and everything thrown her way! With just the right amount of Tensile Strength and Strain, expertly built in by her Maker! She’s female, woman, mum; she’s beautiful, on the inside and out! She’s awesome! She’s…. moi! LMAO!

    The title, ‘Iyaniwura’ was expertly thrashed out by you Doc! I love how you worked the concept of refining gold to attain its purest form, which in itself, is a very grueling and thorough process! That surmises just how precious a mother is for me! She’s priceless and of inestimable value and a lotta thoughts went into making her ahead of the arduous tasks she’d been made to undergo, her life’s calling! So that’s little wonder really! LOL

    Every woman, and mum will definitely be serenaded by this masterpiece of a composition, I mean, I am! Well done Doc, this makes a whole world of sense! God bless your heart and soar on up you shall, by golly! LOL


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