Beyond Words

There was silence, everything was still.

The silence was preceded by the loud voice of the King’s herald “Bow before the King!” and then there had been a rumbling noise as scores of people bowed face down on the dusty earth.

A single voice rang out shattering the silence.

“Kaaaaaaaaaabiyesi o! (The unquestionable one)”

“Oloruko bi ara (the one whose name causes the air to crackle with energy like the lightning bolt)”

“Alade nla (the great crowned monarch)”

“Okiki ola (the wealthy and famous one)”

“Alade wura (the one whose crown is made of the finest gold)”

The air crackled with energy. Each word uttered by the praise singer took on a musical quality and resonated like the strings of a guitar harmonizing with the notes of the pipe organ. The air became thick with emotions.

A damsel stood and swayed to the melody. She was bent low, with her knees flexed and swayed at the hips; a little to the right and then to the left. Her legs moved in tandem with the beat. Her face was one of utter adulation and worship.

“Emi ni ti nje emi ni (the I AM)”

“Ogbangba ti ngba omo alailara (the strong deliverer- that saves the defenseless and destitute)”

“Alawotele Oorun (the one who wears the sun like a cloak of majesty)”

“Ologo julo (the most glorious one)”

“Akiikitan (the one with the never ending accolades)”

“Alapa to so ile aiye ro (the one that holds the universe together)”

With each words, the melody increased and the damsel danced with grace in every step. Her lithe body moved smoothly and swayed. Beads of sweat formed on her brow but she was unaware. She danced on for her King. She was a beauty to watch.

“Eleburu ife (the wellspring of love)”

“Olodumare (the Creator of all)”

“Oba awon oba (the King of kings)”

“Oluwa awon oluwa (the Lord of lords)”

“Olorun giga giga (The great and mighty God)”

From His throne, set forth in the middle of the square, the King set foot on the floor, first with His right leg and then His left. He hefted himself from his throne and stood tall. His robes were of the finest purple and embroidered with gold at the hem. His hair was silvery and caught the gleam of the sun and flowed down to His shoulders. On his head was a crown of gold, the brilliance of which made it impossible to look directly at it.

“Arugbo ojo (the Ancient of days)” the praise singer continued in his deep baritone.

“Oba Atun’rise (the king, the changer of destinies)”

“Olorun mimo, oga ogo julo, adagba ma paaro oye, Olorun awon omo ogun (the Holy One, the most High and glorious, the Eternal King, reigning without end, the Lord of host)

The King was now a few feet from the damsel and he bent his legs at the knee and began to sway. His movements were in sync with hers. The King danced alongside the damsel.

The damsel was beyond words and emotions. Her eyes became large orbs in their sockets and her step faltered. The King smiled at her, a smile that reached into her heart and massaged her flustered heart. Then the moment passed and she found her rhythm back.

She had danced for her King and now she was dancing with her King.

It was an experience of a lifetime.




33 thoughts on “Beyond Words

  1. Aw! This masterpiece is really an unusual one! Radiating with such beauty as have never been seen, divine and still yet, sooo beyond words! Just as the title of choice! I know the King here’s the Supreme Being Himself; the Almighty, judging by the accolades He’s being serenaded, doused and immersed in, but then something ’bout this ethereal piece reminds me again of Esther and her encounter with the King! Who dares to praise God in the way this damsel did, with an outpouring of those special titles, basking, reveling, delighting and glorying in His very presence! With joy unspeakable and not giving a damn ’bout whoever or whatever; but instead, paying all of their attention to Him! Surely such a person woulda succeeded in fulfilling the part of the scripture in the Bible that admonishes us to ‘Delight in the Lord our God, and He’ll fulfil our every desires! And that part Doc, is my highest point! She started up, dancing FOR the King, and ended up swaying to the beats, WITH the King; alongside Him, with him in tow; walking the line! Is that cool or what?! D-Damn! LOL

    ’15’s looking to be too good to be true on the Z-Channel! Temitope Ogundare or Topazo in other quarters, is setting out to rule the world! Better watch out y’all, this is sooo going down! Damn! AGAIN! Kudos Doc, this is a certified, very confirmed breath-taker! I know, cause I just became breathless! *passes out*

    Then again, how good of a jitterbug art thou Doc?! Can we cut a rug then?! And that’s me asking you to dance with me if you will! So then, what will it be?! *rme* ROTFLMAO!


    1. oh my! I am flushed! the goddess and queen of words have just asked me to dance!
      *fanning self* *adjusting bow tie* Yes Ma’am, it will be my pleasure to dance with you…and for you! lol


      1. So then Doc, I’ll settle down and go ponder on the best dance move, befitting of you! Thanks for accepting to sway to the rhythm with me, am so honored right now you don’t know the half of it! I tell you! *blushing beet red* LOL


          1. Wowzer! Wiser words are yet to be said and conceived Doc! I totally forgot ’bout the heart! That’s soooo spot on! So then, I’ll let my heart take my legs with it and dance to the rhythm as played, dictated and solely controlled by my heart! You’re amazing you know that doncha?! Always have an answer for every or at least most predicaments! Whatever will I do without ya?! Let’s dance on shall we?! LMAO!


              1. Oh for the love of Christ Doc! It breaks my heart that sarcasm’s the only thing you seem to behold in those heartfelt thoughts of mine! Well, I really wasn’t being sarcastic at all, if you’d like to know! Far from it! And that was how Gloomie’s presence was announced! What a damper! Spoilsport, killjoy! *tongue out* LMAO!


                  1. Uw! You know in your heart of hearts Gloomie, that I could NEVER say nay to thee, now doncha?! How could I?! I could never live with myself knowing I turned thee down, nuh-uh! *eyelashes* LMAO!

                    So I’ve got a few ideas and the ‘baby’ or ‘child’ in me is good for some real, unadulterated fun tonight! Wanna hear it then?! *sweet smile*


                    1. Oh goodie! If you’re quite sure and you’re insistent then! Here goes, just you follow my lead Doc, do as I say and do! Let’s do this already:
                      ‘You put your left leg in, you put your leg out
                      You put your right leg in, you put your right leg out
                      In, out, in, out, you shake it all ’bout
                      You do the ‘yoki, yoki and you turn yourself around
                      That’s what its all about
                      Ha! Yoki, yoki
                      Ha! Yoki yoki’

                      Wow! That was such fun! So how did you get on?! Gotcha Gloomie, GOTCHA! ROTFLMAO!


                    2. Aw! And here I was thinking I had you where I wanted you and you’d be like ‘what the hey’?! Oopsie! I just goofed but all isn’t quite lost just yet cause I’ll soooo milk this dance for all its worth! So, this is me, doing likewise as you Gloomie, holding thy hands, smiling at you whilst holding your gaze and doing the merry go round and around! Coolness, for shizzie and a night to remember, for sure! *laughing*


                    3. oh, I am enjoying this…
                      *drawing you closer and twirling you around and then swaying with you…waltzing and gliding together on the dance floor*
                      yes, you have me where you want me….a few inches from you where you can see the thin film of sweat on my flushed skin*


                    4. Uh-oh! What are you playing at now Gloomie?! I take it we’re still dancing, yes?! Cause from where I stand, am suddenly feeling very hot and trying so hard to figure out why that is or is that just me?! *smh* LMAO!


                    5. Hehehehe! Komole sounds pretty cool too! I’m totally down for whatever! Oya, let’s do the ‘Konko below’! *in Nice’s voice* ‘Let’s go there’! LMARIGHTO!


                    6. Oh yeah?! And you do look mighty graceful, rocking that dance step the way you do Gloomie! Dang! You do have some SERIOUS game and I’m totally charmed, by jove! Hypnotised! *gasp* LMAO!


                    7. LOL. why thank you! but you are just standing there gawking. you’ve got no more moves?
                      I guess we have come to the end of this dance. *bows* thanks for a lovely dance


                    8. Indeed my good Sir, and it was mega fun while it lasted! Thanks for being such a sport and may you and all of thy household continually have the total cause to dance and sway to the beats as dictated by your beautiful hearts IJN, Amen! May the sweet sounds of music, and the joy of the Lord never depart from you Doc! God bless and keep you sweets! Rock and do dance on, most definitely! Plenty Cheers! *courteseying* LOL


                    9. Sweet Yemie, thanks for a fun filled evening. I am glad you are a reader and much more a friend. You light up this space and make it warm and homely. Thank you, again and again and again…and ‘thank you’ does not cut it again, but still Thank you!


                    10. Pleasure’s all of mine for the taking and keeps Brilliant Doc, thanks for having me! Plus, it DOES take two to tango you know….so THANK YOU Sir! For always! For all times! Thank you! *bowing* LOL


  2. Truly #BeyondWords!
    See myself dancing
    With My King!!!
    Ha! #Topazo, your ingenuity
    is beyond words!
    Your accuracy is beyond words!
    Your Pen is beyond mere words!
    The effortless way you spin words
    are beyond words!!!
    You are Special.
    You are unique.
    You are astounding.
    You are exceptional.
    You are outstanding!
    You personality is beyond
    mere WORDS!!!
    I duff ma Gele, kudos to
    A #WordHero…


  3. ..Blessed Damsel…If you have never danced with the King then you have never danced! Best dance in d world…not the tango nor the fandango. ..not salsa nor the waltz…not the ballet nor the foxtrot. .NOTHING BEST THE DANCE OF WORSHIP! NOTHING!!! Nice one as always ma bro data. ..


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