In that realm between dreamland and reality

Your face hovers and lingers;


You are the first thought that greet me as I open my eyes

To a brand new day, one where I get to live without you;


You stick to my side all day, closer than my shadow

More intimate than my beating heart;


You are present in every cell,

And color every thought;


I pine for you all day, but you never really leave

And at night, I long for you;


You have become a part of me,

Living and breathing in me;


Everyone else is excluded,

It is you and I that defines ‘Us’;


But we don’t exist, not in the sense of the word,

And yet none else can become ‘Us’;


You came and filled me up

Made me whole;


And branded me,

Made me yours forever;


I belong to you

And no one else;


You left and I am undone,

I am good for no one;


So, I live every day without you,

But carry you with me;


You are the ghost

Of my dead heart.



41 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. Thanks for this. I know exactly how it feels as I’m going through this right now. The quote that comes to mind is by Sylvia Plath “I must get my soul back from you, I’m killing my flesh without it.”


  2. Reblogged this on straight from the heart and commented:
    Can’t get enough of this phenomenal masterpiece of a composition, and though away on some kinda sabbatical; this drew me out and y’all should totally check it out! It resonates with me on a massive scale and am talking; MONUMENTAL! #Nuff Said# Phew! LMAO!

    Enjoy! Mwah!


  3. So I reblogged this on my blog and its just as well I drop off my thoughts too right?! *shrugs*

    I’ll just take this as a time out and break the ice, just this one time! *Yinmu* LOL

    Doc, this masterpiece of a composition’s entrapping, enthralling, engaging, enrapturing, enchanting, enriching, ensnaring, enamoring,endearing, and yet pretty entangling and mighty enraging cause none deserves to be in this kinda situation but it does make for beautiful poetry and I totally ADORE it, am totally charmed by it, yes I am and you can shoot me on that basis, I come off totally unhinged! *eyelashes* LMAO!

    Love the choice of title, its pretty and ‘ghouly’! And those lines?! How on Earth did you conceive those?! So surreal, ethereal! Too real! Very creepy! What more can I say Doc?! Wow perhaps?! What in the heck?! Plenty Wowzers it is and you Sir; are PHENOMENAL! For always! My word! Oh Mehn, I’d be sooo damned! ROTFLMAO!


      1. *tear* Aw! I did miss being here too ma pookie-pookie, you’ve ABSOLUTELY no idea, but you do great always, so ride on by all means necessary! Nothing dey happen! Mwah! LMAO!


              1. Well then, you’ve been brought up to speed now! I can only be gone for so long, before I make a reappearance! That Doc, you can be plenty sure ’bout! Just take it from me! *winks* LOL


                    1. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!! See 3D o!!! Oga Doc, nothing you can do abourit! No unplugging untying or uprrooting for this mara o! Hehehehe!!!!!


                    2. For where?!!!!
                      I reject, rebuke and renounce evry mind, power and spirit of exculpation in you! Oya, come of him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!


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