Finding Redemption 4

Happy New Month folks!

it is the second month of the year, and like play 2015 is speeding along. Do you still remember those goals you set at the beginning of the year? Today is a good day to reflect and evaluate how you are doing? It is only by constant evaluations that you can hope to stay on track and not lose focus…

So, here is the final part of the “Finding Redemption” Series by Inkheart. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?

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Writer’s Note:

Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with me. It is rare to find people who are so far into their shells to tell their stories and talk about those deep painful things that happened in the past. The best part of this journey is that you made me realize I am a work in progress, never to be afraid of my problems today but to trust God to perfect everything about me. You made me realize pain may seem to last forever but when true happiness come, it over rides every hurtful emotion you’ve felt in the past. God bless you for these testimonies… I hope the people I recount it too understand this and feel hope in their hearts. I hope the next person about to commit suicide read this and realize he or she has a lot to live for. I hope they look within and find the true happiness and peace they so crave. You have taught me life has a meaning and until you let go of all that hurt, you can never find. I hope someone will find the meaning and reason of his existence…


She dropped her pen and heaved a long sigh. She had been writing for so long she did not realize it was already late. Standing up to open her window and stare out at the night sky, she heard stomach rumble loudly but she had no energy to make dinner and she doubted she had the appetite for food. For her, it was not a night of food, it was night to reflect. She sighed again as she rested on her window and looked at the clear sky littered with beautiful stars; stars that shined so brightly despite how tiny they appeared to look. How often had she told herself she was a star and then doubted it minutes after? She needed to change, to take her own advice from her stories that preached hope and love and peace. She needed to do away with her past as she had been advising everyone to do. Of what use was the lessons she teaches others when she was not learning anything herself.

Sighing heavily again, she walked to her work table and picked up the notepad she had just dropped. With tears in her eyes, she read the stories again, seeing what she had told herself was not there; her lack of faith in herself. The story was hers, she just borrowed a character in her head but the testimonies were wishful thinking. It would take her nothing to just surrender it all to God and trust Him completely but she just could not. She found herself running back and forth, knowing the right thing but choosing to ignore it.

“Are you not free? You’ve been set free a long time ago, you just would not enjoy your freedom. You are so afraid you will be hurt. You keep chaining yourself down, imprisoning yourself to something that has long gone”, she heard a voice say

“But I am trying, really trying”

“No, you’re not. The only thing you are trying at is destroying yourself all over”, the voice replied

“What do you want me to do? It is not easy, you know”

“Yes, it is easy, if you believe that He who the Son of God has set free is free indeed. You have to surrender yourself, trust in God that is the only way you can be happy and have the peace of mind you so desire”

She burst into tears and fell on her knees. With her heart beating fast and certainty in her heart, she said

“Lord, I surrender myself into you. Do with me as You please. My life, my soul, my body, my spirit, my will; I lay in your hands. I trust you and I want to start a journey with you.

She could not explain how but she felt something heavy being lifted up from her shoulders and then something like a warm blanket covering her. That night, she slept better than she had ever done, dreaming of angels bathing her and giving her a new robe that looked so much like tiny diamonds sewn together…


5 thoughts on “Finding Redemption 4

  1. Wow! The ending is something I would really love to be what happens to me! And to see how the tale was twisted at the end ehn, kai, some people can write sha! Please I need to drink from the well of your wit and that of you too, #Topazo! Yes o, coz I need to write too ooo!!! Thanks for sharing these this wonderful piece with us Anoti, I enjoyed every bit of it!
    Sorry my comment came late, was on a journey to PH yesterday. Just settled in, and just reading this…my apologies…


    1. Jules, thanks for always making the effort to comment on the blog. your comments are never late, and they are always refreshing.
      Jules, start writing o…the well is already inside of you, all you need do is let down the pitcher…


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