Doomsday Paradise

There is a storm brewing

Raging in the cauldron of death

Boiling over the furnace of doom;

There is a storm coming

Can you hear it in the silence?

The ghosts rejoice

The earth weep

Destruction is near.



Darkness hovers over the surface of the deep

There is a calm

Belying the volcano erupting beneath

The air is still

The world is silent

A sense of danger pervades;

Nature’s siren goes into overdrive

In a moment,

And all is lost



19 thoughts on “Doomsday Paradise

  1. Now I understand why they nicknamed your blog gloomy, lol.
    Thoughtful and deep Doc.
    I get it though, putting the news channel on these days is enough to bring out these sort of writing.
    Well done Topazo.


  2. Something ’bout this piece screams February 14th and not by way of ‘Valentine’s Day’, nuh-uh; more like, ‘Election 2015’ or is that just me?! LMAO!

    This is pretty sinister, very chilling and crazy scary too! A sense that danger’s just looming over the horizon, and worse still; none can do nought to stop it from happening! A complete state of helplessness and hopelessness! That’s just horrific and you more than captured it oh too well!

    You brought this in your usual characteristic manner Doc, no one comes close; nuh-uh! Kudos Sire! LOL


          1. The Moon, as the brightest star in the galaxy doesn’t come close either cause that’s baloney! I didn’t learn that in Geography and I bloody heck dunno where you picked that up from! Beats me silly! Au contraire, you doing ‘this’, more than any other person I know’s very ‘confirmed’! As in ‘confirmer’! Gbabeski! *Yinmu* LMAO!


              1. Hmmm….and so you’d like to have me believe! Still NOT sold on that though! I hold fast to my assertion, no apologies tendered or given! Sue me! *tongue out* LMAO!


                  1. Aw! But thou knowest that thou art in ma books don’t you now?! Well, now you do! ‘Bias and rolling my eyes’, that would be me alright! Superlative Superfan!As so-called by you! *popping collar* Rings a bell Doc, does it?! *raised eyebrow* LOL


                    1. Hahahaha! I concur! It just has to ring, by all means! And here’s what I’ve missed out on for a while now! I mean, what’s totally not to miss?! *rme* LOL

                      Keep soaring Doc, you’re simply incredible, for always! Yes you art! LOL


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