Two steps forward,

Two steps backward,

Sway from right to left,

Twirl and move in circles;

An ambivalent dance

Moving but not progressing

Expending energy with no results

Dancing in tandem to the rhythm

Of mediocrity;

Laughing and lightheaded

Reveling in a fool’s paradise-

Someday, maybe, all will be well;

The future has come

The dance of shame never ending

All is the same

As it was in the beginning

So it is and so it shall be

World without end;

Only that this world has an end

And the end is near,

The music grows louder, a fortissimo,

Rises to a crescendo, a falsetto,

And right at its peak

It comes to an abrupt end

With an ensuing deafening silence;

The silence of failed dreams

And shattered destinies.


49 thoughts on “Ballet

  1. You murder it again #Topazo!
    You did justice to this poem.
    Failed dreams and shattered
    Destinies indeed! Future that
    end with such abruptness that
    it brings life to a standstill…
    Way to go Doc…way, way to go…


  2. That’s right doc. The world’s end will be so abrupt and the ensuing silence so deafening, so thick, so palpable…
    Hmm. Nice way to capture it doc. Real food for thought. Thank you.


  3. ……A ballet of death!…The silence of failed dreams And shattered destinies….the way you capture these things is mind boggling….you make it seem so easy…. Nice one again…..your words dance, such salsa of creativity…


  4. The ending line is powerful. I could somewhat feel the brokenness that accompanies the sudden end of something that you wished would last longer. Something you’ve toiled and worked for, and put all of your energy and hopes into… nothing sure lasts forever! Pain, laughter, sorrow, cheer, dreams, accomplishments- everything will someday cease to be, and all that’ll matter is death. The verdict.

    Welldone Dr!


    1. …..I usually love your comments…the way you deliver them..a combination of the artistry of Federer and the power of Nadal, …the incisive penetration of your thoughts….Nice sis….


            1. ….now I am feeling serenaded…Wield??? I still wouldn’t wanna get into a fencing ring with you….the penetrative rapier of your words would certainly beat my defenses in no good sis…and your style is different. You are not given to verbosity like some of us but your words show forth the brilliance of an energized mind…keep at it sis…


          1. I wonder how long she will blush then if someone more capable than me is able to capture the wowing effect of her penetrative insight….I still believe i did a shoddy job…..


        1. My bad Doc. It’s a lot of things I can’t begin to explain right now. But i’ll try to come by the most I can.

          I salute your prowess, really. Your writings always make me eager to write more and write better!

          Please never stop.

          Cheers Doc.


  5. Oh Boy! You really did pull out all the stops on this monsterpiece Doc and am quite inspired to do same with my thoughts so here goes…… beats the life outta me how you can DARE to make a classy, very regal dance as Ballet, that’s got a lotta swan-like grace, poise and elegance into such gore! Yuck! A dance that’s perhaps only second, next to the Grand Opera or Orchestra! One that’s got the Creme de la Creme and White-gloved of High Society, chucking out thousands in pounds and dollars to go see, and unwind! And am talking ’bout the Bourgeois, Aristocrats and the Royals; with more than enough disposable income to throw around and just splurge! Not that I understand why a guy in tights is prattling and prancing around and about on stage, though it makes for a REALLY delighful eyeful! *winks* LMAO!

    On a more serious note, this is some real deep, very heavy stuff you’ve got going on here! And were I entangled in this kinda dance, moving and yet not progressing; it’d be my absolute dream come true; if the damned music just stopped playing already! Its like being neither here nor there, everywhere and then nowhere! An absolute state of rest, without turmoil, I’ll most definitely favor, than dancing in vain! A dance of shame, riddled with mediocrity! The horror! May all of our efforts always be crowned with success, IJN; Amen!

    A great piece, magical and just dead-on brilliant! Rock and write on Sir, puh-lease! I’m sooo putting ma lighters up for you, Temitope Ogundare! Yes I am! Shine on! LOL


    1. Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sis Yemie!!!!!! To think that
      I’ve been wondering where
      you’ve been! Wharappen naa?
      Hope all is well, been missing you like kwezy here since!!!
      Happy New Month! Missed ya!


      1. Uw! Thanks Juliana, am humbled, deeply! Just needed to take a much-needed break! Bodi no be firewood! God bless your heart dear and a very Happy Prosperous New Month to you too! Mwah! LOL


          1. We’re all doing mighty fine sweetness as am sure thou and thy household art as well! Plus, stay it too, that’s the bestest, safest place to be in! Thanks dear! Hugging you right back! LOL


    2. MON DIEU!!! If i could have such descriptive and analytical powers, i would be a Super-hero!! Multiple wows!!! Who art thou???? Forgive ME!!! How could I have so forgotten, U be the goddess of words!!!


      1. *rme* Seriously Swag?! I mean are you really for realz?! Excuse me while I do this: Bwahahahaha!

        See Swag, thing is; You. Already. DO. Infact possess more than enough analytical and descriptive skillz to last you several lifetimes! Any more attempt to garner some more will be tantamout to a ‘Literary or Literacy Suicide’ and we both know what am talking ’bout now don’t we?! Plus, if I be the Goddess; then thou Good Sir, must be Zeus! Of a truth! I marvel and drink at thy fountain of endlessly sweetly flowing lyrics and more than perfect lines, Your Royal Sweetness! Flow on Sire! *kowtowing* LMAO!


        1. ….cant talk again today, all 66kg of me has melted into tears, never met an archer whose arrows of word strike me deeply so. First toime ever though… arrows hit with such sweetness….embed with such sunshine….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……


          1. Get outta here Swag, quit bursting your tripz! Hmph! LOL

            Plus, your response is got me recounting a slamming line from one of Usher Raymond’s dope tunes, in which he featured Will. I. Am titled OMG and it goes a lil something like this: ‘Never has a lady EVER hit me on the first sight……..Out of sight’! So then, in view of this, I totally get it, I get you; it DID happen to Usher and now you?! Wow, you REALLY are a Superhero for shizzie! Seriously??? *Yinmu* ROTFLMAO!


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