Breaking free

Breaking free

Clasps unlatched

Ropes broken

Traps opened

A deer escaped from the hunter

A bird set free from the gin

Roaming wild

Breathing in freedom

Spinning round, giggling

Feeling the breeze as it tickles

Jumping and leaping

Twirling and laughing

And crying as it hits once again

Free at last!



10 thoughts on “Breaking free

  1. Aha! This is so exquisite
    and brilliant Doc! Like you are
    reading my mind!!! That’s
    exactly what I want!
    To break free from all emotional
    trauma, to be free from every
    kind of excess baggages that’s
    weighing me down like a soaked
    blanket. Free from all the
    torments surrounding my
    environment. Free from
    pains and sorrow. To saor
    higher into the sky with
    Much needed FREEDOM!
    Kudos Doc, with so much
    meaning and emotion
    laddened as always…


  2. A very liberating, really refreshing masterpiece this is! The sheer positivity and aura this carries in itself, is mighty endearing and motivating! A real inspiring piece that reminds me of one of my all time, most favourite Psalms of all times: Psalm 124, and especially verse 7 which reads, ‘Our soul is escaped as a bird, out of the snare of the fowler; the snare’s broken and we’re escaped’! This is one verse that reignites my hope, all the time, every time!

    Thanks for this Doc, it sizzles! Ayo ni o! *laughing*


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