The dead do not talk

The dead do not talk

If they did, maybe I wouldn’t be so sad

They do not smile

If they did, their smiles would trounce the radiance of

The midday sun;

They sleep and do not wake up

The lie stiffly and the coldness of their skin

Sends a chill into my heart and freeze it;

It stays frozen, far from the warmth of the sun;

It never thaws, no

I only learn to live with cold blood flowing in my veins.


I get that we cannot live forever,

I get that we all get to play host to death

But when our fruit is plucked before they are ripe

When the stalks of corn fall ere the cob is mature

When the ancient sends for death and it disregards them

But rather comes for the young,

That I do not get,

That I find hard to accept.


The dead do not talk

If they did, maybe I would feel better

The dead are silent

And the silence rings loudly in my heart

The dead do not laugh

That melodious sound that was music to my ears

That sets my heart a fluttering

The dead do not see

They close their eyes to the world

Shutting out the light in my world

Throwing it into a darkness thick and impenetrable

It never really lifts

I only learn to find my way in the darkness.


Come back to me

Open your eyes and light up my world

Smile my darling

Fill my heart with warmth

Speak my beloved

In whispers that take my breath away.


53 thoughts on “The dead do not talk

  1. Wow…eerily touching
    Yes. There are times
    when darkness meets with
    Light, Happiness meets with
    Sorrow, daylight and nightfall
    compete for attention.
    There are day when Joy meets
    with Mourning.
    And when those days comes upon
    Us, we are in disorientation, we
    run helter skelter, we find
    ourselves moving in different
    direction ll at once…
    May the days of sorrows be shortened.
    And may our mourning days be for just
    Our old ones who passes on….


  2. ..Nice one bro..your ability to capture and bottle the emotions behind words is an art that few would ever be able to emulate..Life is an irony but in all, death or life, we live on..plod on with gritted teeth sometimes but learn to live seeing the rainbow that accompanys the storm……you belong to a revered company bro….


                    1. And you are on point again! A gold fish sure has no place to hide! And our dear #Topazo is a rare Gold Fish!


  3. I’ve never lost anyone but I’ve lost a part of myself that many times I feel this way, wishing I could resurrect the dead but the evolution of a new beginning, the hope of a better tommorow and the faith in the One leading me is what gives me life abundance!!


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