Songs by the fire

Bring out the banjo and the ukulele

Run, fetch the tambourine and drum

Let’s sit in a circle around the fire

Let love warm our hearts

As our bodies are warmed by the hearth

Break out a song on the guitar

Fiddle with the strings and let the strains

Make merry

Who will sing the solo?

Perhaps you? Me?

Or maybe we make it a quartet?

Better still, let’s all sing it together

“Happy Birthday to you”

The flow merchant

“Happy Birthday to you”

The Lyrical genius

“Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday”

To the Doctor with Swags

“Happy Birthday to you”

Dr Ekpo Ezechinyere.



25 thoughts on “Songs by the fire

  1. ……awwwww……I AM BLOWN!!!! WHAT A CONSPIRACY OF LOVE!!! TOPAZ!!! THANKS BRO…Yemie, I smell your mischief tainted air somewhere in all this..I LOVE YOU ALL…THREE GBOSAS FOR Z CHANNEL!…ESE GAN NIIIIII


    1. Happy Birthday to you dear sir, your life is an inspiration and your words..whew! I have no words to describe them…
      thanks for being part of this little space..
      as for the smelling thingy, I salute your power of perception… it was a deliberate act on my part, to show you that this isn’t just me, it is from us..all of us here at TZC…we love you and celebrate you today…many happy returns!


    2. Huh?! I dunno what you’re going on ’bout, Bday bwoi, but I’ll let it slide; its your day and I’ll let you get away with just ’bout everything, especially murder, slander and defamation of character! Hmph! LMAO!


      1. …Lol..your character is embedded in roses and Jasmine…can never be defamed! Love you Sis…..You are one of a kind and your lively energy makes the sun seem like a cheap tiger battery…


  2. Aw! This is so mighty ‘schweet’ of you Doc, very culturally enriching and highly representative of the amazing guy with so much sway, swag, suave, style, so sleeky and really smooth! ‘Noice’! LOL

    Happy Birthday ‘Flow Merchant’, may you have many more and may all of your dreams, aspirations and desires come to fulfillment this season -;,, Amen! Have a blast Sir, you’re so well deserving of sooo much more! Cheers! LOL


  3. Haaaaaa!!!!!!! #Topazo! This is so sweet! Sweeter than honey or the honeycomb! I’m so green right now! Green with joy tho’ *smirking* lols!!!!!! HAPPY HEARTY BIRTHDAY Sir, Dr Ekpo Ezechinyere!!! Many More to Come
    May the Almighty teach You how to number
    Your days. May His Hand of Grace, Favor,
    Blessings and Annointing be upon you ALWAYS…


      1. Hahahaha!!!!! Doc! Let me see….the last time I opened a Biology Text Book was when I was in Secondary Sch! And believe me Doc, if I tell you that it’s over a decade ago. Doubt if I remember what an ALGAE is!! Lols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to bust your bubbles Doc! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!


      1. You’ve been Knighted long before I come along #DrSwag! And that title rightfully belong to you and you alone! Cheers!!!!!! And you’re most welcome! Smiles…


  4. Saw the “flow merchant” line and I was just like “yeah, you’re damn right about that!”

    The things these Doctors will do to us… 🙂

    Happy birthday DrSwag, may the swag never end. May your days be long in good health and “swaggerlicious” prosperity.


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