Bloody tears

The skies weep blood

Or is the tears that cloud our eyes?

The soil now grows bodies, like yam

Buried deep within the ground- lifeless

When did this abomination creep in?

Who welcomed him and gave him water

To wash his feet and palm wine to drink?

Who beckoned to him from afar, and

Promised him a safe haven?

Who gave him a place to stay and a hoe to farm?

Because the stranger now plants men as seed

And waters it with the blood of our children

And has gathered a bounty harvest of wailings

Into his barn and his calabash is full of mourning.

Before the sun settles in the sky, he is drunk on our pain

And the sun leaves him in the evening swaying to the

Rhythm of our dirges.

We watch from afar, none can confront him

Our heads have become women

The warriors have lost their hearts

The skies weep blood

Or is it the tears that cloud our eyes?





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79 thoughts on “Bloody tears

  1. Excellently captured what’s going on in our country Nigeria! The sky I doubt if it weeps blood. It is our tears that is bloody! From shedding too many tears for the fallen.
    Sambisa, Baga, Bomb blast here, there
    everywhere! Haaaaa!!!!! This is too much
    for us to bear o!!!! Our eyes are tired from
    too much shedding of tears…
    Exceptional Piece Doc….


                1. Hahaha!!!!!! #DrSwag!!! HORLICKS???? Owwkayyyy!!!!!!! Get me like 6 pack o, plus enough milk! Hehehe!!!! Great prescription!!! Lols!!!!!


                  1. Hahaha!!!! **Laughing like there’s no tomorrow!*** So you supported DrSwag? No qualms now, like I told him you guys can contribute the Horlicks, or better still send the money down. And I will so buy and drink ehn, you guys will start to wonder what happened! Lols!!!!!!!


        1. Lols! When you have a Sis like Yemie, you get to learn a great deal! ***Tewe ba pe lara ose, aadi ose ni ke!!!!*** lols!!!!


              1. And just so you know.
                You and DrSwag are Ose too, that have been robbing off on me! Hehehe!!!! So, I’m Ewe, and you guys are the Ose. Lols!!!!!!!!!!!!


        1. Ha! Amity. I’m humbled and flattered! Yeah, I drank more than my fill from the Goddess herself. And I’m so glad I did!!! Lols!!!!!!! Thanks Sis Amity…

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Ha, but we must pay obeisance to the Queen, the Goddess of Words herself! We will always pay homage to Her Royal Highness!!!


                1. Lols!!!! I told you. I smell mISCHIEF coming from you Docky Docky!!! Hehehehe!!!!!! Our Goddess of Words aint no Dragon lady biko! Lols!!!!!!!!!


  2. Exceptional piece. I didn’t even think of Nigeria, when I was reading this one. This one took me into one of those Epic movies we see in Nollywood that go something like,” the anger of the gods” or the “tears of the fallen” or “sunset at noon” or something like it. In my head, I could hear all those typical Nollywood tunes, that accompany this kind of dirge, you know with that our special Ibo flute, plotting its solemn course into souls and meandering its way into weary hearts.

    Seriously Doc, this one should be up for sale. Nice work. Well done.


        1. Yes no say i sabi this one, well, well!!! Now, i certainly know the pen is mightier than the sword!!! Una too good…..You have certainly plotted your solemn course into my soul with thy fingers..

          Liked by 1 person

              1. The magic is in the people Dr Swag…the beauty in their essence is what enchants…hearts made up of precious jewels diffracting in the light…distilling in the words…


  3. OHK! If I didn’t know any better, I coulda sworn this poetry was composed by someone in the Arts and Literature Department, but its sooooo not so! The Poet’s a Scientist! A Shrink and somehow, he still manages to pull this off, with an expertise so believable and too convincing to the contrary! Perhaps a case of someone missing out on his life’s calling?! Perhaps?! ‘Coo-reepy! *rme* LMAO!

    O thou artistically-inclined Scientist Sir, I marvel at thy use of imageries! How for instance, ‘abomination’ is likened to a man, a sojourner; who’s welcomed with open arms unknowingly by clueless town folks, to unleash destruction, affliction and catastrophe of monumental proportions! I love every line, so culturally enriching, really ‘Afrocentric’, glum, mysterious and pretty dark; but highly creative! Only a wise man and deep thinker coulda pushed the boundaries to come up with such a traditional masterpiece of a composition, which I can liken to Literary Giants and heavyweights in the game! The Soyinkas, Ola Rotimis et al! Guys who know their onions and have thrived in their chosen fields of career, plus they actually did receive ample training in that field but you Doc, you simply just leave me bewildered like how do you do it?! LMAO!

    Bloody tears is a win! I submit! And you Doc, are given to wisdom; far above and sooo beyond your years! Smart Alec or should that be smart mouth?! Better still, both! You take the cake hands down, any time; all of the time! Oh yes, you do! *laughing*


    1. Hehehehehe! My bad Doc, the poem’s reminiscent of the types of masterpieces churned out by these guys with the traditional vibe and flava! And aint nuttin’ wrong in me aspiring ‘on thy behalf’ to be like these Legends and surpass ’em even! All things are possible to him that believe and you’re well on your way, if you only open up thy eyes to see! That good enough an explanation for you then?! *raised eyebrow* LOL


        1. Aw! Its not as much ’bout me as it is ’bout you Doc! You do all of these, its all of you and by that, you make it so darn easy for me to believe in you and your abilities in the ‘violent’ way that I do! Thanks for having me on here, I am so much more deeply humbled than you’ll ever know! Soar on high up Sir, you’ve got this! LOL


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