Behind the clouds

There is darkness at noon

Our sun is hid behind the clouds

And meets an untimely death

Dark clouds murder the warmth

And locks the light in darkness

Our paths are treacherous

We stumble over stones

And fall into the open mouths

Of the pit.





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12 thoughts on “Behind the clouds

  1. Doc, to say this is so beautifully penned is an understatement of the New Year. And I really can relate personally to this righ now.
    Feeling like there’s no light at the end of this endless tunnel I’m so confused right now…*sighs*
    But with this piece, you brilliantly paint the scenario of the situation we face personally as an individual, and also what we face as a Nation. Kudos #Topazo..real kudos to you.


    1. Jules, it is just a phase. soon, the sun will come blazing forth and all the pain and darkness and sorrow will be over.
      pray tell, do you have someone you confide in? it might really be of great help if you talk to someone…to just unburden…


      1. Hmmm….I really wish there is someone I can talk to, who will truly understand how I feel right now. But then…thanks Doc, for your concern. I’ll be fine I guess..smiles…


        1. There is always someone Jules…but are you willing to allow yourself to be vulnerable…to take the risk in trusting…to take a plunge of faith….
          yes, you will be fine, just hold on…


          1. Alright Doc…if you believe so. I know there are people too. But to truly give a listening ear is all I want…yes Doc, I’ll be fine thanks a lot. I appreciate your care…


  2. Hmm…darkness at noon…not very pleasant to contemplate. But I guess that’s what pretty much happens when the sun is out of range, even if for a moment. We stumble. May that guiding light never cease to beam for us. Thank you Topazo.


  3. This is a dark, and most terrifying composition Doc, grisly! Hopelessness so well depicted ‘We stumble over stones, and fall into the open mouths of the pits’! That’s horrific, the sheer horror of it! Plenty scary! *shuddering*

    It’d be a lot easier for a blind person, and usually, they have a sixth sense; to grope his way and navigate through a scenario such as this one literally, than one with both his eyes intact! Light is everything! ‘Let there be light, says the Lord, and there was light’! With light, all’s but illuminated and one’s able to see crystal clear! The Light of God’s all that we need in our lifes’ situations and we’ll be good else, we wander aimlessly like Sheep without a Shepherd, go astray and become ensnared! May our lights not be snuffed out too soon, and may the Light of God so shine in our lives that darkness will not comprehend IJN, Amen!

    Kudos on this amazing piece Doc, it makes complete sense, just like you! *laughing*


    1. ” May our lights not be snuffed out too soon, and may the Light of God so shine in our lives that darkness will not comprehend IJN, Amen!”
      Amen! very apt prayer….
      Thanks Yemie…your perspective is always refreshing


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