Edge of Tomorrow

I stand on the edge of tomorrow

A tortuous precipice

Uncertainty howling

Fear chills the bone

Sweat breaks out from every pore

There is only one way forward

With eyes closed and arms spread

I take the plunge.



91 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow

  1. Wow!!!! Now that’s what I call taking the bull by the horn! And you sure nail the bull right in the centre of both eyes! Though sometimes some decisions are tough to be made, we just must close our eyes and take that plunge…excellent piece and very educating…


  2. Pretty’s as pretty does but beautiful on the other hand’s just plain ‘Be-U-ti-ful’! The use of imageries here, I find totally appealing, breathtaking and very hypnotic! You brought this Doc, you really did and am completely drawn to yet another of your masterpieces! So profoundly brilliant! Double thumbs up Sir! LOL

    ‘I stand at the edge of tomorrow’, with tomorrow representative of a Peak, and the Narrator….pretty terrified of great heights! He finally does muscle up just the right amount of courage, which Ambrose Redmoon defines as ‘Not the total absence of fear, but rather; the judgment that something else is more important than one’s fear’! Todd Bellemore on the other hand says ‘Courage is facing your fear, Stupidity’s fearing nothing’! LMAO!

    In all, we gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face says Eleanor Roosevelt and the Narrator, taking that great leap, or a chance if you may and plunging into the unknown, an uncharted territory; is by far the most corageous, wisest and smartest of all! He’ll come out valiant, victorious…a winner! No risks, no rewards after all so why the heck not?! LOL


    1. Yemie oooooo….YOU MUST WRITE BOOK OOOOO!!! The puzzle of life would never be complete until you write a book…you are on the edge of your tomorrow, TAKE THE PLUNGE!!!!!!!


      1. ****Raises both hands and both legs, even nods my head vigorously to support the motion!!!!*****
        If Sis. Yemie didn’t write a book, this planet Earth won’t revolve around the sun o! In fact God is going to hold Judgement Day until you write!!!!
        And I’m seriously waiting in anticipation to read your book o, in fact autographed copy sef!


                    1. Jeez! ‘Drug-runner’ ei?! My bad, totally! That oughta be ‘Drug-Peddler’! Its only guys dealing in guns that are termed ‘runners’, ‘Gun-Runners’! All’s well that ends well then! Phew! *Yinmu* LOL

                      Signing off now for real, and this time; its totally dismissive! So long, adieu! LMAO!


                  1. Wow! Such great revelation and eye-opener! I was blind, but now I see! I. CAN, ACTUALLY. SEE! Wowzer! Didn’t know it was you all along Doc! Thanks for the ‘insight’! LMAO!


                    1. Oh but that’s where you got it all wrong Doc! You see, it was the blindness of the eye I was plagued with, as much as you were with deafness when you asked ‘Did someone just say something’?! To which I responded ‘Who wants to know…?! So, this mind thingy’s all YOU! You need to go look into that! I dash you, spare me that! LMAO!


            1. Since when did 1 vote won against a whole 3??? Haba Sis, you can’t wiggle out of this one ooooo!!!! Zee, Amity, I need you ladies here please!!!! Sis. Yemie is trying to escape her Goal o!!!! Lols!!!!!


        1. Wow! Such gaiety and great show and shower of confidence in none other but….me?! *rme* LOL

          Owkay! Am so tongue tied right now and more than flattered but still I’ll say this: ‘Do not hold your breath Jules, don’t’! Please?! Plus, thanks a gazillion for that shower and show of perhaps too much confidence?! You totally blow me away! Thanks! LMAO!


            1. Aw! Such great, immeasurable show and shower of confidence Doc! Am soooo dripping, soaking wet from it all right now that the urgent need to take a raincheck or should that be a ‘shower-check’ just arose! *Yinmu again*

              Take the plunge guys, am right behind y’all! No shaking! LOL


        1. Right! And why isn’t that coming as a surprise then?! What else is really new?! *smh* Some things simply never change, they’re a constant ‘K’ and almost impossible to just ignore! Dream on Doc, dreams do come true! Afterall, if you can dream it, you can bloody heck do it abi?! Carry on! LOL


      2. Oh look a Kitten……here we go again, right back to where we started from! And I’ve got this to say to you Swag: ‘Get thee behind me Dr. Ezechinyere Ekpo and far be it from me that I’d call you a ‘pusher’ but that’s what and indeed who you art’! I’ll take a plunge let’s see…… *pondering*……….yep; right after YOU! So be my guest and Lay off of me while you’re at it too, gosh! *smh* ROTFLMAO!


                  1. Topazo the dreamer, Seer, Poet, Writer, Shrink, Doctor REALLY versed in drugs especially LSD due to SERIOUS, INDEPTH professional training and soooo many more! Na you biko! Carry go, omo nla! LMAO!


          1. Yes ooooo!!!! She’s the Goddess of Words, the one we all look up to, and we are ready to follow in her foot step!!! Hehehe!!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks a bunch Honeycomb and a very Happy Prosperous New Year to you too! That analysis was spurred on by the masterpiece churned out by none other than the brilliant Doc; Temitope Ogundare of many talents and giftings, so I take zero credit! Will swing by your space real soon and come play catch up! Thanks again dear! I ‘ppreciate! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Good thing that you ‘think’ Doc, you DON’T KNOW for a fact! Hmph! Let everyone speak for themselves plus, if there isn’t any post, would there be an analysis to be done on a blank, plain screen?! Beat it Doc, am not sold on your ‘theory’! Its all YOU! ALWAYS! Gba bee! LMAO!


            1. Oldest trick in the book! Resorting to cheap blackmail now are you?! Biko, leave everybody be and accept the plain truth for all that it is! Forget the analysis, its all you! Has always been you all along! You, for always! Just take it and leave it be will you?! Thanks! LOL


                1. Well then, what can I say?! Have it your way Doc! I have already overstayed my welcome on this post anyways and this is my cue to leave! Enjoy y’all, peace out! I had fun, cheers! LMAO!


                  1. Come back here Sis! We have scores to settle you know. Until you agree to write a novel, we won’t get of your back! Lols!!!!!


              1. That’s no blackmail Sis! We are just voting like the true voters of confidence that we are naa! And that’s the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth!!!! Lols!!!!!!!!!


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