The Perfect Morning

“Let me help you” Titi reached out to her husband.

There was a look in her eyes that stopped whatever protest Jide wanted to put up. He handed over the clippers to her.

She pushed him down gently on the bed and proceeded with the task. Jide was one of those guys that loved shaving his pubic hair and Titi found this very sexy. She had dated guys that the very sight of their pubic hair was a huge turn off. She had always loved to go down on her men but one look at the dense forest and she loses appetite. Jide was such a dream come true.

Jide watched his wife work with an intense concentration that excited him and he could feel the blood rushing downwards. His wife looked up then and winked at him. However did he get so lucky? He wondered.

Titi was everything he ever wanted in a woman. She was smart and a goal getter, a homemaker and the sexiest woman he had ever met. She was a very giving woman in bed and she always made him feel virile. Even now, looking at her, he felt desire welling up within him. Each touch sent a tingling sensation down his spine.

When Titi was done, she carefully cleaned the hair from his body and put the clippers down. She looked at the flagpole pulsing in between Jide’s legs and then at him. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she bent her head forward and took him in her mouth.

Jide arched upwards as the wave of pleasure hit him and a moan escaped his mouth. It was like she was reading his mind. He had been fantasizing about this particular scenario as she was shaving his pubes. The sustained eye contact as she worked his member with her tongue heightened the intensity of the pleasure. She was a natural and every movement sent ripples of pleasure up his spine and down to his toes that were curled in delight.

He was getting to the peak and he told her so. His hips were arching up convulsively and his breathing had become faster and shallower. Titi increased her tempo as he climbed higher and then with a grunt, he exploded.

He felt the wetness even before he opened his eyes. His eyes met that of his wife smiling down at him and with a glint to her eyes.

“You have been a naughty boy” she cooed, winking at him. His eyes followed hers towards his groin and he saw her fumbling with his member with her fingers sticky with semen.

She leaned forward and whispered “good morning honey” before kissing him fully on the mouth. His eyes followed her unclad body as she sashayed towards the bathroom.

She was wrong.

It wasn’t a good morning, it was a perfect morning.


56 thoughts on “The Perfect Morning

    1. Ah, I vehemently dissociate myself from any resemblance or connotations of similarity with this very lucky man here so portrayed!
      I am sorry for the erm…*coughs* sorry! Lol


        1. Hmm..hang on a minute Lucky Ducky Doc! However do you mean ‘all we people’ with dirty minds ei?! I don’t remember penning this erotic masterpiece, and neither did the Phantom! Oh wait! That would be YOU, the ‘brain’ behind this, the author, the originator, the real culprit! Dr Temitope Ogundare! Haa! LMAO!


        2. Oh Wow! And so it also checks out that I am the one with the ‘dirtiest’ mind amongst the lots of us ei?! I’ll take it, I’ll bite but I also say this with all confidence… ‘It takes one to know one’! In thy face Doc, suck on that! Hmph! LMAO!


            1. And I just happened to forget that you’re actually the man to whom mysteries are revealed, Zaphnathpaaneah! My bad! Forgive my indiscretion O Great Seer, am totally a cesspool of er….forgetfulness?! *raised eyebrow* LMAO!


        3. So we are the one with
          the dirty minds huh?
          But I can’t remember
          any of us being the
          one behind this exoctic
          story naa, at least not me!
          And I’m sure Sis. Yemie’s
          hands are squeaky clean
          too! It’s all your
          mischievous self!
          And I too am
          beginning to suspect that
          Perfect Morning was
          bestowed upon you!!! Lolsssssssssssss!!!!!!


            1. Ha! But Sis Yemie already denied ever penning that, and I believe her. Non of us did Doc, it was all your doing! Mehn…but na the guys I pity pass o! *Strolls of with a jug of Chi Exotic Pineapple Juice* hehehe!!!


  1. *fanning self* My Father! My Father!! This is wayyyy too ‘hawt’ for mere words! Sooooo beyond words infact that amma just as well settle for whaaaaatttttt??? Wow! LMAO!

    Steamy never looked quite so……SIZZLING! A perfect morning indeed! I mean, how perfect can a morning get after all of ‘these’?! Nice one, Doc; real nice! LOL

    Loved the easy flow, and well, I lived through reading this spectacularly erotic and highly sensual masterpiece of a write, so am good! Really, I am! I promise! Kudos! *Yinmu* LMAO!


          1. Yeap! And that’s just the VERY thing I need to be cured! You’re a Shrink anyhow, so no surprises there! I feel my hope rising up several notches and I know am not totally a lost cause, Glory Hallelujah! *Yinmu* LOL


        1. Hmm! And you know this because…..*straight- faced*

          PS: in line with what you’re famed for preaching and teaching Doc; may I be allowed to chip in a word and speak for myself then?! That’s if it isn’t too much of a favor to ask really! Seriously?! You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me! Get to me indeed, that’s what you see! Hmph! Silly Nilly! *not laughing*


  2. Choi Doc! Pity us wey still dey single naa, ahn ahn! See gobe of the highest gbege!! In fact, I must go an get married sharp sharp!
    But #Topazo, *in Sis. #Yemie’s voice* whatever were u thinking?!!! Hehehe!
    Nice one Doc, got the adrenaline kicking!
    An Epic!


  3. Ei! Cheeeesox!

    E no fair o o! A PG 18 would’ve been enough for me to waka pass with my eyes shut jeje na. Now I’ll have to sleep with 3 boxers and 2 trousers…before one yeye succubus decides to turn to a sucking and smiling entity on my case.


    1. Hahahaha!!!!!!!! Joseph!!!!! Sowie u hia! Hehehe! Doc just wanted to perform some mischief ni o! Lols!!!! Make sure say u wia pant join am o! Hehehe!!!


        1. Haba!!!!!! Docky!!!!
          Which kain set-up be dat naa?!!! See set-up of the century! Abeg Doc, nor be dat kain adrenaline I dey toku! Na the oda kain one! Sheybi u know dat one wey I dey toku?! Yes, na dat kain, nor be dis kain atall!!!!! Lols!!!!!!!


        2. LOL. You need to take something for this your cough o, Doctor! (I’ll prescribe an anti-matchmaking drug) 🙂

          Dear Jules, you’re a life saver! I scaled through the night unmolested…although I woke up less of 3 boxers and 2 trousers. Saved by that pant, innit?

          Y’all have a good morning. Nay, perfect morning. 😉


          1. Ha! Am I so happy for you Joe! Thank God you remember the pant!! Lols!!!! And wishing you a most perfect morning too! Hehehe!!!!


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