Feet stuck in a quagmire

Every effort leads downward

Deeper sinks the legs

Hope dips and never rises





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8 thoughts on “Quagmire

  1. The beauty of this masterpiece is in its simplicity! Though the lines be few, I dunno of any poetry composed with such astounding completeness! This is pretty fascinating Doc and am reminded of one of Akon’s classics when he first broke out onto the music scene, with lyrics that goes a lil something like this:
    ‘These streets reminds of quicksand, when you’re on it. You keep going down, going down. Where there’s noone to pull you up, where there’s noone to pull you out, you keep on falling; noone can hear you calling and then you end up self-destructing…..LOL

    The title’s so well depicted! A total, very absolute dilemma! That’s like being between the Devil and the deep blue sea, or between a rock and a really hard place! Either ways, its game over and hope’s a mirage; except one gets a lucky break and divine help arises from the Heavens!

    Brilliantly concocted Doc, double thumbs up! You go boy! LOL


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