Do you really love me?

The nominations for the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards are open. The nominations will run till February 1, 2015.

The Z channel needs your nomination to make it into the race.

This is out it works: for each category, the blogs with the most nominations will be selected to be voted for by a panel of Judges.

So, The Z Channel needs a lot of nominations.

If you love me, here are simple steps you can do to prove it.

1. Click the link here to go to the nomination form OR (

2. Fill your name and valid email

3. In Categories 2 and 27, simply type “”. Please do not add “www” or “http” to it! This is very important for your nomination to count.

4. Click “Submit”

5. You will receive an email verification (please check your spam folder too!)

6. Click the link in the email

It is done! In 6 easy steps!

Now, if you really love TZC- you enjoy the posts, the feel of home and friendship here, then go to step 7.

7. Invite your friends and family to join in the nomination too. Share the link with them and take them through it. Remember, to stand a chance, we needs loooooots of nominations.


Remember, The Z Channel needs you!




9 thoughts on “Do you really love me?

  1. Drama! Drama!! Drama!!! Some title that is Doc, like really! You’re such a ‘Drama Queen’ aren’t ya?! *raised eyebrow* LOL

    Anyhows, been there, done that and I’ve invited my commitee of friends! Chief amongst ’em, ‘Sammoyd 17’; holla at ma boy; thanks buddy, I ‘ppreciate lots for coming through for me! Rooting for ya all the way Doc; I hope you clinch this cause I’ve gat MAD love for thee! Break a leg Doc, e go be! *giggling*


    1. Thanks Yemie…I knew you wouldn’t fall short of your status as super fan!
      God bless…
      P.S I see your attempts at emasculating me has begun…the feminine adjective…really? carry go


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