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God chuckled as He put the finishing touch to the image He was molding. He knew exactly what Adam would go for, if he had a choice in the matter.

He leaned back and inspected the finished work, and wondered what name Adam would give to it. He decided that He would let Adam do the honors. After all, Adam was the one that would get to live with her.

As He leaned forward to pour of Himself into her, a wave of sadness washed over Him. Cries filled his mind as He saw the pain that her descendants would go through. He saw the images playing out before His eyes- the travails, the welts, bruises and scars. He wondered how His creatures will get to that point when they were blind to the beauty of His creation.

Every part of her had been delicately crafted. Her hair, silky and soft to be her crowning glory. Her bosom, full and soft, to nurture her young ones and to comfort her soul mate. Her hips, wide and rounded, to carry her children. Her womb, a haven of safety for her unborn children. Her most prized possession however had been her heart, which had been fortified with love and compassion. Sadly, it is also that which men will use against her.

He had created her to be delicate and quaint yet with a quiet and understated strength but she would be exploited and abused. For a brief moment He hesitated, His heart aching for her, but not for long.

In those brief moments, He saw Adam as he named all the other animals, both male and female, and that look of loneliness that was etched on it once he was through. All the other creatures came in pairs, and had companionship. He could not bear to see Adam sad and moreover Adam would need a helper in the days to come.

He sighed.

“Everything has been made ready, since the foundation of the world.” The Word echoed it in His mind.

With a breath into her nostrils, her eyes opened. He stared into her eyes as she took Him in, and His face burst into a wide smile. She sat on her haunches and then bowed before Him. His heart swelled with pride. Yes, she was perfect, and she would live to worship Him.

He stretched forth His hands and she took it, it was time to show Adam his helpmeet.


Adam yawned and stretched.

He sat with his back against a tree and enjoyed the cool evening breeze. Something was amiss. There was a general chirper to the air. He could almost hear the wind whispering and the trees waving excitedly. The air felt festive and he could hear faint strains of music in the distance.

He shook his head to clear it. He thought he might still be reeling from the dream he had just woken up from. It had been a very strange but pleasant dream.

He had seen another being like himself, but different. The being had turned its back to him and faced the sun. The image had a long flowing hair that swayed to the rhythm of the wind, and its skin had been glowing. He had felt inexplicably drawn to the image and had felt like it was a part of him. It was a strange feeling but even now thinking about the dream he felt a longing in his heart.

There was also something more. Another feeling was washing over him, one he hadn’t felt before and one he couldn’t name.

He was so engrossed in this state of contemplation that he didn’t hear the Creator walking towards him.

“Adam” the Creator called softly

Adam looked up and gaped. He was staring at the very image he had seen in his dream. Only this creature was even more breathtaking in the flesh. He looked up from the well sculpted legs to the roundness of her hips and then to her bosom which was heaving, a bit too fast for someone walking at a leisurely pace. And finally, he found her face, and his breath hitched. It was oval with well chiseled mouth and thin lips. Her hazel eyes held his and seemed to look into his soul.

The Creator chuckled as He watched the two of them. Yes, He had been right about choice for Adam. He watched as Adam move towards her like one in a daze and took hold of her right hand. Then he traced a line on her face with his other hand.

Suddenly, Adam recognized the feeling he couldn’t name earlier. He had been feeling incomplete and here now, in his arms was that part of him that had been missing.

That feeling came again, the same one he had felt in the dream. The feeling that she was a part of him.

“You are right” the Creator said, reading his thoughts “I took a rib from you and fashioned her for you to be your helpmeet”

Adam looked at the Creator for the first time, awe and surprise etched all over his face. The Creator had just given him the best gift ever.

“I will call her Woman” Adam said, looking at her, “because she was taken from a man”

The Creator nodded.

Now everything was perfect.

“Be fruitful and multiply” The Creator said to them as He blessed them amidst the sounds of the harp and trumpet and all manners of musical instruments being played by the angels. “Replenish the earth and subdue it” He added.

Then the Creator established the first institution.

“A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. They will no longer be two but one” He declared.

As the Creator departed, He felt a dull ache in His heart. If only man would adore the woman like this for all eternity. Soon, this perfect image will be shattered and His jewel will be handled like a common stone by the brook.

Soon, the woman will be undoing of all mankind.

“But for a time” The Word whispered “till the appointed time that has been set since the foundation of the world and then all will be restored”


45 thoughts on “Eve

  1. Can i please borrow you brain and mind?
    I love the way you told the story so well.
    You took me back in time to Eden and i lived the story with them.
    Look at me looking forward to the next part as if i haven’t read the book of Genesis before.
    Doc! Well done you.


        1. As soon as i saw her, i recognized her! Thanks for bringing her over here..
          Don’t worry, my super fan will soon be here to roll out the welcoming carpet..she does it way better than i can


          1. Welcome on board Kadee! Great and Awesome to have you here!
            Just like #Topazo said, #QueenOfWords, Lady #Yemie have given you a befitten welcome! Lols
            So feel at home, you’re among Family here. One Big Family we are..*Hugs*


    1. Hola Kadeen! First, I love the sound of your name! Its pretty exotic and very catchy! Welcome to the Z-Channel Jellybeans, its great to see you on here! Strut your stuff, do whatever you wanna, roam free and just soar! We’re sooo mighty glad to have you here! And as you’ve observed, there are lotsa ‘ah-mazing’ pieces on offer to see and read! The ‘servings’ are divinely juicy and ‘Eve’ which you surmise as ‘amazing’, is one of a whole lot of ‘amazeballs’! Do check out the full length and breadth of this glorious plain will you and I assure you’d simply be blown away to smithereens by all that you shall find! Welcome again dearie, we love you tons! *hugs* LOL

      Thank you Quaint and Dainty China for bringing your buddy along! We shan’t forget by golly! God bless you sweets, rock on! *laughing*


      1. Amity, did you see what i said? Super fan things!
        Hi Kadeen, again, I hope with this thunderous welcome, you have decided to stay and make The Z Channel home? We all here are one big family, and I hope you join us…


            1. Aye Aye My Doc Sir, I’m soo on it! I’ve got this! *laughing*

              Hey Swag, seemed like only yesterday when you made a very dramatic entrance on to this glorious plain! You had everything locked down to the bootz that you just very naturally eased into the flow of things! You were an original! No fronting, no bull shittin’, just so real and pretty authentic! You were the ‘IT’ guy! Needless to say, you knew us long before you joined this ‘Brady Bunch’! You didn’t need a monster blow out of a ‘hero’s welcoming party’, neither did you need us to reel or roll out the red carpet in your honour, heck! You were family long before you came aboard! Why should I welcome you onto a place that you’ve belonged for so long in the spirit, before you made your physical self manifest? However, if you do insist, then I say, welcome home buddy! You’re our missing link and we’re mighty glad to have you join us! Roam free, do whatever the heck you wanna, put your feet up and let down thy hair, burst several moves, but take care not to break something! We’re soo privileged to have you here! God bless and keep ya buddy, we love you tons! Rock on! Phew! LOL

              I sure as heck hope you’re totally psyched up right now Swag, and that gimmick worked magic like hell! So do you feel very welcome already at this point?! You had better, Hmph! LMAO!


              1. And Sis has put the finishing SPEECH! Whew! Sis Yemie! I hope you’re not going to throw ma effort out through the window o! I’m so stressed out for all ma efforts! Lols!!!!


                1. Oh Jules, Your efforts are more than too well appreciated sweetness and like I said to you awhile back, this aint NO contest and I still maintain same! Plus, if memory serves me correctly, Swag got here before you made your dramatic entrance and in line with that, he oughta be the one welcoming you aboard, not the other way around! But hey! Who cares! All na for the glory of God in the grand scheme of things! Carry on dear, no shaking! LMAO!


                  1. Hahahaha!!!!! Hehehehe!!!! Oh Sis, I so love pulling your legs! Contest ke? Who can contend with you Sis? You’re extraordinary!!! Of course I know there’s no contest here. And I know Drswag’s been here long before I came along. But since he said he needs a welcome while I’m here, got no choice but to grant him one now. Lols!!!!


              2. well done super fan!
                Dr Swag, you see? you are family!
                But unlike Yemie, I feel when a family member returns after a long time away, a “welcome home party” is in order…


          1. *Takes a 50mile long Red Carpet, spreads it out for #DrSwag, takes a Royal Robe and adorn his neck* hope that’s a enough Welcome for you sire, or should we add more? Lols!


              1. Ok!!!! *sends for the Royal singers, sets up a banquet, looks brings the welcome award. Rolls out drums and trumpets! Let the Welcome Party begin!!!!* Whew! Reeling from the marathon race I just performed for setting everything up!
                Hope your highness is percified…lols


  2. Holy Lord of the Universe!
    *Whistles loud and long*
    This is thought provoking!
    Intriguing! Captivating!
    Sheer brilliance!
    Kai Doc….
    It’s not only Lady
    Amity that needs to borrow
    that mind of yours, in fact
    I’m in dire need of that
    Wonderful Brain of yours!
    Respect to you always.
    The way you bring Biblical
    Tale to live ehn, makes one
    feel like one was actually
    there when it was happening!
    Chai! I bow to you and duff my hat…
    Keep it up #Topazo, can’t get enough!


  3. This is such a dreamy masterpiece of a write! Its phenomenal! Something ’bout it seeks to draw and suck one right in! Its got a real magnetic appeal! I love the sychronization you sought to register, when The Creator was fashioning Eve, even as Adam slept and he, seemed to be in a kinda trance; somewhat in the know ’bout what was taking place right before his very eye! That part was pretty magical, enchanting! Moreso, the scriptures you threw in, at various different points, worked oh so well! Those were simply brilliantly achieved! Grace and wisdom multiplied Sir! *laughing*

    With these new Biblical tales, you just keep besting yourself and raising the bar several notches higher! This is award-worthy and far outshines ‘Eden’, which is in a class of its own! A wow piece of sheer magnificent beaut! I laud your efforts Doc, this sizzles and may the Good Lord continually cause for you to soar up high, with the wings of Eagles IJN; Amen! Double thumbs up! LOL


      1. Think nothing of it Sire! Priceless word that could only have been birthed by you Doc, the ingenious brain and author of a spectacularly arresting masterpiece of a narrative! Its really no wonder, its all ’bout you; these words are all YOU! Do not get it twisted! Carry on soaring! LOL


  4. A good well spiced meal for a healing heart,a rare,respected,dignified,unique…Wordsmith of our time,This is a dramatic sermon to restoring broken home,courtship,heart,….God bless the Boss with the pen,am sorry I mean the pen Boss or Topesmith


  5. Thank you all sooo much for your welcome!!! I really appreciate it 🙂 Your poems are great as well as all of your personalities! God bless you guys 🙂


  6. This…
    “With a breath into her nostrils, her eyes opened. He stared into her eyes as she took Him in, and His face burst into a wide smile. She sat on her haunches and then bowed before Him. His heart swelled with pride. Yes, she was perfect, and she would live to worship Him.”…

    I couldn’t help but smile widely at that and then smile widely through it all.
    Adam’s face must have been full of wonder, awe, at God and the woman.
    You made this come alive Topazo


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