Older and younger…

Happy birthday to Amity

The Z channel celebrates you as you turn a year older today

I am thankful to God for you,

For friendship.

As you continue on the journey of life

I wish you God’s speed, Mercy and Favour.

I hope you find all the happiness that your heart desires

And all the joy that you need.

Above all, I wish that you find love

For love is life

God is love

And that you have the courage to open your heart to love

And to not be afraid

There is no fear in love.

Always remember that you are beautiful, through and through,

And perfect

And that you deserve the best.

You are priceless, never settle for less

From life, demand the best

Work hard, pray hard, and trust hard

It will always work out for good in the end

Because God has a plan, which cannot be overturned.

Don’t worry much, hope always

Let your gift flow through you, don’t be afraid to use it

And watch it grow and touch lives around you.

Let’s celebrate!

Many happy returns!




4 thoughts on “Older and younger…

  1. Aw! Awesome admonitions! Happy Birthday Quaint and Dainty China! Here’s wishing you all of life’s best in all of your endeavours from this time forward and even forever more IJN, Amen!

    Lotsa happy cheers, bear hugs and kisses from me to you babycakes; keep soaring up high gurl! Congratulations!!!!! LOL


  2. Awww😘😘😘
    *wipes tears*
    this is so sweet and touching. You are awesome Doc Topazo of the Z channel.
    You are a blessing. You and all the wonderful Z channel crew.
    Keep shining your light and spreading the love.
    God is good.
    Thank you so much.


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