There is a myth passed down the ages.

Historians have tried to verify its veracity and archeologists have come up with probable discoveries to back it up.

But till now, no one has been able to authenticate it.

It is the myth of the delectable Garden of Eden, where human life started from.

The site of the great sin that plunged humans into catastrophe.

It is said that angels were deployed to guard the gate of the garden and guard the tree of life, preventing man from returning there and eating the fruit that would grant him immortality.

Like the Almighty.

Let me tell you a story about Eden.

In the beginning of time, God was. His throne was located on seven hills and from it came forth the light that lit up the whole universe and was its life force. In the earth’s atmosphere, the light is seen as the North Star, which serves as a guide to travelers and a reference point for astrologers. The light of God is the guiding light for all His creations.

His creation isn’t limited to the Earth. In fact, the Earth was the last of His creations. All things had to be made ready for His masterpiece.

He created the stars, both big and small and set in motion a chain of nuclear reactions that are never ending, deriving their energies from the hill of God. The galaxies, he carefully crafted and designed.

Then he created the Earth. The Earth has been existing long before God made man in it. It was a formless mass of matter, dark and with no light, brimming with energy from a thousand chemical reactions that has its origins from the throne of God.

Right from the beginning of creation, Earth has always been God’s favorite; it had the right size and location in the galaxy to serve His purpose. There He had planned to put the crown of His creation when He was ready.

Then, one glorious day in a timeless eternity, He decided that it was time to set His plan in motion. Now, the exact time He did this is a subject of debate and controversy. Scientists claim billions of years, and Creationist claim a measly six millennia. Their confusion is understandable; before now, there was no Time. Time as we know it today takes its origin from the Sun and the rotation of the Earth around it, and when that started precisely cannot be known. The works of God are unsearchable!

So, when God decided to start with His plans for Earth, it was with one statement, the famous line “Let there be light”

In that instant, the light of God ignited the ionosphere and the Earth lit up in an array of colors diffracted by the various layers in the Earth’s surface. It was such a beautiful display that warmed the heart of God and brought a smile to His face. He saw that it was good.

The once dark and lonely planet came alive. God was just beginning, and it was already a sight to behold. The waters rumbled, they were formed as the light caused the fusion of two of the elements in the Earth’s core. The waters were everywhere, they were to serve as one of the three things that will sustain the Earth. The other two are the Sun and Land.

Next, God created dry land- rich soil brimming with life sustaining nutrients. He made different kinds, each with unique properties suited for His designs.

All was set for life to begin. Life started in the form of shrubs and trees and dense vegetation. They were going to be the sustenance for the newly formed Earth. Then the waters brought forth creatures, from the simple algae to the complex mammals, all in an increasing order of complexity in shape, size and organization of systems. Next, the land animals and then all was set for the last of God’s masterpiece to be showcased.

For God’s last masterpiece, He had to look within Himself and do something He hadn’t done since He began His works on creation. First, He determined to pour a part of Himself into the last of His creature, and secondly, He decided to get involved in the creative process. He took of the clay from the earth and molded it and made an image, something different from all the other creatures.

When He was done, God looked at the image and knew it was perfect, with a highly developed brain that separated it from the other of His creatures. One thing was needed, His essence. And so, God leaned into the sculpture and breathed into it, transferring His Spirit into it. His creativity, foresight, intuition and insight was imbued into this graven image. In addition, He created a little temple in that image- the conscience, where He could always have direct access to the man he had created and be able to direct Him on good and evil. Invariably, with a part of God in the image, man was designed to always yearn for the Creator, whose part he is made up of.

So it was that as soon as God’s breath entered into the image, a man opened his eyes and looked into the eyes of Creator. From then, it was impossible to separate the creature from His Creator.

The Creator was not done yet, He had prepared a special place for His greatest masterpiece. Somewhere in a choice land, Eden, on the east side, out of where four rivers took their origins. There, He placed man and made him a gardener. He was to take care of the Creator’s creatures and nurture them.

The Garden of Eden was perfect. The trees were luxuriant, in the first of their fruitful year, the soil brimming with abundance of nutrients. The fruit growing on the trees were succulent and their nectar pure. The earth was new and undefiled. The trees were arranged in lines, and stretched as far as the eyes could see. The floor of the garden was always damp, the tall trees provided a cover from the sun.

It was in the midst of these trees that God and Adam had fellowship every evening. God doted on His image on Earth. It was a delight to see Adam talk with so much wisdom and intuition. Such joy that is akin to what a father feels when he watches the fruit of his loins grow up and bear a striking resemblance to him.

Such was the nature of the relationship that existed between them that God allowed Adam to assist in putting finishing touches to the works of creation. God saw that all He had made was good but there remained the little problem of names for all the animals. Day by day, as God fellowshipped with Adam, he sought Adam’s opinion on the names of all the creatures that He had created, and whatever name Adam gave was what they were called. Man was perfect in all ways. He was a god on earth.

When all was done, creation was finished. All was perfect.

Well, Almost.

God was saving the best for the last.

It all happened when Adam was sleeping….


image used courtesy Flickr


35 thoughts on “Eden

  1. EDEN…where it all started
    The Creation that was awesomely
    Then came MAN, the very
    Epitome of Creation.
    The Fellowship with God was the
    most beautiful…
    Then came the temptation
    and the Fall of Man…
    Doc, I don’t like repeating myself
    but then, what word to describe your
    Ingenuity? The sheer brilliance with
    which you portray the most important
    History of all time
    I’m short on words…but
    then, it’s #Topazo, ain’it?
    I’m flabbergasted by the #vividity
    of your write-ups. Please keep it up!
    Seen already, that 2015 is gonna hold lots of astounding works of arts from you!


      1. Flatter???! Did you just say flatter?
        Holy Jesus Son of Mary & Joseph!
        Holy Jesus Son of the Most High God!
        Now you and
        I know this ain’t no flatter!
        You are the Best gift this Generation can ever have, you stand out,
        you’re #Outstanding!
        You are exceptionally great! Forget that word flatter ain’t never in ma dico! Ride on Doc,
        So glad to be on the same #Ship with you! Lols!!!!


  2. Wow! This is so unlike any Biblical tale you’ve ever had to spin Doc! This intro of ‘The Creation’ is so masterfully concocted! Its sheer beaut! The whole intergalactic angle of celestial creations, the terrestial angle of plants and animals; all well featured! You left absolutely nothing out, very insightful! And that part where God created man in His image, showering him with so much love, attention and care’s most endearing, enrapturing! Plus, the way you ended it all here, trailing off with God saving the best for last; while Adam was yet asleep……..EPIC! This is ingenious Sire, Nice one! *applauding*

    Another beautiful, very unusual concept; successfully executed and safely tucked away in the bag! Keep bringing it Doc, you just upped your game by several long shots! This is top notch, historical and very entertaining! Game on Doc, let’s have some more, puh-lease! LOL


    1. if only we knew the depth of God’s love for us!
      he dotes over us, in ways we can’t conceive…

      thanks for your brilliant analysis…and your high praise..


      1. *flushed* Thanks a bunch Swag, you’ve got my head in a spin! Living up to your appellation as the Lyrical Genius I see, with flows so magnificent and effortless like always! Those gets me and am totally, absolutely done in for sure! Gba o! LMAO!

        I just couldn’t help myself after reading through this masterpiece of a commentary on the story of the creation! It birthed those ‘yummy’ thoughts and that line you reeled out in your thoughts…..genius! *winks* LOL


          1. *shell shocked* Oh no you didn’t Swag! Wherever did ‘that’ come from?! Hahahahahahaha! Is this the new you for ’15 then?! Oh boy! Wow! A very interesting ’15 it looks to me like it gon’ be! Oh Wow! ROTFLMAO!

            You’ve just lost your innocence Swag, I hope you know that! Plus, you knew EXACTLY what I meant by ‘totally, absolutely being done in’; before deciding to twist up ’em words! Something stinks here and it aint fish! You’ve been had darling, since stepping foot aboard this glorious, mischief-filled plain! Uw! Gloomie has totally won you over to the dark side! I’m very afraid right now but in a very new twist of mine own, am digging this new you! And what else could possibly go wrong with the world as I know it?! That beats the crap outta me, who wants to know?! *rme* LMAO!

            For a black woman I get flushed no end?! What in tha heck’s that mean?! Care to ‘enlighten’ me Swag?! You totally lost me there! *raised eyebrow*


            1. Loooooooollllzzzz!!! You are always getting redder than Rudolph’s nose niii with your endless flushing…..Just telling you the truth and you now call me Darth Varder for that…not fair!!!! For your info, I am still a good Jedi Knight, Gloomie aint dragging me nowhere…no way Jose! *yinmu* lollll…….


              1. Uw! You poor, poor, poor darling! You simply cannot see it can you?! You’ve been had! You’re now a Dark Lord and even Darth Varder aint gat nada on you! Heck! He doesn’t even come close! Darth Varder?! Ahem….who was that again?! Oh puh-lease! *rme* ROTFLMAO!

                Gloomie has you where he wants you Swag like oh yeah Jose! So deal with it! That guy’s infectious! Totally contagious! He’s so worse off than a virus you see, and you’re his latest ‘victim’! Pity! LMAO!


                1. if there is anybody that has been infected with Gloomie virus, it is you Yemie. this your attempt to turn the spotlight on Dr Swag is very weak to say the least…
                  Dr Swag is sunshiny and warm and full of colors…


                  1. *raised eyebrow* Huh?! Did someone, anyone by even some remote chance just coo?! I thought so too! Get outta here Gloomie, I wasn’t even talking to you! Let the man speak for himself and snap outta your reverie while its still yet day! I aint gloomy so suck on it! Psst! ROTFLMAO!


        1. *sighs* You know you’re more than amazing just the way you are Jules don’t ya?! Need I reiterate that more than I oughta?! OHK! Sweets, just take it from me when I say….. YOU ARE MORE THAN AWESOME, just by being you! You’re the absolute bestest you can be and I do appreciate all of your kind words! Thanks for all ’em compliments, am sooo bowled over and pretty humbled! God bless you sweetness! Mwah! LOL


          1. Awwwwwwwwww…*snifs* Thanks a lot dearest Sis, I’m so humbled by those wonderful words of yours. Thanks so much. *Hugs* Smiles…


  3. … Scientists claim billions of years, and Creationist claim a measly six millennia. Their confusion is understandable; before now, there was no Time……Bullesye bro…this is so insightful, revealing and inspiring….Dude, you gat something here….By the way, I love the new look of Z channel….all the gold enchants…ensures I will certainly pitch my tent here…welldone!!!


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