Hovering like a cloud overhead,

Shielding the ray of the sun

And hanging menacingly,

Sadness looms over my soul.

The warmth of the sun is turned into

A chilly breeze that bites deep into my soul;

It is winter here inside of me

And my body is exposed to its harshness;

Slowly, the first sign of frost bite appears,

Death comes in hues of blue,

Blood curdles and the body dies in piece meals


image via Flickr



63 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Oh boy! What to say to this?!!!! Wow Doc, this is awesomely awesome. Well maybe I should put #Harmattan in place of Winter, hehehe! But in ma soul, I feel the bite of loneliness just like the harsh sting of winter. Oh mehn…*sighs*


    1. Harmattan no hard reach o…
      this bone chilling cold air wafting into the narrator’s soul and slowly freezing him to death is stronger than the cold harmattan wind…it is several degrees below zero Celsius and the narrator is dying slowly inside out…


      1. Holy Teggers!!!! Oh my!!! What?!!! So feeling so sad for the narrator! *sad face* I got me a blanket to lend to the author plus hot chocolate to warm his dreary soul and a jacket to cover his bleary body! How ’bout ‘at? Is that gonna be enough for him? *straight face*


                  1. And to think that, tho’, it’s always at the tip of my tongue/comment, I find it hard to believe that I’m yet to tell you how much I love this #NewLook&Name of this wonderful blog of yours.
                    So Gorgeous,
                    Bright, and so
                    TECH!!! Lols…
                    Good Job of


  2. This is a really eerie, very bizarre masterpiece! Sheer beauty in simplicity! Imagine having a blizzard, a snowy, wintry storm raging inside of one! That cannot be good at all, the horror! *shivering* LOL

    The concept’s brilliant Doc! I adore the lingo ‘death comes in hues of blue, blood curdles and body dies in piecemeal! That’s horrific, but magnificently so! Its sooo official then, Gloomie’s back, all the way live for ’15! Dang! LMAO!

    Nevertheless, a lotta thoughts went into concocting this, so I say splendid Doc, splendid! Way to go! LOL


    1. I like the word ‘blizzard’…describes it well..
      it should find its way into this poem…or maybe in the next poem…
      Gloomie wishes you a happy new year Yemie, say to deliver the message personally to you.
      thanks for hanging out here in 2015 again…


      1. Aw! Happy New Year to you to Gloomie! I had mad, ‘cooreizy’ insane fun hanging out with thee for ’14 and I hope it’d get sooo much better in ’15! Thank you so much, you made every count for me! *laughing*

        Ahem…I thought you’d like the word blizzard and I was soo darn correct in my rationale! However, to think it’d find its way into this monsterpiece or be used in another’s quite worrisome! But again, its Gloomie init?! Like really, what am I expecting?! *shrugs* LMAO!


        1. you see? hang out with Gloomie for so long and you will begin to think like him! told you the last time we had that convo, that you are crossing over to the dark side..and little by little you are!


          1. Hmm….someone looks to me like he’s shooting off his mouth! That said, quit tooting your own horn, Gloomie and get over yourself already! Noone’s crossing over to the dark side, least of all me and I speak for myself! Plus, things are not always what they seem! That I hang out a lot with Gloomie does not make me gloomy, nuh-uh! That’s what you see! I know and see differently! Hmph! ROTFLMAO!


    2. Oh Sis! And here I was hoping that #Gloomy made a journey with 2014. To think he’s gonna be sticking around for 2015! *sighs deeply* Serious issue this is…*walks away*


      1. Hehehe! I do feel your pangs of pain dear! Gloomie’s always been a part and parcel of this glorious space for as long as I can remember, dating back to long before I came aboard! So its no surprise he’s still here! He should knock himself right out, no lele! LOL


                1. *raised eyebrow* Ya think?! Get a grip Gloomie! You know exactly what I mean! It aint ’bout getting all wrapped up in you to the point of adopting your lingo! Stop acting all shady and bursting your tripz, not cute! You lil YUCK you! LMAO!


                    1. *yawning* Yeah, sure, Gloomie; apparently! Only problem being that you only see what you wanna, but I guarantee you’ve never been more WRONG! I’ve got more than enough words in my lexicon to go on! Scratch that! To last me several lifetimes and I don’t need yours! Ya dig?! Hmph! LMAO!


          1. Yeah…I noticed, and that’s the more reason I’m bent on dragging his sad ass outta here before he spreads his *coolness and sadness around! Lols!!!!!


                  1. For where! I reject, I cast, I bind in Jisos Name I pray! Amen! *Sprinkle Holy Water & Annointing Oil on Head and body!* Whew!


  3. Hmmm
    Gloomy indeed.
    Winter in the soul worse than being in the shadow
    ‘cos when the heart freezes it can be disastrous.

    I do hope the rays of the golden morning sun filters through the thick cloud of sadness looming over the narrator’s soul and our dear narrator shall live once more.


  4. I’m going to be just absolutely frank, I read the poem, twice, and then I read comments slowly, hahaha. Something about your regular readers, lively bunch for sure and one other thing I’m thinking but never going to say, lol.

    About poem, lovely. Makes you think how the insides of a man can suffer winter. He must be depressed, alone definitely and most probably love-less…?

    Welldone, topazo.


    1. TM, I am in dire need of that thought you have refused to share…. say it or I die!

      about my regular readers, lively would not do them justice. they are the life force of the blog! they make it come alive and make here home for all…I don’t know what the blog would look like without them….

      sometimes, the soul is wrapped up in a sadness so thick that even love cannot penetrate…


  5. …yeeee!!!!! This one na MASTERPIECE!!! So baaaaaadddd, I feel the cold gnarly hands of winter and its chilling breath over the miles of cyberspace…I know it might not do diddly but the narrator should still try some fish pepper soup and sweetened, creamy coffee for all its worth….


  6. Deep feelings expressed in short simple lines.
    I like this one too. Makes one think about what people are going through out there. Things people don’t share. Things people smile through.

    Have you changed the name of your blog? Wasn’t it called gloomy before or is that just something I got from the comments. Lol.

    Happy New Year Doc.


    1. Lol..Jumoke, your comment got me cracking up. The blog was never named ‘Gloomie’. That word was coined by a mischievous reader (i won’t name names)
      The blog name was formerly “Zaphnathpaaneah” but we are going with “The Z Channel” now.
      And one more thing Jumoke, please come by more often…Happy new year.


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