The Date

Bimbo was restless.

A quick glance at her phone screen told her that it was 8pm. She tried to mask her sullen mood behind a fake smile plastered on her face but the inner girl in her was wearing a pout and was sulking big time; in fact she was close to tears.

Although she knew the cause of her unhappiness, she refused to acknowledge it. Because it was crazy and downright unacceptable.

She jerked as her husband touched her lightly on the elbow. “Are you alright?” he asked, looking into her eyes.

She nodded. She couldn’t trust her voice.

“Are you sure?” he pressed, “you have been sulking all through the party and have not being your boisterous self”

Trust her husband to see through her, she thought ruefully. It was one of the things she loved about him: that he knew her through and through and was sensitive to her mood changes. She sighed and leaned into him, resting her head on his broad shoulders and inhaling his scent.

“I am fine” she said “I am just a bit tired”. She relaxed as he held her close to him and ran his hands along her arms which were exposed making her skin tingle with pleasure. She felt a wave of guilt wash over her as she thought about the source of her discontent. She had a man that shows her in every way possible that she meant the world to him and yet she was pining after another.

She sighed again and raised her head “we should get back to the party”. He nodded and led her back inside, his hands resting on the small of her back. For the rest of the evening, she allowed herself to enjoy the warmth of friendship and the camaraderie. All of thoughts of Segun was pushed to the back of her mind.

Segun was an acquaintance she had made 8 months earlier, and one that was threatening her sanity. They had met on Facebook when he had replied to one of the comments she made on a mutual friend’s wall. She was intrigued by his comment and his unusual stand backed up by sound argument. Not to mention his good command of English. Unlike most people on social media that use abbreviations and lumped up their sentences, his had been written in long hand with appropriate punctuation marks and paragraphs. She had been impressed and curiosity had made her check his page.

A friend request and several hours of messaging and she had known she had found a new friend. When the restraints of Facebook messaging inhibited their flows, they had exchanged BBM pins. Eight months later and she had completely fallen for him. She loved his mind and his personality. He made feel carefree and without her usual inhibitions.

There was no sacred topics amongst them and they talk about everything. He was so easy to talk to and she had found herself confiding in him. His take on life was refreshingly different and though they disagreed a lot, they always respected each other’s views. His only flaw was that he was an incurable flirt.

At first, she had been wary but as she got to know him, she knew that he was harmless and although he called her many endearing names and was sometimes sensual in his teases, he always knew where the line was drawn. And over time she had begun to look forward to his flirtations and somewhere along the line, had begun to relish them and take them to heart. That was when she knew she was in trouble.

Rather than run, she had thrown caution to the wind and continued in the whirlwind friendship. She had always been the good girl and conservative but something about Segun made her want to go wild. And wild she had gone. She had started to flirt with him too, and it had been exciting.

They had talked about her birthday for months before the date and had talked about different ways to celebrate it. He had asked for them to meet to celebrate- their first ever face to face meeting but she had declined. She couldn’t trust herself not to do something she would regret, because in the last two months, she had started imagining things. Things she had no business imagining, and all that started when he had put up a picture of himself on his BBM. He had been looking at the camera and smiling, a full smile. As she stared at the picture that day, she had imagined him looking straight at her and beaming that smile at her, and she had felt a stirring at the thought.

When she had refused his suggestion to meet, he had promised to write a poem for her and post it on his Facebook page. She had liked the idea but had not wanted anybody to read meaning into it and so had declined too. She had even made him promise not to do anything silly. If there was anything she feared about him, it was his devil may care attitude.

It was around 11pm as she was going to bed that she allowed herself to think about him again. He had totally forgotten about her birthday and it hurt. It hurt more than it should and she was ashamed to admit that she would have traded the party her husband had thrown for her in a heartbeat just to see his birthday message.

Her eyes were closing when her phone beeped beside her. She ignored it but then another came in and she picked the phone intending to put it on silence when her caught the name of the sender. It was Segun.

All traces of sleep disappeared from her eyes. She sat up and read the message, smiling as her eyes roved over the phone.

“Hey Birthday girl” she read “you thought I forgot right?”

“I see you nodding. No, I didn’t forget. I was busy planning our date, and wanted you to be through with your birthday party first”

Her heart was beating in her chest as she read and she had a grin plastered on her face. “A date?” she replied.

“Yes” he replied “go change into something nice”

“Tell me what you are going to wear” he added

“Well, I am going for something simple, a sleeveless print maxi dress with a pair of heel slippers”

“Nice” he typed “so what ensemble are you going to add to it?”

“I am going for something bold” she giggled as she pressed the ‘send’ button. “I just bought this new red lipstick in a moment of impulsiveness which I later regretted. But now it will be perfect for the occasion, then I am going to wear red bead necklaces and earrings and red leather strap wrist watch.”

“Hmmm…very nice” he typed

“What about you? What will you be wearing?”

“Something casual. A midnight blue shirt over black jeans with a black jacket complete with a black suede loafers”

“Perfect” she replied “so where are we going”

“A beach” he said “our dinner is set on a cloth spread not too far from the waves”

“Wow…it is beautiful” she could feel her insides melting as she pictured the scenery. She had always liked the beach.

“There is a bottle of chamdor wine on ice in a bowl” he typed “I know you don’t take alcohol”

“So we sit down and have a quiet dinner” he finished

“It is a nice date” she replied. She closed her eyes briefly and allowed herself to picture the beach and feel the breeze blow her hair and him tucking the tendrils behind her ears. She shuddered as she imagined his hands lingering on her skin and causing heat waves run down her spine.

“So what next?” she typed, her heart was pounding and her palms sweaty. Will he make a move on her? If he does how should she respond? Should she even respond? This was bad!

“Now I give you your birthday present” he said.

“What is it?” excitement rushed through her

“It is a poem written for you. Here it goes”

“Happy birthday to you

My dearest friend and more

To your heart always be true

And it will to a glorious shore

Bring you, where the skies are blue

And the waters are clear and pure

Sometimes you wouldn’t have a clue

Where you are headed and with no maps to pore

When it happens just look up and do your due

Talk to Him who cares and all your cares pour

And watch as He takes care of you

And don’t forget that I am always here

And that I cherish every time we spend though few

Moments filled with jolly fun, that I hold dear

And here is wishing you many more years of new

And happy memories and all things delightsome

Because you deserve it and more”.

“Aww…that was so lovely” she typed, tears filling her eyes. She felt heat washing over her as she pictured him, looking into her eyes and reciting the poem to her in his rich baritone voice…..

“It is not my best, I just couldn’t find the right words. Writer’s block” he replied, adding a palm against face smiley.

…and she pictured herself leaning towards him and kissing him fully on the mouth and letting his hands rove over her”

“Make love to me” she typed, throwing caution to the wind.



25 thoughts on “The Date

  1. Holly Molly!!!!! *Whistles long and hard*! Why now, ehn Doc, must u spoil the fun with your mischievousness ni! Well I’m no fan to/for Adultery, but this is suspense filled and intriguing! Terrific!!! Keep it coming #Topazo! But truth be told, sometimes, you just wanna let go and throw caution to the wind, especially when you have a daredevil for a companion. But still…hmmm….I comment my reserve o! Hehehe!!!


    1. there is that fight in all of us; to give in to the whirlwind fun or not, and it is never an easy fight…sometimes, we win and sometimes we fall…

      there is never a justification to adultery…but so many commit the crime in their hearts…”if you so much as look at a woman(man) lustfully…”

      may God always keep us…towing the straight and narrow is never easy!


      1. Amen!! You’re so right Doc! To tow that narrow way takes on a new challenge and more horrible distracting looks everyday..*sighs*


  2. Oh for the love of love, Doc, this is so enchanting! And like the delightful Quaint and Dainty China; I’m ‘abso-friggin’lutely’ digging this wild, twisted tale and I’ve had to go read it now for like the umpteenth time now! Is this the part where I start getting worried??? *rme* LMAO!

    First that title gets me! Its kinda two-dimensional, you know; like ‘The Date’, as in hooking up to go grab a drink kinda thing! In which case, this date only did take place in the vivid minds of Segun and Bimbo! And then ‘The Date’ as in the ‘Birth Date’! Bimbo’s Birth Date which birthed the fantasy date that never even happened in the first place! Its such a glorious blur and I totally dig that concept! Sheer Brill Sir, you’re much too much! Plenty Wowzer! LMAO!

    This made for such a beautiful read! Bimbo’s a daydreamer like a lotta of us! Temitope Ogundare, this smarts and I dunno how this came ’bout; but I do know that it defines fantasy for what it really is, an illusion! A thing of the mind! Way to go Doc, I like! *laughing*


    1. an illusion it is! but somehow the heart wraps around it so much that it makes it out to be something real…

      and your analysis of the title is just amazing! it makes it feel like a great thought went into choosing the title. I am sorry to disappoint you, it was a chance choice…like “i have no idea what to term this post, I will just use the most easy title”


      1. Gees! I see what you mean Doc, the chance title you picked right off of the top of your head became a two-dimensional charmer, a clear winner! Sensational! So then, lap it up and glory in it will ya?! Plus, I aint disappointed at awesomeness! You know, like its an innate, unlearned ability to thee now, that you don’t really have to give any thoughts to nada! Wow! You’re my hero for shizzie! *rme* LMAO!

        And that illusion thingy….I know right?! It becomes really dangerous when the thin line between what’s real and unreal become a blur and there’s no easy way of making a clear distinction! The heart and mind are very crazy organs! Its funny how these organs just take control of certain situations; like a person’s not physically present in one’s life, but has never been more alive in these organs! Spooky ei?!! That can become some serious mental issues for one who’s not well informed ’bout the tricks these funny organs get to! Nice post I concur Sir, very true to life! *laughing*


        1. really? the flattery again? in a new year? you just don’t want to agree that the title was a ‘fluke’…
          well, thanks for the vote of confidence…I hope by some stroke of divine providence it will stick to me…

          Well, the mind controls how we perceive things and sometimes, even though we know that what we are seeing isn’t real, we do not want to let go because the illusion is better than reality or the feelings evoked by illusions are ones we can get addicted on…


          1. Get outta here Doc! I’m no flatterer and thou knowest! B’sides, that’s just me stating the obvious, something affirmed amazing by your very own submissions; in your actual words! You know how they say the truth flows or comes out easy and needn’t be thought ’bout?! That’s exactly what this is and you ought not worry if something’s sticking or not, cause its right there; inside of you! Its YOU! So quit with the modesty already, I get why you gotta resort to that like really! *Yinmu* LOL

            Plus, you’ve pretty much brilliantly summed up the whole illusion thingy and how it pales significantly in relation to our stark reality, resulting in addiction! Thanks for the heads up Shrink, that smarts! Who no like beta thing ehkwa?! LMAO!


            1. lol..and men do terrible and atrocious things in search of the ever elusive utopia…
              biko, which truth are you talking about? stop placing me on a pedestal I have no business stepping on o…


              1. What pedestal do you refer Doc?! Is it the one you’re already sitting pretty atop or another which am too blind to see?! Quit playing the modesty card Sir, it doesn’t look good on you! *rme* LMAO!

                Do well to embrace who it is that you art…a Brilliant Writer and Poet! End of story! LOL


                1. biko, I am in sitting atop any pedestal o…in fact, I am smack in the middle of a crater…but I trust I shall be elevated in due time.
                  Thanks for the vote of confidence…


                  1. Hehehe! From thy lips to God’s ever listening ears Doc! May He be it unto thou according to your words, in accordance to His Perfect Will for thou IJN, Amen! Soar on up from outta the craters where thou art plunged thyself, for you belong not there but atop! Plus, think nothing of it; the pleasure’s all of mine for the taking! My word! LOL


  3. Once again I read something you write and I’m marvelled. The choice of words, the pattern of expression, the indepth yet seemingly short storyline… awesome!

    I want that. To tell a story all at Once. One episode, one chapter… just that.

    I see now why they call you ‘doc’. Psych medicine, unusual.

    I think I’m nuts… *just kidding* Lol


    1. oh T.M, thanks for this comment. I think we are all nuts…Lol

      if you start writing short stories like this, I go vex o…stick to your series and leave this realm of ‘one episode’ stories to us lazy writers…it takes discipline, determination, hardwork, imagination and creativity to do novellas, novels and the series that you do….one day I know I will get there.
      Have I told you how much I am liking your increased presence on my blog? okay, let me say it: I really appreciate that you are coming here more often…please don’t stop. pretty please…thanks


      1. Lol @ we are all nuts. Is that a professional opinion by the way? Hahaha.
        Now, you’ve given me a double big head. How am I going to think up short stories with all ’em compliments, hmm? Lol.
        And my presence here is only right. You’ve been at my end for some time now and while I started out with you first, I dropped off the wagon, promise not to abandon ‘ship’ again, it is a working relationSHIP *wink*


        1. Thanks for the commitment. it made my day to read those words…

          oh yes, ‘we are all nuts’ is a professional opinion…only you are not allowed to quote me anywhere…LOL


    1. Lol…thanks Dora, that is the idea; for you to finish the story in your head.
      Why don’t you allow your imaginations full rein and then write a continuation and send it to me ? Will you take up the challenge?


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